Top 10 Pitchers (Starters and Relievers) MLB Top Players (Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander + others)

got him swinging no new career-high for

Walker Buehler how do you not love

Walker Buehler

I love everything about him


there's something about this Walker

Buehler kid and Mike Clevenger you can't

start any better than that

this is one of the elite pitchers in the

game by Clevenger fantastic again

one of the very best pitchers in all of

baseball in the disappearing slider for

Patrick or for just never gets their

strikeouts for Patrick Korbin Corbin

he's a bad boy you don't give that I'm

trying to think of a new superlative for

Jack flirty-flirty has just been unreal

strikeout number 10 for LA native Jack

clarity's this guy's a beast okay Jack

clarity's a 1 this guy is as good as

advertised right now quite a performance

this evening he was that great one thing

you have to say about Zack Greinke he's

reliable he has been quite a performer

for so many years he's so creative on

the now break he's on a whole thing path

this guy's an all-star he's been outside

Award winner

he mixes the ball up he keeps the ball

down he goes changes locations he knows

how to pitch swung on and missed strike


in June Rio a complete game shutout

strikeout of her 15 for Max Scherzer Max

Scherzer his must-see TV he's so much

fun to watch Max Scherzer has built

himself a three-time sy Young

award-winning career this dude make no

mistake about it is a leader here Cole

man he's got his good stuff as anybody

than this entire big leagues but Cole

train running down the track punching

ticket 15 strikeouts for Cole those guys

looks like little leaguers against him

well done 45 a career-high 15 strikeouts

for Justin Verlander he's just radiant



14 strikeouts for Jacob degrom the

master at the top of his craft teams

feed off the great starting pitching

this guy's a great starting pitcher

taking the Grom has been for two years

the best pitcher in the National League

maybe in all of baseball he's the best

starting pitcher in the game right now

Will Smith he gets out righties and

lefties he's got one of the nastiest

sliders in the game he has quietly

become one of the best relievers in

baseball dollar season he has had 34

safe Brook in out swinging with a slider

for me he snaps off some mean hooks you

cannot throw a better breaking ball

it's been a good year for Taylor Rogers

Rogers gets the job done

one two three Rogers there's that good

breaking ball right there that's the

nasty pitch on Aveeno does what every

premier reliever does comes in throws

strikes a couple of really know

everything he throws who Adam out of a

nose almost unhittable

this dude is absolutely nasty except

leuco strikes out the side in the bottom

of the 8th just Global Way it's feeling

it it's been the curveball those in the


Lugo Lugo just has so many weapons and

you can turn it up

not with that fastball when he has to

old school Koufax like curveball and

Brandon workman still the toughest

relief pitcher the majors to hit one of

the best arms in that bullpen wave

Bantam is that breaking ball really hate

up up that is a true swing and miss


maíam Presley continues to just roll for

the Houston Astros just all around he

has been dominant he's got one of the

best breaking balls in the game no one

hits him he is a dangerous man on the

mound with a baseball in his hand

wow that was a nasty pitch Liam Hendriks

so good for the Oakland A's there's

never anything slow about it it's just

maxed out on everything that he throws

at is a high octane fastball boom boy

does he really explode towards home

plate everything right now in sync for


he is evolved and he is better than ever

with the Milwaukee Brewers when he's up

in the zone he is nearly impossible to

hit tremendous life on the fastball Josh

hater is the most dominating bullpen

weapon ever swinging animus with the

stare the Yankees with the wind that

nasty breaking ball to finish it was a

really good slider that's almost not


unhittable perfect execution by Chapman

he's just so tough nothing you can do is


Kirby Gates has been absolutely

fantastic for the Padres the shining

piece one of the best players in the

game right now Kirby Yates threw 430

splitters 0 home runs are you kidding me

that's how good it is credible picture

this year probably the best closer in

the National League Kirby Yates has that

closers disposition that poise about him

he comes out of the bullpen

and he's all business that's command at

its finest through the new movie closer