Top 10 Greatest NBA Teams Ever

there have been some amazing NBA teams

in recent history the 2016 Warriors the

big three heat the 2008 Celtics and as

always the Spurs from pretty much any

season but where do these teams rank

against the all-time great teams the 72

win Bulls the 33 winning streak Lakers

and other historical teams well that's

what we're gonna talk about in this

video each team will be graded by talent

record whether or not they want a

championship and other team achievements

like winning streaks now we're gonna

share our opinion but make sure you

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this topic for now let's get started

number 10 the 1992 Chicago Bulls you

know at least one of the Jordan Bulls

teams would be on here right with six

rings there was plenty to pick from we

decided to start with a 92 Bulls the

winners of 67 games including a 14 game

winning streak this was even before the

peak Bulls with a rounded out cast of

role players like Dennis Rodman Toni

Kukoc and others in all fairness they

did have Horace Grant's a great power

forward to fill the spot but this Bulls

team mostly relied on Michael Jordan and

his sidekick Scottie Pippen which wasn't

really a problem

Jordan averaged over 30 points a game

that season 34 in the playoffs and one

regular season MVP and Finals MVP number

9 the 2008 Boston Celtics imagine

putting a team together centered around

three guys who averaged 25 points a game

that's basically the epitome of a super

team a non-stop force of superstars that

no one would be able to beat and that's

exactly what the 2008 Celtics worth the

team featured Paul Pierce Ray Allen

Kevin Garnett rajon rondo and the cherry

on top the white Mamba himself Brian

Scalabrine yeah no one wanted to face

this team and everyone knew as soon as

those guys signed their contract the

championship was theirs they finished

the season with a 66 and 16 record and

posted the best single-season turnaround


being history improving by 42 wins from

their previous season their 66 wins was

just one shy of the 67 win 1986 Celtics

which was also the last Celtics team to

win a championship the 2008 Celtics

wrote to a title was anything but easy

they played the most games a team had

ever played in a postseason with 26 but

they proved to have the heart of a

champion number 8 the 1971 Milwaukee

Bucks any team with Kareem abdul-jabbar

one of the top 10 greatest players of

all time is bound to make any list of

the greatest teams you pair Oscar

Robertson with Kareem and you've got a

nearly unbeatable team and the

franchise's third year of existence the

1971 Bucks went 66 and 16 and had the

fifth longest winning streak of all time

at 20 they were first in offensive

rating first in defensive rating first

in points per game and tore through the

league winning playoff series against

Wilt Chamberlain and the Lakers and

West's unsold and the bullets on their

way to winning an NBA title number seven

the 2013 Miami Heat

there are three simple reasons why the

2013 Heat are on this list number one

the roster LeBron James Dwyane Wade

Chris Bosh Ray Allen nuff said

number two along with their 66 and 16

record they also had the second longest

winning streak in NBA history at 27

games and number three their final

series with the Spurs one of the best

first teams ever and the way they fought

to win this Heat team set numerous

records that season including the most

wins in a month and the most

double-digit wins in the postseason

LeBron James solidified his legend as

one of the greatest ever by tying the

record for scoring at least 30 points in

four consecutive game sevens and setting

the record for the highest scoring

average ever in game sevens

number six the 1967 Philadelphia 76ers

the 1967 six were one of the first truly

great teams in the NBA of course having

Wilt Chamberlain will do that for a

franchise but it was more than that

aside from welds 24 points 24 rebounds

and 8 assists per game

the Sixers had Hal Greer and Chet Walker

two wing players that were terrific

outside shooters but could also drive

the lane and get their own shot perfect

for a dominant inside guy like wilt both

averaged about 20 points a game and

that's not even mentioning the three

other players at average double digits

the 67 Sixers beat Oscar Robertson and

the Royals Bill Russell and the Celtics

and finally Rick Barry and the Warriors

in the playoffs and roots to a

hard-fought championship they set

numerous records including the most wins

and the best 50 game start in NBA


they were clearly the greatest team of

their time number five the 1997 Chicago

Bulls they aren't the 72 win Bulls

but they got pretty darn close winning

69 games in fact the only thing

separating the 72 win bowls from the 69

win Bulls is pretty much just that the

three fewer wins the longest losing

streak they had was a whopping two


Jordan dominated in his usual fashion

averaging nearly 30 points a game and

Phil Jackson worked his usual magic on

the sideline at this point in the Bulls

era there wasn't really anyone in the

league who could stop them they

outscored opponents by over 10 points a

game and lost only four games in the

playoffs with Jordan out scoring

everyone Pippen filling pretty much

every gap and Dennis Rodman grabbing

every rebound in the game these Bulls

would be just about any team they faced

from any era number for the 1986 Boston

Celtics considered by some to be the

greatest team ever

the 1986 Celtics featured five future

Hall of Famers many of whom are

considered among the greatest of all

time at their positions

MVP Larry Bird former six men of the

year Kevin McHale Dennis Johnson Robert

Parish and the Sixth Man of the Year and

former MVP Bill Walton formed a fearsome

rotation that opponents just couldn't

handle it almost wasn't fair this team

had everything scoring passing defense

rebounding and depth there were

virtually no weaknesses and with the

team's beautiful ball movement and

unselfish play it's no wonder they won

as many games as they did in fact for

the entire season

they lost only one home game they

breezed through the playoffs sweeping

the Jordan Bulls and finishing off

Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets

in six games winning the franchise's

16th championship number three the 1972

Los Angeles Lakers the 1972 Lakers won

69 games tied for the third best in NBA

history but what's more impressive is

their record-setting winning streak

which topped out at 33 wins in a row

this team was loaded with Hall of Famers

including Jerry West Wilt Chamberlain

Elgin Baylor and Gail Goodrich the team

was so out of this world that they

averaged over 120 points on nearly 50%

shooting outscoring their opponents by

over 12 points a game the best part was

that this was a year Jerry West finally

got his ring beating the Knicks four to

one in the NBA Finals

number two the 2016 Golden State


the Warriors recent loss in the finals

will sting for a while but there's no

denying that they were one of the

greatest teams ever just not so much in

the playoffs but looking at a regular

season the Warriors had arguably the

greatest season ever winning an NBA

record 73 games including a 24 game

winning streak the third longest ever in


the Warriors were so dominant that they

never lost back-to-back games through

the entire season with Steph Curry and

klay Thompson unbelievable shooting


the Warriors put on a show every game

and beat their opponent by an average of

more than 10 points the Warriors broke

over 25 NBA records in this season

including the most Road wins the best

start and the most three-pointers made

in a season number one the 1996 Chicago


so yeah the Warriors surpassed the 72 in

10 Bulls but without a ring to cap it

off it's just not the same the Jordan

Bulls dominated the 90s and the 96

season was the pinnacle of that not only

did they dominate in the regular season

but they also crushed the league in the

playoffs going 15 and 3 in the

postseason including two series sweeps

also surpassed in the 2016 Warriors

postseason record of 15 and 9 the 1996

Bulls featured coach of the year Phil

Jackson Sixth Man of the Year Toni Kukoc

two all-nba first team players three

all-defensive first team players and of

course the man who made it all possible

Michael Jordan who won regular-season

MVP and Finals MVP after averaging 31

points five rebounds four assists and

two steals in the postseason so those

are the top 10 greatest teams in NBA

history at least according to us but we

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