Top 10 Point Guards in NBA History

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greatest players in NBA history in

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the greatest players by position today

we're ranking the top 10 greatest point

guards in NBA history make sure you

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ranked video now before we start we're

going to point out that there are a few

players that you won't see on this list

oscar robertson jerry west and allen

iverson that's because we're listing

them as shooting guards just a few notes

on the criteria we use for these

rankings as you know we're big on

numbers and advanced stats and analytics

so we looked at essential stats like

assists steals and points as well as a

player's ranking in assists percentage

PE R & Win Shares

just to name a few to keep things

balanced we also took into consideration

their individual achievements playoff

performances and any other pertinent

accolades okay so now that that's all

out of the way let's get started number

10 Walt Frazier waltz or Clyde Frazier

set many franchise records while playing

for the New York Knicks while many of

them were eventually broken he still

holds the franchise record for the most

career assists with 4790 1 while with

the Knicks he won two championships and

one all-star MVP in 1975 he made the NBA

all-defensive team seven times and the

all-nba first team four times in the

1970 NBA Finals while matched up against

greats like Jerry West and Wilt

Chamberlain Walt scored 36 points dished

out 19 assists and had five steals to

seal a championship for the Knicks it's

hard to say what Frazier is known more

for his stellar defense or his stylish

attire either way teammate Willis Reed

put it best when he said his clyde's

ball he just lets us play with it once

in a while

number nine Gary Payton Payton played

for several franchises including the

Miami Heat where he won an NBA

championship as part of his farewell

tour but he is most known for his time

with his Seattle SuperSonics where he

earned the nickname the glove for his

inescapable defense in fact he's the

only point guard to win Defensive Player

of the Year and was selected to the NBA

all-defensive first team nine times a

record he shares only with Michael

Jordan Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant

pretty elite company Gary Payton is

number four all time and total steals

and 20th all-time in steals per game but

Payton wasn't just an elite defender

he's also eighth all time and total

assists he was a complete point Garten

able to score defend and grab rebounds

number eight Kevin Johnson Kevin Johnson

is always held in high esteem by NBA

fans but he's even more amazing to talk

about when you look at some of his

achievements he is sixth all-time in

assists per game for the regular season

and the playoffs ninth all-time and

assists percentage eighth all-time and

assists percentage for the playoffs and

11th all-time an offensive rating in

just his second season in the NBA

Johnson averaged over 20 points and 12

assists that same year in the playoffs

he averaged nearly 21 points and 11

assists while shooting almost 50% from

the floor by the way Magic Johnson and

Isiah Thomas are the only other players

to average at least 20 points and 12

assists and Kevin Johnson did it in his

second year in the league he averaged at

least 20 points and 10 assists for the

next three seasons joining Oscar

Robertson and Isiah Thomas as the only

players to do that for three consecutive

seasons he never won a championship but

he had several remarkable player

performances out playing Magic Johnson

beating John Stockton and of course

dunking on Hakeem Olajuwon while on his

way to scoring at 38 points

number seven Bob Cousy now it's time to

go real old-school Bob Cousy was ahead

of his time or maybe he was just the

beginning of everything and everyone is

just copying him Cousy was magic before

Magic Johnson his flashy passes were

something no one had really seen before

aside from winning six NBA championships

he also won League MVP in 1957 he's 15th

all time and total assists 19th all-time

in assists per game for the regular

season and ninth all-time and assists

per game in the playoffs he actually led

the league in assists for eight

consecutive seasons with an attitude

that matched his game Cousy was not just

a fan favorite he was considered by many

to be the greatest basketball player

ever at least up until that point he set

the tone for future players like Magic

Johnson and Steve Nash he had excellent

court vision and amazing ball handling

and passing skills his behind the back

dribble moves may not seem flashy but it

got the ball rolling so to speak in the

direction of creativity and showmanship

number six

Chris Paul there was a time when Chris

Paul was on his way to becoming the

greatest point guard of all time but

after 10 seasons in the league without

making it past even the second round of

the playoffs with worthy teams around

him he's starting to slide in the minds

of some NBA fans and rightfully so but

he is still done plenty through his

career to earn this spot he's third

all-time in assists per game third

all-time in steals per game second

all-time in assists percentage sixth

all-time in PR and has the highest

offensive rating ever in the playoffs

he's top ten and P er assists per game

assists percentage in offensive rating

that's incredible

his short playoff runs are definitely a

black mark on his career but he's still

one of the greatest point guards of all

time number five Jason Kidd Jason Kidd

had a long and illustrious career after

21 seasons he finished second and total

