Who is the Best Pokémon Trainer?

if someone want to ask who is the best

pokemon trainer how would you answer

this question is it the best trainer in

the games the best trainer in the anime

the best trainer in the manga well

there's no real answer to the question

since you could easily compare

characters from the games to ones in the

anime or manga meaning it's really all

opinion who someone thinks is overall

the greatest trainer for example one

person might say that read from the

manga is the greatest trainer since he

completed the Pokedex and became the

champion but then another person might

say that gold from the games is the best

trainer because he beat red even though

God really didn't beat red the person

playing the game beat red aka you so how

I'm going to be taking on this question

is given my opinion and who is the

greatest trainer in the anime since I

think it's much easier to compare anime

characters than video game characters

and since I haven't really read the

manga only knowing the basics I wouldn't

really feel comfortable comparing

characters I don't have that much

knowledge on I do however have a good

amount of knowledge on the characters in

the anime so far also in terms of who's

the best trainer in the games again the

answer to that question is you all the

feats main protagonists accomplished

were your actions you became the

champion you complete the pokédex you

won the world tournament blahdy blahdy

blahdy blah so with all that said let's

take a look and try and figure out who

is the best pokemon trainer in the anime

spoiler alert it's not Ashe I also want

to know I'm not including any of the

characters from the Pokemon origin

special since the origins universe

obviously isn't the same universe as the

main series universe plus it's much

harder to compare characters from

different universes for example red to

Tobias now since there are so many anime

characters finding the trainer that's

better than all the others is going to

be pretty difficult so I'm going to be

looking at all the trainers we've seen

in the anime so far and look at their

feats their Pokemon and any losses they

might have had so firstly let's take a

look at all the gym leaders in the anime

now even though Gym Leaders are meant to

be strong trainers since they must have

been good enough to get that job what

stops any of the gym leaders from

getting into the running or possible

best trainer in the anime is the fact

that after you collect eight badges in

the anime you go on to enter the Pokemon


meaning that all eight gym leaders of

each region lost to all these trainers

or at least this amount of trainers and

this picture here is before the first

round meaning that the gym leaders lost

to over a hundred trainers within the

time of Ashe still being 10 plus there's

the Elite Four speaking of the Elite

Four the members of the elite four are

basically better versions of the gym

leaders in fact from what we seen of

them in the anime they pretty much

destroyed anyone they've battled except

when they battle the champion which is

the main reason why none of the Elite

Four members would be in the running for

best pokemon trainer in the anime since

if you beat the Elite Four you become

the champion or you go on to face the

champion so like the gym leaders the

elite four members missile since the

champion is basically a better version

of an Elite Four member so since there

didn't seem to be a higher rank than

champion let's take a look at all the

champions that we've seen in the anime

so far if we were to think of who's the

best trainer or each region the

champions would definitely come to mind

since well dared the champion of the

region but with multiple champions who's

the best champion there's Lance the

champion of Johto but he's also an elite

form member of Kanto meaning is

definitely possible there's one other

trainer in Kanto that's even stronger

than Lance so lunch just misses out as

for Hoenn there's both Stephan and

Wallis they unfortunately miss out as

well since we haven't really seen any of

their strengths and battle or at least

nowhere near as much as the other

champions Stephan was no longer champion

since he stepped down because maybe he

didn't think he was good enough to be

champion or maybe he was beaten I'm not

actually 100% sure we ever find out why

Steven turned down his champion role

Steven did show of his mega Metagross in

the mega evolution special but that's

literally all we've seen so far that's

flawless again we've hardly seen

anything from him you know that he used

to be a gym leader so it's possible that

it was too strong to be a gym leader

which is why he became the champion for

being a gym leader it's also possible

that he might have been beaten over a

hundred times next we have Cynthia who

let's face it is a badass she absolutely

annihilated Paul's team with just

Garchomp she also beat three of the

forsen elite four members she did battle

Caitlin from the you know valley four

but that was just an expedition

match which ended in a draw since there

was a ten minute time limit but I'm

willing to bet if it wasn't an

expedition match without a time limit

since he is still would have won since

Caitlyn is still only part of the Elite

Four with Alda being the Innova champion

now some people might say Alda is the

strongest champion but I'd have to

disagree we've only seen him in one

battle where he pretty much destroyed

Tripp superior with his buff Lance plus

elders kind of a dick great job as oh

wait what great jarvez oddity really

nicknamed his beloved

great job as old as old as

avishay what a dick

also since the anime somewhat follows

the games in black and white he was

already beaten before you got to win and

in black and white - he wasn't even the

champion anymore so for those reasons al

did awesome misses out the last champion

to look at is the Calais champion

diantha although we haven't seen her

strengths shown as much as Cynthia so

far there's no doubt she's a very

powerful trainer as she pretty much

absolutely destroyed Ash's Pikachu but

that's pretty much the only battle we've

seen Dion thrown so far whereas int he

has battled and beaten much stronger

trainers - so until we see more from

downthe she also just misses out and

with all that said since it is the first

trainer to get into the running of being

possibly the best pokemon trainer in the

anime now who asked we look at other

than the champions of the regions for

any trainers they are as good or

possibly even better how about other

champions like the champion of the

orange islands trick no no not that

Drake that Drake now I'm killing that

Drake the Drake from the origins some

people might consider Drake to be the

best trainer since he was the champion

of the orange islands and was undefeated

