The Best Smash Ultimate Players in The World


our adventure to discuss the best means

of every single character in Super Smash

Brothers ultimate keeps chugging along

with our seventh entry in the series in

this edition we'll be talking about the

players who around the world have stuck

out and shown that they are the best

players for these characters which

include Mewtwo Roy kromm game and watch

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start talking about the best Mewtwo main

in the world said Kai Zheng Kai from

Long Island is probably one of the

newest players to the game that will be

covering throughout this series they got

their start in 2018 near the tail end of

smash for playing Mewtwo cloud DDD and

Ike Zheng Kai barely attended any IRL

events but was active enough on a Wi-Fi

side to be ranked 17th on the Wi-Fi

warrior ranking version 2 that covered

the last six months of competitive smash

4 but once we moved into smash ultimate

Zheng Kai's long list of characters was

eventually shortened down to just Mewtwo

that concentrated practice not being

split between four different characters

instead having it to be used on one

almost certainly aided Zheng Kai's

ability to obtain the title of best mute

to an ultimate while that in the former

best Mewtwo player in the world STX from

Buffalo New York

first switching mains to PT and Joker

before dropping the game altogether I

say that not to undermine the title that

Zheng Kai clearly owns is the best as of

the writing of this video

I say that's acknowledge that Zheng Kai

still has a long way to make a bigger

impact in ultimate community as a whole

and that his character has been shown to

not be a limiting factor and for others

but as I was kind of alluding to Zheng

Kai still lacks big hallmark wins on

this ultimate resume he's for sure got a

few solid placements for someone at his

level though with a 17th at tri-state

showdown a 49 that frostbite 20 2017

that overclocked 4 and a 60 5th at

glitch 8 Zheng Kai has gotten to the

point where he's pretty consistently

reaching top players in bracket but

losing to all of them take that 17 that

overclocked where his two losses came at

the hands of lights Foxx and Ling

speech two names instantly recognizable

to ultimate fans or is more recent 49

that Frostbite 2020 where Zheng Kai was

eliminated by two top 50 players nairo

and Salem

so in short zheng kai's competitive

smash journey has only just begun but

now if the spotlight shone on him it

reaches its first major crossroads

well Zheng Kai rise to the occasion to

show the world that the circumstances of

one character's choices are relevant or

will we see another rise to grab the

crown of Ultimates best Mewtwo next up

for best ROI in the world we've got a

battle between two PGR players just four

spots away from each other

goblin and cola for them we're going to

just compare the 20/20 results to see if

goblin has been able to uphold the for

ranking gap post-fall PGR or if Cola has

caught up to him well first start off

with Goblin the current ranked number 40

second best player in the world from

Florida first out let's make big moves

goblin was robbed of a deeper run than

17th in the bracket losing to Rafi X and

Waddy following that at Gator land he

was brought home a silver medal beating

Rit Dye epic Gabriel and winning two run

backs against Florida's Yoshi mange a

mafia and losers before dropping two

sets to epic Gabriel's Rob Tampa really

sleeps isn't really too important for

this debate as goblin beat everyone he

was supposed to and just lost a Sam

Soren Salem and route 2/5 goblin did

make it into top 64 at Genesis but had

to play glutton II exceptionally earlier

on in losers thanks to the Wario being

upset in pools by dak beau causing his

run to end at 33rd with his best win

being John numbers frostbite was rough

for a lot of players Goblin included

after being upset right outside of top

64 by void he was DQ'd out of the event

on loser side again not allowing him to

make up for his poor losses without any

notable wins and last before the IRL

Singh's hiatus he got knife at CEO

dreamland again failing to come in

clutch in the last game sets this time

falling to Florida's Diddy Arryn and

epic Gabriel's Rob once again overall

goblin did not start twenty20 off in the

right foot and was probably glad he got

some time to reset and grind

particularly the rob matchup during a

net play era but did Cola fare any

better in these three mouths yes very

much so

in fact I don't think it's even close

between these two even if cozier did

feature many non Roy sets than goblin

colas ear instead began off a gold medal

at kumite finishing the event up to one

in sets against fatalities Falcon while

