Ranking EVERY Legend (Worst to Best) Apex Legends Season 6

as always with the brand new season

update we got a bunch of different

legend balancing changes and also the

brand new legend my friends the power

gap between the worst legend and the

best legend in

apex is closer than ever keep in mind

this is gonna be a non-ranked

list and even if your legend happens to

be towards the bottom or at the very

bottom of my list do not change your

main by any means because you can

succeed with any legend in apex now

unfortunately normally the comments

section of these legend and weapon

ranking videos are filled with a bunch

of little snowflakes are just so upset

that their favorite legend that they had

an affair with got put a couple spots

too low on the list this commentary is

being recorded pretty soon after the

season 6 update so what i ask is that it

would be pretty cool if you give me some

honest feedback about this list in the

comments below usually after a season


quite obviously it takes us a while to

figure out the true meta but anyways i

think this list should be decently close

to the meta of apex but be pretty cool

to get a little bit of feedback as i

said so without further delay let's get

into ranking every legend in

apex from worst to best i'm larmix and

let's get into the video there are now

14 legends in apex and what is in my

opinion the worst legend you can still

absolutely clap people with this legend

it's just for the average player this is

probably the worst so at number 14

we have mirage the mirage rework quite

obviously made

mirage way better sometimes it can be so

funny to

activate mirage's ultimate ability and

just sit there and watch the reaction of

the other player

mirage does have quite huge potential

but quite often i see him misused

it's just that mirage is more of an

offensive legend and still sometimes the

enemies can

quite easily tell what is his decoy and

what is not and at that point mirage is

pretty much useless

moving on the number 13 and 12 spot they

were pretty much

neck and neck i was having quite a hard

time telling which legend to talk about

next so kind of like what i was saying

at the beginning of the video it'd be

kind of cool to get some non-triggered


feedback in the comments below but

anyways when i put the number 13 spot is

octane octane is now the fastest legend

in apex you can chase down pretty much

anybody but i think he still has the

same problems that he had before

his speed boost buff and his ultimate

ability buff when you hit his stem it

literally takes away his health and also

you're super loud and the enemies are

gonna have a pretty easy time telling

where you're coming from and also while

you're flying in the air i find it

pretty easy to laser octanes

octane can now while he's healing you

know i mean that was a pretty cool buff

but i do feel that he needs another one

just like that some other sort of buff

like with mirage they have it to where

he's invisible now when he's reviving

personally what i would do with octane

right now is take away that additional

noise that octin

sends out when he's using his tactical

ability it seems like when i'm playing

octane right as i hit a stem the enemies

poke out from cover they know exactly

where you're coming from

i feel like that damage you receive when

you're using his stem is enough

incentive to not be

constantly using it i really don't think

you should be giving out extra noise

when you use octane stim

moving on to the number 12 spot like i

said i was a little bit conflicted

whether to have

octane here or loba i feel like in

season five lobo is quite easily one of

the worst legends

her hitbox was huge her head was super

easy to hit

and also her ultimate ability took a

minute and a half to regenerate

at the season 6 update they cut loba's

ultimate ability cool down in half now

every 90 seconds you can

use loba's ultimate but still when you

use global's tactical ability you get

that giant blue

indicator on exactly where you're going

to land sometimes i

teleport and people literally have me

pre-aimed right where i'm gonna land

there are obviously some ways to

prevent this like clicking before you

actually get to where the bracelet lands

or you can just throw yourself into

cover but if you happen to not do that

you're pretty much

dead you also are extremely vulnerable

while you are using your tactical

ability before it lands i've met a

couple of really good loba players but

i still think that she's one of the

worst legends and she could still

certainly use a buff at number 11 we


rampart i do not think rampart is

obviously the best legend but i also

don't think she's the worst she's


annoying to deal with sometimes but her

abilities can be countered pretty easily

you can just pop the amped cover with

any sort of damage and it's gone

you can also nade her ultimate and she's

dead i'm gonna compare rampart's

defensive capabilities to that of

caustic the defenses take a little bit

of time to get set up once they get set

up they're kind of insane

i've ran into so many ramparts and pubs

and i think i'm still

yet to be killed by her ultimate ability

but i think my favorite ability on

rampart is gonna have to be your passive

i love using the l-star the spitfire and

even the devotion of course

with rampart i mean my people once you

get to the point where you've fully

decked out devotion

and then you're using rampart i'm pretty

sure there's no better setup in the

entire game it's completely insane

my friends at the number 10 spot we have

the one and only forgotten lady herself

bangalore at the season 6 update they

took bangalore's ultimate ability

cooldown from 4.5 minutes to 3.

