Who is the Best Fortnite Player of All Time?

hey what's up guys it's cypher today

we're gonna answer the question who is

the best four night player in the world

i don't want to trigger anybody with

this list but i've got seven players

who at one point or another were

considered some of the greatest players

to ever play fortnite

and what we're gonna do is we're gonna

watch their top five

most impressive clips and i'm gonna rate

those clips

and add up the scores let's jump into

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all right starting off we're gonna watch

ninja's top

five clips ninja especially early on

during season one and two

he was regarded as one of the best

players to ever play fortnite so let's

jump in and see

what his clips are and give them some

ratings so

obviously thank you most of these clips

from ninja are gonna be in pubs because

we this is before we even had

competitive events

um and at the time this was an insane

clip that got a lot of attention of


we see all these players they're

standing still and ninjas hitting some

really clean snipes

um although the players are kind of not

really moving

it's still a very impressive clip for

its time um

so i'm gonna i'm gonna be a little bit

more generous with the rating uh

considering the timeline this was

probably like

what season two maybe maybe early season


i'm gonna give that one a six and a half

out of ten

i'll be pretty strict with these ratings

just because

i gotta account for you know skill set

the time period and everything

so grenade launcher using the grenade

launcher to bounce it off the ground

combat shotgun really good hits with the

combat didn't miss a single shot

very very accurate low on health is

gonna go ahead and box in

and go for the last player some good

hits right here

and at the time you know solo squatting

he's playing with benji fishy and mr

savage oh actually he might be playing

against them he might be doing

a kill race tournament i will say that

one is a a

six out of ten the reason i gave the

sniper one a little bit more is because

it was

earlier on in the fortnite world uh

now we have ninja in a 1v3 situation or


for the win trap plays

and just for that i'm gonna give him

some bonus points uh back in the day not

a lot of people went for trap plays even


they were very powerful so to see him go

for that is pretty great

and right here he dropped 27

eliminations 27

back in a day was really hard to do it's

almost impossible to do right now

i'm gonna say that clip is an eight out

of ten

oh you know what this is probably

ninja's best clip ever okay

we have not seen the lmg be used like


at all when fortnite came out and he was

1v2 against cloaksy and

tifu in friday fortnight the pressure

was on

100 000 plus people were watching this

and he was hitting

shot after shot utilizing the lmg to


multiple squads out and rack up

eliminations look he already has a

20 bomb and the amount of pressure that

was on him

in this clip and in this game to perform

i think he ends up tying the score

against closey and tifu um all by


23 eliminations insane performance

insane performance 17. this clip did we


is a 10 of 10 the amount of pressure

that was on him

during that clip and his accuracy was


all right ninja clutching up while

playing with drake

i mean you got you've got to know that

there's a lot of pressure on him here to


especially with nation if you get

the pressure is on ninja's the type of

person who doesn't crumble

under the pressure he does rise up to

the occasion

and he performs honestly better when

there's pressure on him

i'm gonna say that one is a six of ten

uh a lot of people

uh like to sometimes hate on ninja or

say that he was trash at the game or


and maybe p a lot of people have you

know passed him up in skill because he

doesn't play as much and he doesn't

play competitive but early on in

fortnite season one

season two and even before season one he

was regarded as one of the best players

ever and there was a good reason why he

rose to the top early on

next up we have tifu okay tifu

rose up a little bit later after ninja

and he dominated for a very long time he

doesn't currently really play fortnite

and his skill level has probably

diminished since he's been playing more

call of duty but he still has some

really impressive clips

in this best of the world series let's

take a look

so this snipe clip from tifu is


ninja snike clip except the players are

moving a little bit more

and he ends up getting a lot more snipes

in close range

and in long range and it was extremely

impressive to see this in the moment see

that player is jumping up and down

these players are moving around uh some

players might be standing still but most

of the clips

are against people who are moving he has

to make micro adjustments to hit these


he doesn't miss a single one which is

extremely impressive

and this is why this clip is gonna get

him an

eight of ten score next up competitive


probably some of his best moments came

from the competitive scene a 1v3

against three pro players i'm pretty

sure this is against

buga and his uh his trio um

he ends up taking out bizzle right there

and he starts getting pushed by

two more players he has a revolver and

