Top 10 Players in MLB | MLB Top 100 (Where did Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger and more end up?)

number ten cap to appreciate his skill

he's a delight to watch dynamite play on

the Indians all-stars Gold Glove short

stuff but that's definite play the week

nominee for sure sports tool endure what

a play I mean that is a tremendous play

incredible Lindor strikes again

defensively that was a straight vacuum

cleaner at shortstop by Lind or Lindor

is just a pleasure to watch play this

game because there's nothing he can't do

what's the Indians on top greatness is

making the difficult with these

and does number nine Ola crushes this

ball high and deep left field

take a good look you won't see it for

long it's just so unbelievable for

knowing how quick he is

a great play by Arenado amazing play

holy cow is that what special : be Nolan

no what do that one check out no cracks

they tend to covet bunches don't get


ceases to amaze me welcome to the 200

Club enjoy every moment of this young

man's career

number eight teams feed off of great

starting pitching this guy is a great

started Jacob degrom has been for two

years the best pitcher in the National

League maybe in all of baseball so I got

at Miss strike three

gorgeous pitch by degrom he's the best

starting pitcher in the game right now

what he's doing it's unbelievable the

amount of innings the amount of quality

starts the amount of strikeouts in ER a

dad he's special I'm all things Jacob

degrom I think he's the best pitcher and

again I love watching him because it

seems like he doesn't even sweat it's

like a good Picasso just doing his heart

number seven the stuff Garrett called

displays I think it's all time history

it's legendary the guy is a machine an

absolute machine and he's done

everything that you could do to be a

song award winner he's a game changer

for an organization which is angry this

is an edge Gerrit Cole is a stud he's

the Dominator Gerrit Cole kind of became

the ace of baseball do according to John

Heyman has done Gary Cole is going to

the Yankees nine years 324 million

dollars it's a record the Yankees get

their med we're just like to say number

six everybody is starting to see what a

terrific talent Anthony Rendon is

everything about Anthony when don't and

when he was in the batter's box no

matter it was the World Series the

division series he just sits there and

he does his thing he might be the best

right-handed hitter in the game of



he's not just a good hitter he's a great

hitter I don't think there's anyone

better in the game it just makes it look

too easy you can do it all in the entire

Angels organization it is my pleasure to

welcome you today as we introduce the

newest member of the Los Angeles Angels

Anthony Rendon number five Alex Bregman

is the best player right now at his best

there wouldn't be any other guy in the

world that I want in a pressure


Alex Bregman is a bad bad

it's one of the game's best I feel like

I'm gonna go do damage every time I step

in the box


plays with an edge he's awesome

Bregman brings that swag he's the best

player the imagine number four mookie

betts one of the best players in

baseball if not the very best Mookie

Betts has run out there every day the

jerseys selling every day the man just

has no weakness he's the best player in

the league he's gonna bring the noise

well he does everything well he's a

game-changing offensive player and

Mookie is that kind of play of the game

change he is a superstar if there's

anybody you back up the truck for it's

that guy Mookie Betts this is a

five-tool player that is truly truly

special he's one of the two best players

I believe in the game it's finally

official Mookie Betts is it Dodger they

were already an elite team without Lukey

Betts he takes a really good Dodgers

team and I think he takes him to another


number three

and that record is within reach his

athleticism is off the planet he can

play both first base and centerfield

leather out there at centerfield

leaping any make that catch


push to centerfield


Ballinger in mountain tops in Major

League Baseball


number two question

unbelievable night again here flirting

with leading the league in average home

runs RBIs and stolen bases effective

game wherever he is a model of



spin everything MVP anecdotes


whatever he needs to do

I don't think the rules are anywhere

close to the conversation without the

kind of year the Christian Yelich Islam

who's the guy with Milwaukee Brewers all

around is the best

nationally number one that is drilled

out the deep left-center field no doubt

about it grand salami time for Mike

Trout when I look at the game today I

look at my truck the way he handles

himself you know the things that he does

to go out there you know he got guys

that look up to and guys that feed off

you and you know I know that first in

homers first in walks

bursted on base percentage first in

slugging first an LPS war yes my mindset

coming to the end of the year I want to

be the best player in the league that's

always been the mindset just be the best

in the field at all times he is already

there where the career resume that would

already indicate Cooperstown worthy if

there's ever a face of the baseball

right now Mike Trout is in