i don't think bangalore's ultimate

ability is really for killing people

mostly i think it's mostly just a giant

stun grenade that can also weaken people

i mean already here on the list we're

already talking about a legend that can

compete with absolutely any legend

in the game if you choose bangalore in

the legend selection

screen you are at absolutely zero


versus any other legend in the entire

game bangalore

is absolutely solid when i'm playing

bangalore i always feel safe because if

i happen to get jumped my passive

ability is going to automatically


and also if i get weak i can just pop

smoke even throw my ultimate ability way

in front of me and then run

through it and no one is going to chase

me down next on our list this man's

actually got a couple of secret nerfs

you could say

and number eight we have caustic now the

watson ultimate ability will actually

destroy caustic traps mid-air

also as you probably know you can now

shoot out caustic traps before they

fully deploy

i think khasic used to be so good

because there were so many costic

players and the only way to counter

caustic truly when he was at his prime

was to use caustic so you don't take

damage to his gas

that's kind of why to be quite honest i

used to play so much of classic is just

because i got so annoyed of caustic but

now you don't really have that huge

advantage of not having to worry about

caustic gas because not as many people

play him anymore

i think it's kind of neck and neck

between watson and kostik being the best

defensive legend but now i think i would

prefer watson because

obviously her ultimate ability is going

to take care of all the throwables it's

going to charge your shields

and also you can instantly close off

doorways sometimes with cos that can be

a little bit of a pain if you're getting

chased or if you need to quickly close

off a doorway

because now like i was saying you can

shoot out cossack traps before they

fully deploy

moving on to the number seven spot this

legend also i think

got a couple of secret nerfs here on the

list we have

revenant now they actually did quite

decently nerf the

crypto wraith and revenant squad push

kryptos emp

will now stun your own teammates also

race ultimate portal

now that has a longer cooldown and also

once you get back to the totem you have

to wait an additional two seconds to use

wraith's portal so that entire super op

squad push that certainly took a decent


but revenant is still gonna be quite

obviously a solid choice in pubs

you can use his tactical ability and put

it in doorways so people can't push you

and if they do push you they're gonna

lose their abilities being silenced is

so amazingly annoying and the death

totem is still an amazing push

it's also super annoying when all of a

sudden a revenant sneaks up behind me

when he's crouching

i think revenant has finally reached the

perfect state in apex legends

my friends at the number six spot on the

list we have bloodhound

i think last season this legend was okay

i think the huge problem has always been

that bloodhound is just kind of super

easy to headshot

but now my people as you probably know

bloodhound got a quite

decent buff in season six now when you

kill someone when your ultimate ability

is active

it'll extend the ultimate ability

duration by 15 seconds

also now you have kind of unlimited wall

hacks while your ultimate ability is

active it only takes

.9 seconds to use your tactical while

your ultimate ability is

active and you can use it every 6


i've always kind of said that

bloodhound's ultimate is one of the best

in the game and now i think it certainly

makes a case for the best

bloodhound can be kind of vulnerable in

the open but if you have your ultimate


active you can move places quickly i

think if you stick with your team and

have like a bangalore nearby

or like a gibraltar with his bubble or

like a wraith ulti

you can get around how kind of easy it

is to kill bloodhound in the open

i think this legend is gonna be pretty

annoying to deal with in season six

my friends at the number five spot we

have crypto

according to the patch notes it seems

that respawn meant to give krypto a buff

in season 6 with all his changes that he

received that made the drone bigger but

now it has double the hit

points also as i said before now the emp

will affect your teammates

but my people now you can use the

respawn beacon with kryptos drone and

now as i'm sure you know you can use

survey beacons and it's pretty much an

instant survey beacon scan

assuming you do not hit your teammates

with your own emp

crypto received i think a buff in season

six and i think is a

decent bit better than last season i

think i've disrespected crypto just a

little bit in the past

i do realize that he was good in the

past but i think he's so annoying now

this season i've been dealing with so

many crypto players and beginning you

know i mean just i'm just going to say

people a little bit

mad what do you guys think about having

krypto at the number five spot what do

you think about my list let me know what

you think in the comments below it'd be

pretty cool

the fourth best legend in my opinion

even though saying my opinion means

absolutely nothing to the snowflakes

watching this video

here on the list we have watson yes as i

was saying before i'm not going to

explain it fully again i think watson is

the best defensive legend in apex now i

feel like watson has fallen off the map

just a little bit from her former glory

but i think when you choose watson if

one of your teammates choose

watson you absolutely have just a little

bit of a better chance to win that game

if your team happens to get in just a

little bit of a pickle if you all

are almost one hit if there's a building

nearby watson can close off doorways

throw down that

ulti and will give your team such a just

higher chance to heal up i feel like

there's no more explaining needed for

this legend

moving on to number three here we have


gibby has been receiving a couple of

nerfs over the last few seasons and now

they took the cooldown of his ultimate

ability from three minutes to four and a


minutes but my people if you need cover

gibby is still there for you if you need

to attack if you need to offend

gibby is an excellent legend i love how

gibby fits into the meta being able to

heal faster revive faster in the bubble

it is all just so so good this man's can

soak up so much

damage with his gun shield with his

fortified perk

i did gameplay for every single legend

in apex and put together for you as you

see in this video

that took so so long to do people that

is so much

extra time but out of all my games with

all of the legends i got a 17 kill game

with gibby so i mean i'm just

saying people maybe i mean just just

hinting a little bit maybe that was just

cause of giving me because he's just

that good we have two legends left we

have lifeline

and wraith who is gonna take the crown

who is the best legend in

apex imo unfortunately this video is

gonna have the boring ending it is gonna

be wraith

they did nerf wraith a little bit in

season six and i do really think she

really just needed it so

bad it took the cooldown of her ultimate

ability from 2.5 minutes to

3.5 minutes even though that wraith

can't instantly phase shift anymore

thank goodness i feel like she's a

little bit more offensive oriented now

you can see people while you're in the

void and you can move faster so you can

chase people down

you can run away faster i really don't

feel like race

tacticability change was a nerf i mean i

think maybe it was a little bit of a


but not a huge one people with lifeline

i feel like the more and more i play

against her in pubs the more and more

annoying i realize she is

i feel like them lifeline mains are just

kind of figuring out how to master


it is so very annoying in pubs when

you're on the brink of death you get it


your hopes are looking up but then all

of a sudden lifeline uses her ability to

revive a teammate i think lifeline's

ultimate ability is easily one of the

worst in the game but that revivability


it's just so i think i mean is it op


i mean it is so annoying to deal with if

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feedback on this legend ranking video

i feel like we are still figuring out

the season six legends meta and i mean i

should title this video a too early

ranking but i guess i'm not going to

anyways my alarmy that'll be about it

for me

the alarmix i'll see you guys in the

next video