attack he knows who he's going up


and he knows the pressure is on tifu has

insanely good accuracy similar to ninja

he's gonna get a

body shot right there misses one

great tack shot another knock and then

one player who's

flying away it's bizzle dubs

and i i think the third player was booga

that clip is gonna be an

eight out of ten as well all right we

got a lan tournament

tifu has no mats he's on the high ground

there's only a few players left he drops


to the low ground takes out the player

on the low ground

who has an rpg another player falls

through their death and then he's gonna

shoot out the high ground and i believe

he shotguns him here before he even hits

the ground

to make sure he gets the elimination

he does get him with a great fall so

this was a really clutch moment

it was in the heat of battle it's in a

live event where people are there

there's a lot of pressure uh overall the

actual mechanics weren't as

impressive but the clutch was great so

for that's gonna be a seven of ten

now i know where this clip is this clip

is early on season two

this is when tifu dropped the world


for the most eliminations in a solo

match um

as you can tell from the bloom from the

mechanics and the graphics this is

really old-school fortnite um

and this was right when tilted towers

came out even double pump was still in

the game

um dropping 30 limbs was really hard

uh and having the world record for most

solo kills was very impressive


early on tifu kind of made a name for

himself after

holding on to this record for a while uh

29 eliminations in a solo very hard to

pull off

you know there was pressure on him it's

gonna be a seven and a half out of ten

all right tifu in competitive he's in a

tournament he gets boxed in here

hits a really really clutch shot with

the pump he has the high ground right


i believe his world cup qualifiers he's

low on mats he knows he has to clutch

gets some good shots right there

drops down takes somebody's wall is he

gonna take the wall

doesn't take the wall has his pump out

he's ready to smack

this player is moving fifo is gonna go

ahead and tunnel through

goes up top he's getting shot from the

top he's weak he needs to box in and put

on some shields

four people remaining

drops down barely misses that rpg

hits this guy in the bottom twice knows

he's gonna have to edit out

it's a clean shot through the storm

without even seeing him gets hit with

the rpg has

one hp left 1v1 situation

that guy's in the storm tifu needs to

make sure he doesn't get

shotgun clutches up i believe this is

world cup qualifiers right here

it's a win 12 points uh that's going to

be a that's also going to be a 7 of 10.

next up we have the world cup champion


and this is where things start to get

spicy because booga really pushed the

mechanics of the game

and uh set a new standard uh for

fortnite mechanics building and

competitive play

let's go ahead and jump into those clips

so this is game one of the fortnight

world cup

booga clutching up an elimination boxing


he only has 140 wood trades hit right

here he has to hit some clutch shots

the amount of pressure on him is insane

eight eliminations by the way to even

get to this point it was insane to have

eight eliminations goes for the

shockwave play goes hike

hits for 30 white knows his opponent is

weak right here

expects his opponent to edit and then

clutches up against

creo another really good player so

that clip with the amount of pressure on

him what it meant to set the tone for

the fortnite world cup

that clip is a nine of 10 for booga

now he's in a duo tournament this is

actually a pretty recent clip

clutches up with one health something

really important is this is on west


buga is a known zero ping player

uh but even though on west coast he's

playing with like 60 ping

he still performs uh with higher ping so


you know kind of a reason not to always

use ping as an excuse you can still

perform at a high level

uh he's low on health if the storm takes

him one time he's going to get


boxes in a player gets a quick

elimination another player jumps in on

him gets another elimination

knows where to look for this last shot

hits every single shot

and clutches up with barely any health

1v2 that is an eight and a half out of

ten right there all right

buga in a tournament this is a 1v3 trio


1v3 uses the traps gets

two knocks and now he's waiting

for the health to come in and kick in is

he going to get the health he gets one

of the health

1v3 against another pro trio in a

tournament is extremely hard to pull off

the pressure on him to perform and the

fact that he used traps really


and played very common to pressure this

clip is also an

eight and a half out of ten all right

3v3 trio

shockwaves up into the sky knocks a

player down

gets the knock is gonna get the thirst

for the heel drops down

hits some really clean shots right here

he knows it's just up to him and he hits

every single shot uh for that i'm going

to give it a 7 out of 10. it's very

consistent as you can tell

booga keeps hitting shots under pressure

and is very consistent

even when it matters all right we got

another play

tifu getting a knock pressing in hits a

200 hits another 160.

