10 Most Greatest mens in History 2017

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ten greatest mens of all time number ten

Martin Luther Martin Luther was a German

professor of theology composer priest

monk and a seminal figure in the

Protestant Reformation it's true he is a

good man but the rest are all false I

can bear full witness of it and he

started no church even he started he is

true person of Chris +5 hated Jews

pretty good with me dot M + 9 blessed

Martin Luther doctor of the Holy

Catholic Church number 9

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was the

16th President of the United States

serving from March 1861 until his

assassination in April 1865 Lincoln led

the United States through its civil war

its bloodiest war and its greatest moral

constitutional and political crisis

Abraham Lincoln was a great president of

United State he was a man who was

willing to die for his country even

though he had it all as president and he

was willing to fix his enemy the Kovner

see after he destroyed them Abraham one

of the greatest leader of all time shame

on those who killed this man number 8

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was a

theoretical physicist his many

contributions to physics include the

special and general theories of

relativity the founding of relativistic

cosmology the first post-newtonian

expansion great man by all standards he

is just wonderful he affected in science

so much that our civilization has grew

so much number 7b are an been BR

ambedkar was the first Indian to pursue

and doctorate in economics abroad he

argued that industrialization and

agricultural growth could enhance the

Indian economy this great power not only

did the things for which he is known

apart from all those things he changed

the entire worst and sinful life in

India by giving rights to the Dalits to

live which was impossible for any other

to do he has done a job that is

unmatched in the world till now he

sacrificed his entire life studying best

than any other scholar at the cost of

his entire family life his literature

about India is greatest for not only

Indians but for any human being his

written works are treasure he got his MA

M SC ph.d ll d D SC d lit bar at law

number six Shivaji Shivaji Bonds also

known as cotterpin Shivaji Maharaj was

an Indian warrior king and a member of

the bonds America client Shivaji is a

true king and soldier alike great

management guru and leader Shivaji is

the great king of India number five

Mahatma Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand

Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the

Indian independence movement and British

ruled India Gandhi taught the world what

peace was and has even inspired other

leaders he lead a country to freedom

without killing anyone it's a shame he

was killed dot n + 46 a lady goes to

Gandhi and requests him to tell her

child not he jaggery can be Gandhi tells

to see him after a month surprised she

goes away after a month she meets him

then tells the child not to eat candy

the lady asks Gandhi why did he need a

month's time to tell this simple thing

to her child Gandhi said I have to stop

eating jaggery and then only I can tell

your child not to eat this Gandhi he

practiced what he preached therefore

with all his limitations he is one of

the greatest men in the world plus

thirty nine a man who was completely

innocent offered himself as a sacrifice

for the good of others including his

enemies and became the ransom of the

world it was a perfect tact he was no

great warrior

scientist King prophet or philosopher a

man who changed world by his sheer will

he new world is full of suffering and

grudge hatred and selfishness will only

divide the world he was hated by few

people in his own country and was killed

by one of his countrymen but by next

century when people will be more

interconnected economically culturally

and intellectually then people will

realize he was pioneer who won hearts of

his people and enemies salute to

greatest man never dot n + to leave the

gods Mahatma Gandhi is the only known

prominent leader available to masses he

showed how a common man can change the


shrewd politician indeed one of the

greatest men to walk on mother earth

number 4 Buddha Gautama Buddha also

known as Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni

Buddha or simply the Buddha after the

title of Buddha was an ascetic and sage

on whose teachings Buddhism was founded

he was truly a greatest person ever he

have rejected all the concepts which

cannot be proven scientifically

practically in real life he never

accepts anything simply because it has

been delivered preached by elders or

popular figure he rejected the existence

of God or any supernatural power which

will change the human life he suggested

that only we can bring changes in our

life by following middle path and

attained Nirvana the entire world will

live peacefully by following him

number three Musa known as Moses Moses

is a prophet in abre hammock religions

he is the prophet and my teacher

according to the Muslims Musa was the

only human being who spoke directly to

God he talked to God as if both were

best for Fried's of each other

Musa always stove for what was right and

helped each person who needed him he

trusted God every time and never asked

why he has to fulfill any order

commanded by God below is a very brief

part of Moses mentioned in the Holy

Quran Wow also in the chapter named

after Mary also mentioned in the book

the story of Moses for he was specially

chosen and he was a messenger and a

prophet and we called him from the right

side of Mount Sinai and made him draw

near to us for mystic converse and out

of our mercy we gave him his brother

Aaron also a prophet he is very

respective prophet he served all his

life against the farlows and was

successful in defeating him plus 28 he

should be number two because his life is

comparable to Muhammed life number two

Jesus Christ Jesus Christ was born in

Bethlehem Palestine he was born to Mary

as the Bible says she was found with

child of the Holy Ghost

Matthew 1:18 he was both man and God

John 20:28 according to their Bible he

is God alone Deuteronomy 6 to 4 he is

without comparison regardless of your

personal beliefs Jesus Christ has

objectively influenced humanity and

thought devotion indeed in terms of

quality and quantity more than any

mortal being history has and will ever

know one aspect of his greatness may be

seen in the greatness of his influence

his influence moreover his extensive

influence was not owing to things he

wrote built invented conquered

discovered developed or dreamed his

influence was most particularly the

result of who he is and what he did on

behalf of guilty and morally corrupt

people he is the only substitute the

world will ever

based on over 15,000 votes Mohammad is

currently number one out of ten choices

well he was ranked as number one in

Michael H hearts book the 100 he did

many great things in his life he always

thought of others he loved and died poor

he didn't seek revenge the sad thing is

that people always try to ruin his

greatness by saying lies about him and

they tried to destroy his view but they

always fail because people who read

about his life will know why did he

deserve to be the number one upon all

humans read about his battles and the

aftermath so you can know and understand

that he didn't fight for glory or money

and that he didn't force anyone to

convert to Islam and know how he treated

his enemies and the people around him no

matter what Muslims do we will never be

able to thank him or be even 10% like

him trust me he is almost perfect so

never believe what ignorant say about

him because there are hundreds of books

that wrote about his true life so try

reading them because his life was hard

yet happy may God guide you to the right

path place your vote agree or disagree

in the comments below