Ranking The Top 10 Controller Fortnite Players! (Fortnite Controller - PS4 + Xbox)


hey what is going on guys

in this video today we're going to be

going over the top 10

controller fortnite players in the world

right now

since i'm a controller player myself and

a lot of my videos are catered towards

controller players

i have a feeling that this is a video a

decent amount of you guys will enjoy

and what i think really makes this video

interesting is that the top controller

fortnite players change

way more frequently than the top mouse

and keyboard players

honestly i don't really know the reason

why but i could probably name you about

8 to 10 different mouse and keyboard

players that have been in the same top

10 to 25 range for at least the past

year or so

but when it comes to top controller

players on the other hand

it seems like there's just a lot more

shuffling among the top

names so this video is going to be my

opinion of the top 10 controller players

based on recent competitive success

don't hate me if you disagree with

anybody making it or not making it


it really isn't that serious and without

further ado

let's get right into it all right so

coming in at the number 10 spot

and this is one of those lesser known

players in my opinion

we have miro and i think one of the

reason why he's a little bit lesser


is because he's one of those guys that

really didn't get

that much public attention until maybe

four to five months ago

and i specifically remember that early

on a lot of people

made fun of him for being a

quote-unquote linear maid

well it turns out that was wrong because

he's been one of the hottest controller

players in the world this season

and if i were just basing this list off

the last few weeks

i think he'd be a lot higher than 10. so

for trio's fncs he's placed

fifth in week one sixth in week two and

second in week three

plus he's also fared incredibly well in

trio's cash cups with

multiple top five placements there as

well and maybe his most impressive

placement was finishing

sixth in the october dreamhack finals so

like i said a little bit of a lesser

known player

but he's definitely someone that

absolutely deserves to be in the top 10

due to his recent performance

at the number 9 spot we have one of my

all-time favorite controller players

unknown army a few months back i really

believe that unknown was pretty

consensusly a top three

controller player in the world but then

he made the

somewhat odd decision around season

three to try out mouse and keyboard

full time he was definitely still really

good don't get me wrong

but he never really reached the level of

dominance that he had achieved as a

controller player

so eventually he decided to go back and

even though i do think his stretch of

playing mouse and keyboard did

set him back a little bit he's very

quickly getting back to the old unknown

his trio finished fourth in week two of

the current fncs

and sixth in week one plus he's been a

pretty consistent top 20 finisher in

almost all of the recent cash cups as

well his performances in the august

september and october dream hacks were a

little disappointing so i think that

prevents him from being any higher than


but i have no doubt that he'll

eventually be able to get back to the

level of dominance that he was at back

towards the beginning of chapter two

at number eight we have knight so

knight's one of those players that's

just been

incredibly consistent ever since the

beginning of chapter two honestly

him and rogue shark are one of the most

recognizable duos in

all of competitive and they've continued

their success into trios

week one they finished in seventh place

and week two they finished in third

i think the only reason why knight

doesn't get more hype as a top

controller player

is because peak performance and winning

tournaments always gets more hype than

prolonged consistency for some reason

so even though i feel like he could

easily be higher than eight that's still

a very solid spot at the end of the day

player number seven on our list is gonna

be coop so coop is one of the most

interesting players on this list because

about two months ago

he honestly had one of the most wild

weeks in competitive fortnite history

on august 16th he finished first and won

50 grand in the chapter 2 season 3

fncs grand finals then only 5 days later

on august 21st

he followed that up by again finishing

first in the august solo dream hack

finals and winning 10 grand

there there are definitely plenty of top

competitive controller players that

haven't won a single major event in

their entire career

and this dude literally won two in the

span of five days however the reason why

coop isn't higher after establishing

that insane level of domination

is because thus far his performance in

the trio fncs

hasn't really been great he has no top

10 weekly finishes yet

so i think you can make a strong

argument that coop is the best

solo competitive controller player right

now but it's still yet to be seen if he

can reach that same level in team game


at the number six spot on our list we

have av

now he's actually on the same trio as

night so he has the same trio fnc as

placements of seventh and second so far

but what i think puts him slightly above

night is that he's had a bit more

success in

solos and especially in solo cash cups

throughout the last few months

back in like may or june when they were

doing solo and duo daily cash cups every


i remember that av was getting high

placements pretty much

24 7. and it was really cool to see duos

especially because he played with chap

so pretty similar to knight as a whole

really consistent and has definitely

been a top controller player since

chapter two began

moving on to the top five and at the

number five spot we have reit

i actually made a full video breaking

down reid's gameplay about a week ago so

you can check that out if you're

interested in getting a full look at him

but to sum it up simply he's just an

insane player that's

maybe the most mechanically talented

controller player in the game right now

he's been absolutely dominating cash

cops fncs and dream hacks over the past

few months

now some people sort of discredit him

because he plays on west

and that just isn't as well regarded in

comp as na east and eu

is but reid sort of downplayed that by

finishing 25th in the na east october

dreamhack while playing on a

ridiculously high pink

and to build on that a bit i want to

quickly move on to number four

because here we have reit's teammate

wavy jacob

jacob's one of those rare players i

talked about earlier that's been one of

the top controller players for a very

long time now

his level of dominance on na west is

just unmatched by

anybody else in another region really

he's finished top five

all three weeks of fncs trio so he's

been dominant there

he has a top five placement in dreamhack

and he's also finished first in

three separate cash cups in just the

last two months

so much like reid i guess you could make

the oh he's only good because he's on

west argument

but his gameplay definitely passes the

eye test and i'm sure that him and reed

would be insane on

any region at the number three spot we

have our first and only eu player on

this list

leche in my opinion leche is definitely

the closest thing controller players

have to like uh

saf zade or booga this is a guy that's

been a top controller player from the

very beginning

and he's just as successful now as he

was back then

i think it's a real telling sign that

benji and mongrel choose the trio with

him for fncs

when they could have picked anybody and

even though their placements thus far

haven't been insane

everybody knows that's one of the

absolute top trios in the entire game

leche has also had a lot of success in

cash cups and other major events over

the last year plus

and i don't think anybody will complain

about him being top three

the second best controller player on our

list is furious

furious is another one of those players

that at first when he started placing

really well

a lot of people actually called him

linear maid

but even though linear was nerfed a

while back he still continued to be one

of the most consistent controller

players and competitive

he finished first in the season two solo


grand finals he finished first in the

solo dreamhack october

he's had plenty of success in cash cops

and even though his performance in

trio's fncs hasn't been insane

he does have two top 20 placements


and finally the person taking the gold

medal and number one spot for best

controller player in the game right now

is illest so this is one of the textbook

examples of a player that really wasn't

known all that well until about six to

seven months ago

but since then his level of domination

has been insane

in the past five months he's won five

separate cash cups in both solos and


his trio fncs placements the first three

weeks have been

fourth fifth and fifth and he even

finished eighth in the solo fncs grand

finals last season

i think that he's been hands down the

most dominant controller player in the

last six

months or so and even though his track

record may not go as far back as some of

the other players on this list

i think that recent performance is what

matters the most

therefore making his number one ranking

very fair

so i hope you guys enjoyed this video

and if you watch the entire thing be

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