that is a trio squad wife that was a

clean clean clip

some good shots that one isn't as

impressive as his other clips but still

is solid

it's gonna be a six of ten from me booga

finished really strong with all these


he's a world cup champion he was

definitely the greatest player

in the world when he won the world cup

there is no doubt about it

now we're moving on to one of my

favorite players benji fishy

not because of his skill level i just

think he's a really good kid and has a

great community so let's jump in

and watch benji fishy in action he's got


mythic charge shotgun and he's got the

mythic grappler

gets a knock in the low ground it's


under pressure he has two health gets

another knock

is gonna walk through that window no he

doesn't he just he heals up he makes

sure he's healthy

it's a 2v3 he drops down he's really

good at finding

eliminations and finding players that

are straggling around

goes for the high ground grappler play

that grappler forces you to pull out a

shoe as well so it's not as guaranteed

drops down uh he's gonna go for another

limb right here he keeps dropping down

on these players

great shot as you can see he's barely

missed any single shots right now

and this is in the tournament so you

know the pressure is on

he's charging again he runs into storm

right here this is a really smart play

runs in the storm he knows he has the

the floppers to work with and he knows

everyone's collapsing

so right here he runs in the storm gets

a clean shot on a guy

he's gonna go ahead and try to look for

his opponent gets the gets the thirst

grabs some mats gets shot

and even with no health and he knows

he's about to die

he clutches up shoots through the wall

so that clip is an eight and a half out

of ten

this is where you go all right benji


this might be during the world cup

qualifiers i'm not entirely sure

it's a really cl clean shot right there

oh this is not world cup this is on the

new map further from benji

i think this is a solo tournament gets

another great shot with the pump

man i missed the pump five eliminations

bounces in

gets caught he's gonna keep tunneling

right in we missed the part because of

the replay system sucks but he gets

another elimination

he's running through everybody in the

lobby right now drops down

like i said he's really good at finding

players in these late game scenarios

another elimination he just keeps

racking up the

limbs he hears somebody in the storm

is he gonna find that player in the

storm he gets shot in the back drops

into the water

builds gets another limb without

building gets to a limbs

he knows he just he's just he's moving

like a tank right now

another pump another pump it's too

easy these are all pro players

gets a great shot on this guy and even

though he it looks like he's not about

to make it he makes it happen

anyways more splashes from eddie fishy

does he clutch up and win i don't think

he does but the 12 eliminations we just

watched him go from like four to 12

eliminations in a pro tournament stacked


all these players that is a nine of 10

that probably helped him win the entire


great plays right here the mechanics are

insane for benji

this is also during a tournament it's a

bunch of great shots even

even when people are right in his face

he's still calm and makes it happen

editing mechanics building drops this

guy into his box

box like a fish truly truly boxed like a

fish hits the shot

he's down to barely any mats and he

knows it

steals that a limbs get gets two more

limbs after that it's a 1v1

and he doesn't panic he does not panic

at all he knows what he has to do

blocks the shot right there he doesn't

play greedy knows this is gonna take one

shot to finish this guy off and he does

that is an eight and a half out of ten

as well because that that required

insane accuracy and decision making

especially with low materials

all right we got another clip from benji

his entire squad is down

and he only has 20 health and it's a 1v2


so clutches up gets another knock

doesn't panic here doesn't go for the

thirst even though he needs the thirst

he knows that the other player could

push him very easily