until Ashe beat him but Drake doesn't

get into the running because Ashe beat

him losing to ash is pretty much

automatic forfeits also worth mentioning

are the final battle frontier brains

Brandon and Palmer and for any of you

see it sprouts

Parma Serra tycoon farmer don't go easy

on me Palmer victory goes to Palmer

Brandon is notable for having the Reggie

trio as his Pokemon but like Drake he

lost to ash now it did take ash Tommy

tries to be Brandon but a loss still a

loss plus Brandon's regice was beaten by

Pikachu which has been absolutely

destroyed by even

weaker Pokemon even after this battle as

for Palmer he hasn't lost to ash as his

for a period defeated Ash's grotto

even though rapira had a huge type

disadvantage he's also been shown to

hold his own against Cynthia of all

people so Palmer Congrats you're the

second trainer to get into the running

of being possibly the best trainer in

the Pokemon anime so who asked her with

Luca other than the champions of the

regions and the final frontier bosses I

mean the champions are pretty much the

best trainers around right well what

about trainers who have actually won the

league's in terms of the league

champions we have the Hoenn champion

Tyson and the sinner champion Tobias

do I even have to compare these two you

know Tyson's pretty cool obviously he's

a great trainer but Tobias has a team

made up of Darkrai latias and we

actually don't know what else he has but

the Creator said they had a Mewtwo I

will probably believe him both Tyson

anti-vice the ash in the league's

Tyson's match being very close

however Tobias match was pretty much a

whitewash it took ash for Pokemon just

to beat his dark ride which latias just

took care of the rest of Ash's team this

was also during sinner league in which

ash would obviously been a better

trainer compared to how he wasn't hoeing

so because of this Tobias

also gets into the running of being

crowned possibly the greatest trainer in

the anime now of course there are other

trainers that could possibly get into

the running of being the best trainer

for example I guess you could possibly

count Mewtwo but I wouldn't say me too

as a trainer as much as he is well an

actual Pokemon there was also a LAN with

his mega Charizard X however Elan lost a

Seybold and he even said it himself we

were no match for one of the Elite Four

so we have cynthia palmer and Tobias out

of e3 who is overall the strongest

trainer well by going through everything

we've seen so far I believe the best

trainer in the anime is ash catcher just

getting my pick for the best trainer in

the anime so far is Cynthia so why do I

put Cynthia above Palmer and more

importantly Tobias the trainer whose

team is literally legendary of the

strongest trainers list has almost

unanimously put Tobias as the number one

- turn in the enemy so why am i placing

Cynthia as a stronger trainer above

Tobias well here's why twice as we all

know once in a league with ease only

losing a couple of pokémon - ash and

since its first to pick one was a dark

cry and the latias we can assume as

other for Pokemon just as strong if not

stronger but what happens when someone

wins the league in the anime they go on

to face the Elite Four and if they beat

the Elite Four they go on to face the

champion and if they beat the champion

they become the new champion so who was

the sinner League champion Jong the

black and white saga who attended the

Junior Cup which was quite a while after

the tsunami his opponent is the sinnoh

region champion the beautiful master of

battles this means either Tobias lost to

Cynthia or he lost to one of the elite

four members if he did be the Elite Four

and even Cynthia he would have been the


beautiful master of battles suppose as

for picking Cynthia over Parma remember

when I said we saw Parma battling

Cynthia well the other sin only four

members have battled Cynthia for her

champion spot in the past meaning it's

definitely possible that Parma was

battling Cynthia for her champion spots

and if he was we know who the winner

would have been since Cynthia was still

the champion during the black and white

saga even if he wasn't battling her for

the champion spots we still don't know

what the outcome of the battle was but

we can assume that Cynthia won since she

was still the champion during the black

and white saga and again she's the

champion of sin Oh in other words she's

the best trainer Insano and which region

is Parma from sin oh so take a look at

all the strong trainers in the anime the

one that has been the most consistent

and the most impressive in battle so far

and even battles that we haven't seen we

can just assume Cynthia in my opinion is

number one

now an argument against this and that

Tobias is still the better trainer is

because even though Cynthia might be

better in battle Tobias has caught more

impressive Pokemon Darkrai and our

latias and most likely other legendaries

and while yes that's very impressive the

point of this video is to find the best

pokemon trainer which person has trained

their Pokemon to be better than anyone


if device was the best trainer his pokum

would have been able to beat anyone

elses but since Cynthia was still the

champion and assuming that she did beat

Tobias that means her Pokemon would have

beat Tobias team which means Cynthia's

Pokemon would have been better trained

than Tobias Pokemon especially given the

Pokemon that Tobias had making Cynthia

overall the better trainer and if

sceptile could be Darkrai and piqued you

could faint latias just imagine what

Cynthia's Garchomp could do to debye

esteem and before you say that it took

multiple Pokemon to beat Darkrai and

latias Darkrai was able to heal itself

with Dream Eater multiple times and the

only the pokémon that latias battled was

sceptile and swellow which it didn't

even take any damage from Tobias may be

the best at catching rare Pokemon but

ultimately Cynthia is overall the better

trainer which is why in my opinion the

best pokemon trainer in the anime so far


Cinthia now please remember this is just

my opinion and what I've seen in the

anime so far

of course it's perfectly possible that

sometime in the future there'll be

another trainer who comes along who's

even more powerful than any of the

trainers I've listed including Cynthia

and if you completely disagree with my

pick for any reason for example you

think Stephen is still the best trainer

then that's fine it's possible he could

beat Cynthia but I'm just judging on

what we've seen so far so if you

disagree again it's perfectly fine but

if you do have to agree with any of my

reasons then great and if you did enjoy

this video and would like to see more be

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until next time again thank you so much

for watching