ranking ALL characters from FRIENDS


you're literally drag me that comes for

a Sheila falling get into this video

alright welcome back to my channel if

you're new hi my name's Elise and you

probably picked a Cosmo you like friends

well rest in peace friends is dead

that's quite dark okay friend is moving

me from Netflix so I just thought you

know what lets us give friends the

farewell it deserves on my channel I

will basically be ranking my favorite

friends characters aunt is also kindly

exactly now 5 a.m. despite not sleeping

clearly someone took their toxic traits

into the new year now my trade list is

here and I will also be showing it on

the screen simultaneously so that you

can you know firstly will have the goods

here now the gates here is for greatest

of all time not like an actual goat this

tears basically four characters who

should be in the hospital 24/7 for the

mouth times they carried the show on

your mark

they love white rice what was I thinking

when I were in this town oh yeah white

rice is basically something that's

always at home and you appreciate but

it's all your go to you certain factors

and friends are white rice not the

greatest you know not 10 out of 10

entertainment 6 out of 10 would

recommend then we've got one more season

one more season basically means you've

got just one more season until I wish or

pray for you to get killed off you

basically have one more season to

attempt to try and impress me or at

least kind of win me over so you're a

bit annoying and you're on the

borderline of

like wishing the West for you and then

and we've got the kill off kill off as

in I don't want to see how much screen

again you don't deserve another episode

neither do you deserve another season

and that's that and then you have the

table over kill off cord Ross Geller

that's this here tanto rank and drag my

favorite friends characters I think it's

only fair and just if we start with the

oh geez our friends basically the people

here Monica the obsessive compulsive

disorder Lee woman Chandler the king of

commitment issues then we've got Phoebe

crashing my favorite character you know

she kind of existed on a plan on her own

Joey Tribbiani was Tribbiani you've

obviously got Rachel Green carried the

whole share on their back in general it

wasn't for a to wouldn't be where we are

today and then the little Moscow in the

corner which we don't to mention because

and we don't so let's see Rachel

evidently without doubt that is quite a

bad picture of Rachel

but we need Feeny gets here as well

without doubt

mmm not with money car I just felt like

sometimes the whole [ __ ] storyline I

really did appreciate it but I felt like

sometimes it was very much forced as

well maybe I might be meeting into

things too much it might just be that

sociology module added last year but I

just felt like the fact that you know

she then became happier and more

successful when she was slimmer just

underlying problematic turns to me so I

think Monica he's going to have to go

right right sorry

oh geez don't hate me if you're a big

fan that's fine you ain't out to your

own opinion I'm entitled to my opinion

and that's just some period now I think

Joey I wanna put Jerry in the white rice

here if I watch your show maybe when I

was younger I would have appreciated him

more but I think at the age of you know

my mayor 20 by the time you seen decided

to run to me but I think house with just

too much or too kind of like understand

Joey as a character he was a liability I

felt like people watching a 12 year olds

trying to navigate I don't life not care

you know what Jerry gets one more season

hate me everyone

and Chandler where I stand Monica

tremonica more Chandler Monica money

Claire all my teachers do it Chandler Oh

whereas as well

y'all can hate me if you want I don't

care friends only saw one one black

character some unfortunately she had to

be the girlfriend of Russ for like a

time period and she will automatically

be fun to go to here Ida kept up a slant

II don't care about the storyline she go

don't care about the character Devlin

and if I'm being quite on this diva but

I just care that she was a black woman

yeah it was the only bit of

representation I saw in the show so

that's going to t hate me if you want

you can find me in the comments I've got

your time it's the new year is 2020 I'm

bringing a different type of energy less

fire 2019 was the year of women 2020 is

the earth we fight Gunther I forgot

about our good brother guns are good

tear heals the pasta and a lot of people

did not shoot into the message he was

trying to deliver what y'all fail to

understand is that he was preaching the

sermon never give up

he saw that Rachel was in relationship

did he care no another person that

belongs in the girl to you Jalen I need

to understand Janis embodied in energy

that the show required some of your

finger analysis and no issues say

irritating which is fine you can go with

you know that school of thought yes

that's your own opinion as I said want

to fight me other comments

2020 we fight Janice is like the little

sister you never wanted what you did

love she deserve to be in their title

scene but no you shut up before I make

enemies here oh actually I forgot to

place was where he belongs there then

also that stupid girl that he was about

to marry she can join him in that see

I'm not sorry they belong together

kill them off sorry all the girlfriend

of rosser's ex-wife she could get all my

season I really like the energy she kept

but she just thought Ross I'll [ __ ] with

you and here we are this older guy

mother called dancing for me I just feel

like I'm not here to police anyone's

relationship if it's love it's love if

that's what you want to do that's why

you want to do and that's fine but I'm

allowed to have my opinion I just felt a

little bit of I just felt a little


I can't like I'm sorry that's the story

it's gonna have to be there you had

Joey's manager I would say kill off but

didn't she die

yeah think stuff so what just we walk to

one season cuz I will respect the dead

and you're Phoebe's brother the


well she carried his kids kid off he was

annoyed and I don't know what it was he

really looked on high genic

like he just looked like he didn't

shower you just got that that person

that a.m. you just stand next to them

under bus so you knew that they were

running late and they just told him and

just brush my teeth and go brush your

buddy - please oh you had weight justice

that kind of liked her kinda deserve one

more season where I rise one more season

where I rise one more that's just gonna

have to be that so here we have Ursula

Buffet Phoebe's transistor how do you

think she white rice based on the fact

that she was being since hearing that

was nice to see Phoebe but we kid

there's something wrong with me oh you

had that little kid that Rachel thought

it was appropriate to date and then she

now hide him the secretary based on his

complete lack of qualifications but I'm

scary sir and we're just gonna put added

brown on kill off because and go oh you

had the neighbor definitely girls here I

don't care why not has to say I wanted

to say he carried the Charlotte's back

but he did him but I do believe he did

more than rush if you want to argue with

me don't Rachel's dad it was a tough

shell to crack why I liked him because

he didn't really seem to let Ross there

for sir one more season okay I am very

content with where we've ended up here

if I feel like this video is just an

anti rust agenda which I don't mind I

don't it is nearly six am hope you enjoy

this video if you haven't watch friends

make sure ID I'm I wish I could say this

video sponsor my friend it's not let me

know who your favorite actors do you

agree with my ranking if you don't

that's fine

do let me know see you guys in next

week's video stay blessed don't stress

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