this was a very inclusive clip clutching

up as a solo in a squad is extremely

difficult that clip is also an eight and

a half out of ten benji is consistent in

his clips

all right benji fishy with 186 very


waits for the shot is doing some good

piece of control gonna push into his

opponent's box there's a

crash pad in the way gets another clean


is trying to stay out of the sandwich as

much as he can

players only a couple players left

shoots this guy down gets the

elimination that guy was weak because he

hurt him

earlier and now i believe he's gonna use

the crash pad

to get up and over his opponent and then

boxes him like a fish and takes him out

that is an eight of ten for benji fishy

ladies and gentlemen

this is actually one of my favorite

clips of him this is insane you you have

not seen anything like this

okay he grabs the the jump and he starts

jumping through these people's boxes

and knocking them and just like

teleporting behind them in front of them

behind them

like these guys were so lost benji


all of them with insane movement we've

never seen movement like that

ever that clip is a nine out of ten

honestly when i saw i was so impressed

for for such a new mechanic for him to

pick it up so quickly and use it so


is great and then of course it doesn't

stop there he continues

boxes this guy like a fish gets another


and this is during a tournament so these

are actually good players gets another


another knock and he's fearless man even

with low health he's still making pushes

and he he secures every single limb for

his team that one is a nine of 10 for


now we have mongrel all right

one of the funniest fortnight players to

watch but also one of the most talented

this is during the world cup qualifiers

you know the pressure is on he's a young

kid but he's still performing really

really well

gets some good hits with the combat


he's controlling the low ground jumps up

and now

scales this scales this mountain does a

great job

kind of like juggling on this mountain

and takes somewhat of a height

advantage he knocks out the player on

height player is trying to stay on


mongrel is calm and collected hitting

all the shots that he needs to hit

another elimination plays aggressive

he's going up he's going down it doesn't

matter he's looking for eliminations

wherever he can he's looking for

refreshes wherever he can another player

he comes to tries to jump in

to his box with the heavy sniper mongrel

denies him and then takes him out

he's out of materials he knows he has to


he goes for the drop he sees a player in

the storm that player is looking for the

shot he gets the elim

barely has any health left two hp

this is world cup qualifier doesn't

clutch the win

but honestly that was really really

impressive play and really good decision


that clip right there is a eight and a

half out of ten especially because of

all the pressure on him during the world

cup all right i believe this is during

the uh

world cup qualifiers

look how many people are alive 26 people

alive in this really small circle

gets another knock this is actually

during the duo qualifiers

and his teammate mitro is already down

so he's playing

1v2 against some of the best players in

the world

in the world cup duo qualifier it's

another knock

he's already got eight eliminations by

the way so he's racking up the limbs


he's gonna use the smoke nade gets shot

runs around the storm makes a really

smart play here

it almost costs him but he runs around

and boxes himself and starts putting

some minis on

his back is still to still to the storm

boxes this guy in uses the trap really

well right there

that was a very smart trap play tan of

limbs for mongrel

there's only one full team left everyone

else finds another player on the low

ground easy a limb

already 11 eliminations and as a solo

player he's playing so confidently right


puts another trap down cat he gets

caught off guard but doesn't panic gets

that elimination against orange

one v2 against mongrel

is he gonna win the 1v2 drops down

gets one knock

gets the gets the thirst finds the other

player and clutches 1v2 with 14 of limbs

guys this was

super impressive this clip is a 9 of 10.

