top ten best soccer players in the world

anti fanboy alerts this top is based on

the last best FIFA awards and recent

players achievements don't get

distracted even for a second

since all the Aces of the king of sports

are in this video number 10 Harry Kane

this position is for the captain of the

England team since they finished fourth

at the 2018 World Cup and the hurricane

won the Golden Boot an award for the

player who scores the most in the

tournament in 2017 Harry Kane was the

best scorer even surpassing Messi by

shooting 56 astonishing goals in 52

games the 26 year old striker also had a

good 2018-19 season with his club the

Tottenham Hotspur finished second in the

Champions League and fourth in the

Premier League adding up to 22 goals in

total four of them wore headers so he's

a player to bear in mind during the

current season 9 the ties delete and the

Hooven - central defender receives the

pass the 20-year old dutchman ties

delete is a prodigy and a true obstacle

to the opposing team

it's clearly exasperating in 2016 he

made his debut for young IAC's known as

the ix2 but it didn't take long before

his talent was recognized and joined the

IAC's in April twenty nineteen the

defender shot the winning goal against

Hooven tus to send iakhs on to the

semifinals of the European Championship

much was said about whether or not he'll

sign for Barcelona but Hooven - finally

recruited him for 75 million euros

however his season opener in the second

half of 2019 has been difficult due to

some bloopers that don't let him earn

the fans affection number 8

Eden Hazard this place is for the silver

ball winner at russia 2018 and the

captain of the belgium national team

eden hazard the fact that the former

Chelsea star is in this position shows

that pro players must be very

competitive to stay on top season after

season Eden Hazard is the striker who

shot one of the two goals against

England that resulted in the Belgium

team finishing third at the last World

Cup after that in May the Duke won the

UEFA Europa League following a four to

one win with Chelsea over Arsenal in the

final in which Hazard scored twice but

after leaving the English team and

debuting for Real Madrid last September

hazard has gone through a slow adaption

process with fewer goals

he barely shot a goal after his first 10

games with the whites

number 7

Frannie's is jeonga the style of play of

the Dutch Franny's de jeonga has no

match after possessing the ball he

starts to overpower his rivals make

staggering passes and occasionally end

the game with an unexpected shock


the midfielder had an excellent

beginning of the year debuting for

Barcelona although his first goal as a

Barcelona player was eventually in

September he trained at Willem 2 but was

soon signed by iyx where he became an

extraordinary duo with like of whom I

already mentioned in this top or over

they both led iyx to the Champions

League semifinals which is why their

current teams recruited them number 6

Kilian Imbaba speed reflexes and

precision are some words that describe

the moves of the dubbed donatello

gillian buffet is a true artist on the

field at the age of 21 his reputation

spread during the 2018 World Cup where

he was awarded best young player and

shot the fourth goal for France in the

final ensuring victory for his country

against Croatia by the age of 14 Kilian

joined Monaco where he played until the

first half of 2017

in September the same year he scored in

his debut with PSG by March 2018 he shot

30 goals in Ligue 1 which earned him the

European sports media silver shoe in

2019 psg-1 Ligue 1 again which makes him

Bob Athey

three-time champion of this tournament

in his current season Bolton Ligue 1 and

the Champions League he hasn't stopped

scoring and his performance keeps you

looking forward number 5 Santi Oman a

new single ease striker Satyam na is

placed in the middle of this top he led

his national team to the last World Cup

and his Liverpool's number 10 a shirt

that has also given him the nickname sad

10 he is currently playing in three

leagues the Premier League Super Cup and

Champions League without slacking at all

he has stood out by scoring in each of

them Real Madrid showed interest in

signing him but sat 10 has stated that

he want to stay at the Reds until he

retires during the first part of 2019 he

was essential for his team to win the

Champions League and also placed second

on the Premier League's amazing number

for Mohamed Salah if Liverpool's number

10 was fifth place now number 11 is in

fourth place quickly from Egypt comes

the Pharaoh Mohamed Salah at age 27

Momo Salah has been in six different

clubs with joined Liverpool in 2017 to

achieve worldwide recognition besides he

was a key element for Egypt to qualify

for russia 2018 and the top scorer of

his country during the qualifiers he

didn't play a big role in the World Cup

and only shot two goals that didn't save

his nation from being eliminated in the

first round but last season he scored

one of the goals that made Liverpool win

the Champions League and got him the

freer League Golden Boot alongside Saudi

Amane and Arsenal striker Pierre Obama

young with 22 goals each

number three Cristiano Ronaldo what

Cristiano is in third place and not

first or second

that's how FIFA ranked him on the best

2019 Awards after breaking all records

in becoming Real Madrid top scorer with

450 goals in 438 games the legend of the

whites transferred to Hooven twos in

July 2018 upon this real aces decision

and 150 million euros as a transfer fee

his performance on goal average has

changed during the last season from

scoring 1 per match to just half however

this doesn't mean cr7 didn't play an

important role during his first year

with Hooven tus to crown his team with

the Italian Supercup by scoring the

winning goal in the final against Milan

likewise Juventus won the series a in

which Christiano Ronaldo was the best

player of the tournament in 2019 he also

became the first player to shoot 125

goals in the Champions League and the

first to win 100 games in that

tournament cr7 has had an exceptional

first year with Juventus showing he can

do perfectly fine outside Real Madrid


bonus Megan Rapinoe before moving on to

the second position let me tell you as a

bonus that the best women's soccer

player is the American Megan Rapinoe

midfielder and striker of the rain'

Football Club as well as member of the

United States women's national soccer

team in 2019 the United States swept the

Women's World Cup in which rapido was

awarded not only the Golden Boot as the

top scorer but also the Golden Ball has

the best player number two

Virgil Vandy Liverpool has taken over

this top it can't be has it ever

happened to you that they're about to

score a goal to your team and you wonder

where's the pause button well Virgil

Vandy comes at those critical times


you're looking at the best defender of

the moments after Liverpool won the

Champions League Virgil was awarded the

title of best player in the 2018 did 19

final against Tottenham besides he was

named UEFA men's player during the same

season due to his performance with such

a unique style that ruins the best

timing for scorers and he was also the

premier league player of the season in


is there something this guy isn't good

at some sports media compared him with

his compatriot delete who is nice place

in this hub and say he'd catch up with

him in defensive matters well the young

Ruben twos player still has some tricks

to learn from this relays


sorry bopping number one Leonel messy it

was a tough competition but there can

only be one first place and if someone

must take the gold due to his recent

performance that is Leonel messy without

a doubt but why is the flee number one

although the captain of the Argentine

national team and its players didn't

play a large part in Russia it was an

awesome season for the also captain of

Barcelona in his club let's start from

August 2018 when Barcelona snatched the

Spanish Supercup from Sevilla and Messi

won 34 titles with the Catalan club dnl

was the world's best scorer with 51

goals in 2018 even surpassing Cristiano

Ronaldo who at 49 in April 2019

MRSA was the winner of the Spanish first

division where the Argentine was also

top scorer with 36 goals Liverpool

eliminated Barcelona during the

Champions League semifinals nevertheless

Messi took the title of best scorer of

the tournament or over he's gradually

accumulating goals of the Champions

League and La Liga Santander you should

never lose sight of the Argentine since

it can only result in a score if you get

distracted even for a second Messi

hasn't stopped collecting awards and

achievements so he has proven to be the

best in the world did he be able to stay

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