Top 10 Most Powerful Pokémon

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look at the pokemon with ridiculous

stats in both the anime series and the

games we're not condoning the use of

legendaries in competitive play but

damned if these guys aren't powerful



number ten mega diancie don't let the

cutesy appearance fool you

mega diancie is a force to be reckoned

with in addition to having the ability

to absorb light and create diamonds to

defend itself this pokemon is also the

only one that's capable of learning the

devastating move Diamond Storm while

also dealing out damage to its opponent

this move also increases mega Diane C's

defensive capabilities as well

a reminder that good offense can also be

a good defense


number nine mega latias latias the Eion

duo of Hoenn are formidable pokemon in

their original forms but their mega

forms make them just that much more


these two dragons psychic types also

possess incredible intelligence which

allows them to understand human speech

and communicate telepathically they both

already possessed some unique attacks

such as lustre purged for Latios and

missed ball for latias but now they've

got the overpowered stats to go with


number eight mega garchomp with blood

red spikes scythe like blade arms and

explosive rage which surpasses that of a

regular Garchomp this mega forum is a

whole different level of scary this

nasty dragon slash Brown type also

possesses increased offense and

defensive stats while in its mega form

these in addition to its greater

physical frame and SandForce ability

make it an excellent wall breaker for

opponents who prefer more defensive

strategy as opposed to offense

number 7 mega Tyranitar

Tyranitar is one of the most badass

Pokemon of all time

so one can only imagine how menacing

mega Tyranitar is with even more spikes

and horns too intimidated to ponents and

an even more belligerent attitude mega

Tyranitar wields even greater offensive

and defensive capabilities than its

regular form which makes it a whole more

imposing strong enough to destroy entire

landscapes mega Tyranitar is a walking

engine of destruction who more than

lives up to its pseudo legendary status

number 6 Kyurem is that holy good so on

justice few pokemons strike terror into

their opponents hearts quite like kyurem

according to legend kyurem is actually

an extraterrestrial pokemon which would

perhaps explain its dislike for humans

and other Pokemon alike the use of DNA

splicers allows it to become the even

more destructive white or black kyurem

respectively kerim is the only pokemon

who can learn glaciated

an ice type attack that it creates from

freezing energy it generates within its


number five zygarde


sigh guard is distinguished by having

three unique forms instead of evolutions

despite all of them maintaining the

dragon / ground type sigh guards three

forms to share few common features aside

from their black and green color scheme

all three possess their own unique

abilities and battle tactics with the

form best equipped to deal with the

specific challenge undertaking it but of

course none of those compared to its

100% form the result of a halt that

separated sounds coming together and

forming a total feast number four Arceus

the time has come commonly known as the

original one legend has it that Arceus

is responsible for creating the entire

pokemon universe the trio master of the

lake guardians as well as the creation

trio Arceus wheels truly awesome power

which has allowed it to serve as Earth's

protector for several millennia

although gentle to those who treat it

with kindness Arceus is also capable of

incredible destruction if it feels

deceived or betrayed

the only known Pokemon who's able to

learn that devastating move judgment

Marsyas his vast power also allows it to

stop the flow of time

number three primal Kyogre and primal


pulling these two apart is just about

impossible as 2/3 of the weather trio

Kyogre and Groudon both percents immense

power when it comes to their respective

realms of the sea and land once they're

in their primal forms however these two

leviathans become godlike in terms of

both power and ferocity while primal

Groudon creates new bodies of land with

every step it takes primal Kyogre

expands the sea an appropriate metaphor

for the seemingly never-ending conflict

these two continue to remain

neck-and-neck in their private war that

has no end in sight


number two mega rayquaza


the final third of the weather trio

rayquaza is the master of the skies and

serves as the balancing force that keeps

its counterparts Groudon and Kyogre in


once it's in its mighty mega form the

particles that stream from Rayquaza

jaws allow it to manipulate the air

around it and by extension the fairy

weather itself a handy skill in any

situation in addition to its trademark

move dragon ascent mega Rayquaza can

also perform feats of speed which liken

it more to a meteor than a living

creature before we unveil our top pick

here are a few honorable mentions


number one mega Mewtwo I don't need your

gratitude huh huh I was only trying to

save the Pokemon as if Mewtwo hadn't

already cemented its legend as the most

powerful Pokemon of all time not one but

two versions of mega Mewtwo were created

for the sixth generation mega Mewtwo X

is a larger more intimidating presence

while mega Mewtwo Y is smaller and

possesses astonishing speed naturally

both mega versions boast even greater

psychic powers than their original form

which is exemplified in their signature

sized rank these attributes make mega

Mewtwo 9 invincible in the battle of

brain power and since brains tend to

triumph over brawn mega Mewtwo is an

opponent to the any trainer should fear

in battle

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