i remember this clip

two health 50 shields

this is during the solo world cup i


the soul world cup qualifiers gets

another elimination storm is moving up

and then he spots the launch pad and

doesn't give up here he launches

up into the circle 13 eliminations

gets knocked down clutches up the shot

are you doing this right now

no way top three situation now hops the


14 eliminations this is actually super

clutch i remember the flip

another player drops down and he's using

his rockets to try to knock them down

he gets that elimination and then right

here as they're falling

he actually shoots him before they hit

the ground 16 a limbs in a

world cup qualifier game that's an eight

and a half out of ten

next up mongol gets a quick pump shot on

an unsuspecting player

he's in a pretty stacked environment

right now i think there's like 30 people

alive in this moving circle look at

these tunnels

very consistent tunneling beams the high

ground right there

shoots out rpgs again he's solo

clutching as a solo in a dual


mongrel is just so confident and so

comfortable even when his teammate is


he's moving well and he's and he's

making great moves

shoots a great rpg gets another knock

he's gonna try to go in

he clutches up some mats even upgrades

his shotgun to a gold shotgun

reloads his rpg again sees another

opportunity for another rpg

this is some really good rpg play even

in close encounters

mongol classic against that guy his

editing and builds are just so quick

look at this insane insane

and and really good use of the rpg a lot

of people end up rpg themselves in

situations like this or just not using

it effectively

almost every rpg shot that mongrel has

shot has been very clutch this one's

gonna be for the high ground

it goes for the high ground against

another duo still takes it from them

as a solo and it's a 1v2 situation right


shoots an rpg against the player who was

at the bottom without their builds

this guy tries to grapple up it doesn't

really work

mom girl catches him in the air and hits

him with a pump

great great game play great clutch right


that clip is a 9 of 10 because that is

just so

consistent now we're going to see clips

of why has really insane accuracy

and honestly

we've seen clips some insane clips of

him with the infantry rifle

do really really well and the stark

rifle as well like he has

insane insane accuracy especially on the

high ground


picking up eliminations for his


rarely misses and is just doing

extremely well

to keep the pressure look like look at

these shots

look at these shots the stark rifle in

his hands was dangerous same thing with


same thing with the infantry rifle

that's a solid seven of ten some great

shots for his team

next player one of my favorite players

as well mr savage

very smart player makes some very unique

plays and is one of the og's

of like really savvy 200 iq plays that's


his code i think is you know 200 iq so

let's see what mr savage has to offer in

some of his best clips of all time and

how we're going to rate them

all right sitting in the car with the

all black skin these guys have no idea

what's hitting them

and he's just taking them out they don't

even know what happened

like and then not only that but he's

also hitting some insane shots

like have you seen a person take out an

entire squad while singing

sitting in a car like the creativity of

that play

and that moment is so insane that's an

eight and a half out of 10 easily just

because you've never seen that you've

literally never seen it

he shows you things you've never seen

stretch rez he has 17 eliminations in

his tournament

he's racking up a limbs deagle plus


that's a pretty dangerous combo gets

into this guy's

box boxes him in the other guy tries to

trap him

but he turns it around and pumps him he

knows that the trap can't touch him

there that's

really good iq right there to know the

range of the trap

starts taking this guy's wall takes him

out with some clean shots

knox some players from the high ground

is using the deagle really well to bring

them down to his level

and he's not missing any of his shots 23

eliminations in a

tournament that's insane that's an 8 out

of 10.