assists second in total steals and

seventh in assists per game his size


excellent all-around player he could

score pass rebound and defend in fact

he's the only player in NBA history with

at least 15,000 points 10,000 assists

and 7,000 rebounds he's also third

all-time in triple doubles despite

having a reputation for being a terrible

jump shooter he's actually fifth

all-time in three-pointers made his

defense and smart play helped win him a

championship with the Dallas Mavericks

in 2011 before that he made back-to-back

Finals appearances with teams featuring

Richard Jefferson Kenyon Martin and

Keith van Horn number four Isiah Thomas

known as the point guard that led the

bad-boy Pistons to back-to-back

championships Isiah Thomas was part of

some of the most memorable playoff

moments ever

his battles against the Celtics Knicks

and Lakers made for great TV and

solidified his reputation as an elite

player who could score pass and defend

any team that beats Jordan has to be

great right he won two rings with the

Detroit Pistons and won Finals MVP for

his efforts in the 1990 playoffs he is

often known for his grittiness toughness

and style and the numbers back up his

elite reputation he's seventh all time

and total assists not bad for a guy that

had a relatively short career he's also

fizz all-time in assists per game in the

regular season and seventh all-time in

assists per game in the playoffs on top

of that he's top 20 all-time in steals

and assists percentage he even set the

record for the highest assists

percentage in league history at thirteen

point nine in the 8045 season that

record was later broken by John Stockton

after several injuries Isiah Thomas

retired at only 32 years old what more

could he have done if he had stayed

healthy it's hard to say but he still

earned a high spot in history

number three Steve Nash for the younger

generation Steve Nash is probably the

greatest point guard we actually got to

watch we'll just ignore his two years of

the Lakers after growing as a player

with the Dallas Mavericks Nash had his

best years with the Phoenix Suns

perfectly orchestrating their

high-octane offense with amar'e

stoudemire joe johnson and shawn marion

it's there that he won two MVP awards

beating out Shaquille O'Neal and

becoming just the third point guard ever

to win the award and the second to win

it multiple times along with Magic

Johnson Steve Nash is third all-time in

total assists 10th and assists per game

3rd and assists percentage and 10th

all-time and offensive rating basically

he was one of the greatest pastors of

all time however he was also a very

underrated shooter he's actually 10th

all-time in three-point shooting

percentage and had four of 50-40-90

seasons he and Larry Bird are the only

players to do that more than once and

even Larry Bird only did it twice what

could Nash and Dirk have accomplished if

they had stayed together probably

multiple rings but it's hard to say

number two John Stockton we all think we

know how great John Stockton was but

chances are he's even better than you

think just listen to some of his

accomplishments he's number one all-time

in total assists a record he holds by a

margin of more than three thousand

number one in total steals number two in

assists per game for the regular season

and the playoffs number one in assists

percentage for the regular season and

the playoffs and number for an offensive

rating he holds the record for assists

per game average over one season at

fourteen point five led the league in

assists for nine seasons a record and

had five of the top six assist seasons

in NBA history

he is known for his offense and passing

and rightfully so but he wasn't a bad

defender either as highlighted by his

being number one in total steals and

number seven in steals per game he was

also selected to the NBA all-defensive

second team five times and was known to

be one of the toughest players in the

league the Jazz never missed the

playoffs during Stockton's career and

they reached the Western Conference

Finals five times in a seven-year span

we could go on with these stats the

point is that Stockton owned the court

he was the quintessential point guard

and set records that will probably never

he was never able to beat Jourdan and

win a ring and surprisingly he never won

MVP but he's still easily one of the

greatest point guards of all time number

one Magic Johnson you can probably

already guess that we were going to put

Magic at number one since he's the only

point guard that showed up on our top 10

greatest players of all time list and

with good reason of the 15 point guard

related stats and analytics we looked at

as mentioned in the outset Magic is top

20 and 13 of them and top 10 and 8 on

top of that he won five championships is

a three-time MVP and two-time Finals MVP

he's number five alzheimer total assists

number one in assists per game for the

regular season and the playoffs number

five in assists percentage number three

and offensive rating number one in

offensive rating for the playoffs and

has a 5th most wind shares for the

playoffs in NBA history those

achievements are amazing playing

alongside other Hall of Fame players

like Kareem abdul-jabbar and James

Worthy magic could have blended into the

scenery and let his teammates run the

show instead he had the greatness to

stand out among those players and

established himself as the leader of the

team his size mobility and ball handling

skills made him one of the most complete

players ever proof of this is the fact

that he's second only to Oscar Robertson

and triple doubles so what do you think

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