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This is a story

that I have never told

I gotta take back

the light inside you stole

You're a criminal

And you steal like you're a pro

All the pain and the truth

I wear like a battle wound

So ashamed, so confused

I was broken and bruised

Now I'm a warrior

Now I've got thicker skin

I'm a warrior

I'm stronger than I've ever been

And my armor,

is made of steel, you can't get in

I'm a warrior

And you can never hurt me

There's a part of me I can't get back

A little girl grew up too fast

All it took was once, I'll never be the same

Now I'm taking back my life today

Nothing left that you can say

'Cause you were never gonna take the blame anyway

Now I'm a warrior

I've got thicker skin

I'm a warrior

I'm stronger than I've ever been

And my armor

is made of steel, you can't get in

I'm a warrior

And you can never hurt me again

Lay your head on me

As I fall to sleep

Put your arms 'round mine

Stay here by my side

We're the lucky ones

Only just


other's leave

too young

Were's the lucky ones

Until your eyes can see

I'll be all you need

Put your hand

in mine

Stay here by

My side

We're the lucky ones

Only just begun

Other's leave

Too Young

We're the lucky ones

Promise me no matter how the years change yeah

eyes dont see

You perfectly un-perfect just like you are meant to be

and all through our lives I'll be yours say you will be



we're the lucky ones (we're the lucky ones)

only just


other's leave so young (other's leave oh so young)

But we are the lucky ones

we are lucky ones



This is called Left Behind.

come on take a ride with me

we'll put some gasoline in this truck

I'll fire it up, you let the windows down

Like there ain't nobody in this town but us

That's good enough for me

But that's only in my dreams

I watch the moon run

the sun

out of

the sky

to dream about us

for just one more last night

and for the rest of my life


I wouldn't mind having you

By my side

Oh, The Miles

That I would drive

To be right in a front of what i left Behind


Oh, The Miles That I would drive

To be right in a front of what i left Behind


Spy on me baby use satellite Infrared to see me move through the night

Aim gonna fire shoot me right

Aim gonna like the way you fight (come on girls)

you found the secret code I use

to wash away

my lonely blues. No I can't deny or lie cause you're there, Only wanna make me fly.

Sexbomb sexbomb you're my sexbomb

You can give it to me when I need to come along

Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're my Sex bomb and baby you turn me on.

Sex bomb sex bomb you're my sex bomb

baby you can turn me on

Tell me now

Turn me on (3X) Baby you can turn me on


Juicy fruit from your head to toe

Shake that thing like you just don't know (hit me with that)

Damn! Oh my gosh, oh my days! Who's that fine pretty pretty young thing

Damn, oh my gosh should I think out loud

What can I say? Sexy and you know it

so bootylicious let me (mumbled)

ahw bada boom bada bing what that grown underneath my

awh let me know let me know your name and give me that (mumbled)

you're just so contagious

I mean it so outrageous (So thick it makes me) Wanna scream!!

You should never taste so sweet on my lips when you shake a temper in

Shakira hips, see I can stand here all night long so turn your freak on. Put them juicy fruits all over me

Here we go

ooh baby baby that Oooh

Come in come in with that, ooh baby baby Oooh come on

Cause I know that want me

Shake it to that kool-aid You can hit me with that juicy fruit all over me you cant call me that




Come and get me with that , Ooh Baby, baby cause I know that you want it

Shake that goody goody and hit me with that juicy fruit

All Over me



There worst things I could do

Than go with a boy

or two

Even though the neighborhood thinks I'm trashy

And no good

I suppose it could be true

But there are worse things I could do

I could flirt with all the guys

Smile at them and bat my eyes

Press against them when we dance

Make them think they stand a chance

Then refuse to see it through

That's a thing I'd never do

I could stay home every night

Wait around for Mr. Right

Take cold showers every day

And throw my life away

On a dream that won't come true

I could hurt someone like me

Out of spite or jealousy

I don't steal and I don't lie

But I can feel and I can cry

A fact I'll bet you never knew

But to cry

in front of you

That's the worse thing

I could do



Just stop your crying It's a sign of the times

Welcome to the final show

Hope you're wearing your best clothes

If we never learn, we been here before

Why are we always stuck and running from

The bullets?

The bullets?

Just stop your crying It's a sign of the times

They told me that the end is near

We gotta get away from here ,Ohh

We don't talk enough

We should open up

Before it's all too much

Stop your crying, baby

It's a sign of the times

We gotta get away (6x)

I'm gonna fight 'em off

A seven nation army couldn't hold me back

They're gonna rip it off

Taking their time right behind my back

And I'm talking to myself at night

Because I can't forget


Back and forth inside my mind

Behind a cigarette

And the message coming from my eyes

Says "Leave it alone"

Waoooohhhh Ooooohh



My Love,

my darling

I've hungered for your touch (yummy)

Are you

still mine? ..... no

I need your love

You open out there?


I need your love

God speed your love


And time

Goes By

so slowly

And time can do so much

Are you

still mine?

I need your love


I need your love

God speed your love

to me

ImJust ganna close

my eyes


I'm A dreamer

Love life and laughter

is all I believe

My saviourMy saviour

is pure now

Because my lonely heart would bleed

I never learned how to hold love

And stay strong to me

Now I close my eyes now

And I’m dreaming right where I belong

say yeah

say yeah

Here we lie all alone am I dreaming Your heart’s smooth my soul is unbelieving Now you see the me and I’m feeling I’m feeling

I feel your hands and your lips and the heat of your body Whisper your love to me say that you love me Please just love me down and never leave me

I’m a dreamer