Who Is The BEST Follower In Skyrim?

in Skyrim there are a total of 72

followers to choose from compared to

many other games that's a massive amount

and Skyrim's modding community has added

hundreds more however today I'm going to

be revealing to you which follower I

believe is best in the vanilla game

clearly I can't individually go through

70 plus followers in one video that

would take me hours so what I'm going to

do instead is go through a narrowed down

list of my favourites and compare them

to each other but before we begin we

need to define what makes a good

follower power is clearly a desirable

attribute be it in the form of magic or

brute strength it's undeniable that most

Skyrim players chief deciding factor is

power but a backstory is also important

players want followers who make

interesting comments and talk to them

throughout the game perhaps a less

important factor is also how easy the

follower is to get for some you merely

have to cough up some gold whereas for

others you might have to complete a

whole quest line ascetics are also

important be you male or female any

Skyrim player wants to find follower

they find easy on the eyes let's begin

with some of Skyrim's weaker contenders

children servo the self-proclaimed best

swordsman in all morrowind

fares well against the other contenders

in terms of power his one-handed and

destruction skills are very high but

he's also moderately good at conjuring

as well his typical fighting style is

that he'll summon an action orc then

switched to the fireball spell whilst

closing in on his opponent before

finishing them off with his sword

children is probably the most

interesting with the followers in this

bottom tier he has a brief background

story that he's willing to tell the

player he explains that huge to work for

an order cur who had an insatiable

bloodlust and was extremely stubborn

however he refused to work for him any

longer after this nord run headfirst

into what he describes as a largest

bandit camp he had ever seen children

also tells the player that he comes from

blacklight and more wins but has spent

most of his time and soul style and

Skyrim Children server compares

favorably to mark Evo it

of both how interesting he is and how

good he looks with his chitin armor but

Mercurio does seem to be more powerful

but what's the point of all that power

if Mark curios just bland

he has no back story and his

conversations are just generic but if he

Valley power above all else then don't

think twice before hiring mark here yo

his sole reliance on destruction magic

means he eviscerates most of his enemies

with ease j'zargo is also another

powerful mage follower although he

doesn't have as many spells as mark

healey oh he's still highly powerful

especially because he has no level cap

and he has the highest amount of health

among all followers in the game in terms

of how interesting he is I'd say he's

better than mark here but unequal with

children servo he has a bit of a

backstory as a unique Khajiit eager to

learn magic but other than that you

can't talk extensively about his


he's also the hardest of these three

followers to acquire whereas you can

just hire the other two you can only get

j'zargo as your follower through

completing his quest in the college of


so among these bottom three contenders

on my best followers list

I'd say Taran servo is the best now to

move on to the middling contenders for

best follower Aranda is quite powerful

he's a major often wields a mace and

unlike some followers he's especially

useful because if the player gets into a

fight with the guards he'll fight the

guards for you but where a random really

shines is in terms of how interesting he

is he's obviously associated with fair

Mina's Daedric quest and throughout the

quest you'll learn about his background

he was once a Daedric feast called

Casimir for morrowind but he became a

healer devoted to Marvel after his

temple was filled with miasma and

basically destroyed by orcs there are

also other interesting tidbits about his

character such as that he was once a

member of the bards College

however Aranda is probably the ugliest

looking follower on this list

he's an aged ragged dumber who wears

some fairly typical robes however I

would argue that he's more interesting

than Ayla the Huntress although Ayla the

Huntress is obviously very good-looking

and consequently a popular choice among

Skyrim players I honestly find her quite

bland she's simply a bloodthirsty woman

who happens to be a werewolf apart from

that she has a little backstory and she

isn't that interesting but she is

however undeniably powerful have four

tail eyes with bows and one-handed

weapons but other strong points of hers

include light armor and Blanc but above

both Aranda and Ayla in this middling

tier is Freya a follower from the

Dragonborn DLC in terms of power she's

probably more powerful than Aranda and

Ayla given her hybrid use of magic and

melee she knows some high-level spells

such as ebony flesh but at the same time

as a highly leveled one-handed ability

that makes her a formidable all-around

warrior even if she isn't that powerful

when it comes to range but where she

excels as a follower is in terms of how

intriguing she is she staunchly believes

in the all maker and in souls time and

actually reluctant to become your

follower you have to pass a persuasion

check to convince her to leave a scar

village she often tells the player about

her life as a young woman being trained

to fight by the old chieftain and her

experience as a disciple of storm crag

Strider safe to say you won't be bored

walking around Skyrim or soul Stein with

Freya she has lots of unique interesting

comments plus there's a fact that she is

pretty good-looking as well but above

all other followers third to that I

think contend for the title of best

follower cerana is an obvious choice not

only is she highly interesting with a

long dark history that she's willing to

reveal to the player she's both pretty

and deadly her vampirism grants her

unique powers such as drain vitality and

necromancy spells the vendor her a cut

above the rest of the majors but more

than that there's the fact that she's an

essential NPC this renders her an

invaluable asset in a fight because she

simply can't die but she's unique as a

follower because there aren't many

followers you can really interact with

beyond telling them to fetch something

or to wait but with cerana if you choose

the right dialogue options you can

convince her to cure her vampirism it's

the little things such as that and the

fact she has a unique voice actor that

renders her honor a favorite follower

for most describing players but

contesting her place as the best

follower is surprisingly Cicero Cicero

is just plain funny as a follower

he hasn't appealed because of how insane

he is he

jokes and humorous observations whilst

you roam around skyvan for instance if

you murder someone in front of him he'll

say it's like watching an artist create

a masterpiece and if you pickpocket

someone he'll ask that you pickpocket

him some cheese but perhaps the best

thing about Cicero is that he will

randomly dance but it's more than just

having some humorous dialogue and pretty

good moves

Cicero is truly interesting because of

his provenance you can find his journals

in the game and they allude to his life

apparently he decided to wear jesters

clothes after assassinating a jester

who's laughed Cicero never forgot in

terms of power

Cicero also holds up pretty well both

Cicero and Silvana scale with the player

but are capped at level 50 and both are

also essential and thus and killable

Cicero is probably the weaker of the two

however due to his inability to use

magic and his reliance on melee weapons

but if he put a melee weapon in his hand

then he is extremely deadly so who is

the best follower well that's a highly

subjective question but purely because I

find Cicero funny I'd say that he's the

best follower in Skyrim for me I know

many will disagree and I know that many

will think there were excellent

followers I didn't include in this video

for instance I was inclined to include

illusion LaChance on this list but he's

not really a normal follower you have to

summon him every day and he isn't

actually classed as a follower in the

game anyway thanks for watching this

video please do let me know if you want

me to do a follow-up video to this why

go through the worst followers in Skyrim

I'm not sure if that's something people

are interested in or not

but please let me know I would also like

to take this opportunity to thank my

patrons they really do helped me out

anyway thanks again and I'll see you in

the next one