REACTING to the *NEW* BEST Fortnite MOBILE Player in the WORLD...

what's going on guys it's flash here and

today I found a crazy player that I've

actually been watching for a little bit

now and I can confirm he is literally

one of the best for and I mobile players

better than me and we're gonna show you

some of his stuff and then we're

actually maybe we might wanna be one of

and we're gonna get tossed up so this

should be a pretty good video alright so

we are on his latest video and it's

actually a free build his free builds

are literally nutty I can't I can't I

can't even explain like words can

explain how good this is we're just

gonna get right into it here we go let's

start I don't know if the me this

copyrighted so we're just gonna turn it

off to be safe and let's see him dude

his that it's already a home my gosh and

the zero paint does it just stayed zero

dude he's out one he goes from zero to

one and I was on five did like his pings

literally oh my gosh is nineties

everything about him it's just so fast I

oh my gosh dude I'm actually really

scared to do this 1v1 just got on one

going dude I'm tired of him flexing his

edits on me

let's go challenge until one we won dude

I'm I'm scared you guys should be scared

for me let's see how this goes alright

everyone I now have them in my party

let's go to creative oh my god he's

wearing the same you can talking

everyone okay I'm pretty sure he's these

so this should be pretty fun alright

let's all see you guys on the


alright Ville is basil a cherry blossom

math okay let's go first five let's go

first of all first of five this it pumps

it has a means I really don't like what

do you call it combats so we're gonna be

pumping all right boys let's go oh my

god I think he just starts editing on me

are ya ready telling me young daddy I

feel like his ain't even out Amy I got


oh okay that was a crazy transition how

did that she nice okay dude yeah I heard

it I heard the double it don't want to

get away and go one more

ooh smooching my brother down you're

gonna get the first page in first blood

I wanted to my read down I need to it

kind of feels like a little like delayed

a bit of wall okay

it feels too late

what dude this guy just went four

stories up back it trades rated next day

one to see I'll tell you the APS I

didn't really want to see food

oh it's Max's max whoever gets the


oh okay we did pretty good

did again salutely I'm thinking dude

disappointing I'll be returning dude hey

I got there I can't read you you can

that is excuse too much to my penis

pretty decent but alright one a one out

him we got it I'm gonna try to get at

least two oh my god I need to do

something dude I don't know what

happened there oh he predicted dude

we got high okay we'll have to be fine

he's trying that 180 thing where you go

like two stories up how I'm in dude how

am I missing

I literally just changed my son's today

without its own man

dude no he's right there oh I'm smart

with it oh yeah I'm kind of - yeah okay

y'all gonna get out nasty to death I'll

not lie sir oh my god I thought of the

lesser first thing yeah I'm kind of

nasty okay okay hey what do you say

gonna get all nasty in a comment okay if

you guys made it this far in the video

leaving all nasty in the comments I

might have to start replacing that we're

in a total Nigeria all we messed up

all that's is

dude I knew he was gonna do that to you

guess all you literally look for wish my

shock at we're gonna go first above dude

he's a nasty just one asked his cones

are gonna be there first I put the floor

dude and he got that Oh hoots what was

that buddy

no come on


no if you went for a side

dude that's he's crying on my screen


60 very good I said I want to get you

I'm gonna get to let's go come on I I

can do it I can do and I put the cones

too early you know I know and I messed


yo guys are nasty house it's a mess dude

that what's up ladies he's gonna draw

the big guys me no Chat Chat can even

edit that all right yes oh dude I messed

up oh oh my god dude

everything says I literally got scared I

got I got

do it I think he just did the 180 thing


to his friend duties cranking so hard

dude my leg it just feels so like a

wagon on I explained he has his dog did

indeed he hits all of them this

you just can't zero pink that that's

what it did you

we got her - together - let's try to get

this three make it six three or the five

dirt oh it's five to Israel

all right let me try to I'm sure I like

more than half month all right let's go

come on what was your picking up what

dude my my editing just okay he's

predicted dude he's my thing he's angry

he didn't oh my god

just get these sneaky shots when you're

cranky no oh my god oh he hits for

everything you're gonna just turn around


I tried it let's go all right boys

I'll get it happy over three wins when

he did being fired on all right it was

five to three he this guy's insane I'm

gonna leave all of his links in the

description down below if he's literally


he's crowded dude he's go didn't cry

wait that's cracking he's cracked and go

to did we will like on the video if you

guys enjoyed this and comment down below

more people you want to see me 1v1 in

the future so I can get that going for

you guys hopefully you guys enjoyed the