all right we got the face cam on i

believe this is world cup

qualifiers right now clutch plays drops

on the high ground catches the guy

in smoke he knows the guy's still there

trap plays

keeps that guy in the box places another


he didn't panic since the first one

didn't work he just kept moving

mr savage is actually really really good

with traps

finds two more players to the right he's

gonna go ahead and maneuver around

clean double edit he knows that player

is going to be running up from the side

he knows he has a player above him

looking to pre-fire this player is

moving around

it's a 1v1 situation i believe no it's a


there's still one more player on the

high ground clutches up the kill

and guys this is in the world cup

qualifiers he had a lot of people

watching he had to perform well

to actually qualify for the world cup

uses some stinks very effectively to

keep this guy

off the high ground get some extra

damage now that guy doesn't want to mess

with him he's going to go up higher he's

going to use this

time to shoot him out the guy drops and

he clutches up

the shots that is a 8 of 10 right there

the pressure to perform in the world cup

qualifiers and to clutch up that win is

super impressive

all right mr savage

14 eliminations

uses uses the trap here tries to oh i've

seen this clip i've seen this guy i


gets the trap elimination he's just

doing some solo squads he's gonna go

ahead and edit through

a bunch of nades are coming out those

guys right into the trap again and of


another trap play i believe

and then a clean ramp edit to to

maneuver out

and trap that guy at the same time

these guys are coming in with more drum

gun sprays

he edits through tries to catch this guy

off guard and he does

uh that's gonna be a seven of ten just

because it isn't a pub but it's still

really excellent used for the traps and

i love

i'd love to see that grenade launcher oh

i remember this clip

is the person this is during a

tournament right here

mr savage makes a great play i think

this is during the secret skirmish

six eliminations takes out some really

good players

and now he's you know he he knows he has

to go up the high ground

and he doesn't have a whole lot of

materials left he has about 400 wood


but going up this hill right here is

gonna be really really deadly

but he ends up coming up with a very

smart way to clear the high

ground and he ends up going into storm

as the smoke

shadow bomb he's getting completely

blocked and he's going around the side

takes some storm damage takes the high

ground that player is stuck there

and mr savage knows that gets the win

that was a very clutch heat of the


decision right there to make helped him

place really well in that tournament

that's an 8 of 10 right there very smart


of the shadow bomb all right next up we

got the big clicks

kind of came up during the world cup era

where he was qualifying for the world

cup every single week

and now has a very successful stream and

still does really well in competitive

let's watch some of his best moments

all right rpg play drops down keep in


he's solo going into duo against some of

the best players in the world i'm

recognizing some of these names

he's going against a really really

stacked uh scrim lobby

so he clutches up right there takes out

some really really talented players

no no materials on the low ground with

the pump

hits a clean shot against liquid stretch

and then a 200 pump

against his teammate grabs some mats but

not enough

and right here it's another 180 against


okay drops down gets gets eliminated but

takes out

so many great top players right there in

that clip

and under pressure still did really

really well that clips an eight and a

half out of ten

really great way to start for clicks

all right he has no materials

he's dropping down

2v1 he knows he has no mats he

shockwaves up to the air

and clutches up the wind this is during

this is during the trio

fncs i believe super clutch moment

really good decision making

that one's gonna be a seven and a half

of 10. 20 people left by the way

in this circle right here as we starting

it's a 154

with a charged shotgun 20 people left

grabs the gold tack

is going to opt for the gold attack he's

moving through people's tunnels

it's a solo event takes this guy's wall

takes him out grabs his mats starts to

move through he hears a lot of people

and he kind of shifts around

instead of going straight out which is

really smart he takes a little bit of

storm damage doing that

but it was worth it drops down builds

shoots build shoots great shots coming

in from

from clicks he's low on 67 health he

knows the player is dropping down he's

gonna go ahead and move up the side

start shooting him out player drops into

his face

and he does not panic he hits the shots

clutches up

that's an eight and a half out of ten

clutching up in a tournament with 20

people moving circle

that's super solid double edit right

there into a clean

blue tack 122 by the way blue tack which

doesn't hit that hard

still hits a really clean headshot

see some players moving through this

tunnel he's gonna try to take this wall

ops out because he knows it's two of

them this is a solo into a duo situation

drops down

catches another player with his attack

takes him out 158 max damage with the

blue tack

uses the bandage bazooka to stay alive

in storm

he's gonna go ahead and tunnel through

really really insane mechanics

he sees someone in the storm he starts

getting tagged people in storm

really risky play but it works out and

he has a bandage bazooka to use

he picks up the other bandage bazooka

which is really clutch because he was

out of banjo bazookas and now he has

five shots to use

gets back in has 300 materials again

this is solo

duo so to clutch this it would be insane

players on the low ground he hears that

he drops down 102. i've never

seen somebody hit so hard with a blue


grabs the grappler gets shot in the back

takes a little bit of damage puts on

some minis

still has the high ground okay

he knows his players in the storm he's

trying to keep him in the storm

players looking for shots from the low

ground clicks is

out of he's out of mats but still 1v2s

doesn't miss a single shot against two

great players

that clip right there is a nine of ten

trio fncs hits for 180 starts tunneling


more people are moving up he has no


he's looking he's looking he he finds

somebody in the box going for his

opponent his teammates um

materials grab some mats drops down

this is solo trio 1v1 v1

he has to do well here he has 50 bricks

starts getting shot out

actually both those players are on the

same team

both players are on the same team he

jumps into the circle

uses the campfire triple campfire play

drops down catches somebody and then

shoots out the last player

that was so clutch so smart to go back

in instead of dropping in

and to find the last player get the

elimination and then even find the

person standing in circle and still

clutch up the blue fight

this is a nine of ten back to back nines

for clicks

impressive work ladies and gentlemen

these are some of the best players in

the world

there isn't one greatest player but i

wanted to highlight

these players best moments of all time

thank you guys so much for watching

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i'll see you guys next time