also picking up

against cat alongside the largest cut

from the prize pool next we have the

worst performance of the year which was

getting a 13 that glitch eight with

toast being the only win of note he took

before losing to the buzz and Rafi X

which honestly might be better than

goblins best twenty20 event : a much

better job at weathering the storm at

frostbite being able to defeat cosmos

and riddles before losing to

heartbreaking game five sets against

nairo and elegant then on the last day

of February kolja added another gold

medal to his trophy case with a dominant

win at clash of the Carolinas

defeating the buzz are Fang toast and

Waddy twice to win the event and to run

up the score even more over goblin Cola

has a silver medal at CEO dreamland

where before being eliminated in the

bracket by ZB and Sam Sorek he beat Mars

gackt epic Gabriel Segal Joe and ZD in

the run back so I think you could see

for yourself that Cola has clearly

snatched a title away from Goblin is the

best Roy main in the world with this

incredible events that he's had so far

in 2020 but the current pause and IRL

events may end up icing up colas hot

streak while giving Goblin time to find

the magic that was lacking earlier on in

the year but it's still 100% colas

standing tall at the moment as Ultimates

best Roy main unlike other echos we've

glossed upon previously in the series

the differences between Roy and Crom are

significant enough to make sure we've

put a pit stop to talk about the best

Crom main in the world

this one is yet another battle between

two big names rivers and mr. R this

one's not going to be too based off

pretty recent results let's start the

player who was able to make the fall PG

are you mister are the European only

barely managed to sneak on as the 44th

best in the world slipping down eight

spots from his spring PG are you and

despite mr. art being a top 50 player

throughout both of the ultimate seasons

players may be unfamiliar with his

recent results due to the fact that he's

underperformed since the start of the

fall PG re season with one notable

exception that standout event that

helped carry him was the S tiered evil

2019 where the Dutch player finished

with a 13 place picking up his biggest

wins of the year over fourth ranked

nairo 15th ranked T and 30 second ranked

elegant beyond that it's a sea of


sixty-fifth over in Japan at uma var SP


on his home turf at Syndicate 2019 and a

rough 97 fest Super Smash Khan losing to

cells from Indiana and STX

that retired me to mean we talked about

earlier and although massage and

quite had the chance to redeem himself

outside of Europe in 2020 quite yet the

performances at home don't vote too well

for that happening in the future

seventh at fight night 3 losing to both

Tareq and I studies greninja's fifth at

Valhalla losing to space and rising star

and European Samus main quick these

events both make it seem like mr. arse

days as Europe's second best player and

potentially the best kromm in the world

could be numbered as standing in the

other corner is rivers firmly known as

show you James New Jersey native has

fluctuated from the second to the sixth

best player in a PR of one of ultimate

strongest regions rivers currently sits

at fifth best in New Jersey on the

latest entry behind Leon check all nairo

and sweet which means in just about any

other region in the world he'd probably

be number one but due to a dramatic no

side from the spring PG are you season

where he was ranked as a game's 18th

best player he wasn't ranked globally at

all in the fall despite the strength of

the players he'd meet at locals he

interestingly enough only put up three

really notable wins across the fall PG

ru season as well with rivers wins

overcome a me at Congo saga Singhji at

tri-state showdown and mr. e at play

with heart and when we go to look at his

performances throughout the fall we

definitely see the results of a player

that's far from top 20 but overall I

really don't think that they're

tremendously bad let's run through the

major ones real quick 13 fests which

fest beating Hikaru and losing to Joker

and MBD 9th at tri-state showdown losing

a game 5 set to tweak and being

eliminated by juices Falco 17th at the

players ball Invitational which is

probably the worst performance here

losing sylvania and Ram second at play

of heart beating Pandaren ouch and mr. e

while being double eliminated by Niko

and lastly rivers finished off the year

for 17th at Congo Saga losing to Nayar

and a buzz while beating Larry Lehren

calm Amy before exiting the bracket

pretty much every loss tears to a

notable name and there's also some

quality non PGR wins there to boot again

I can completely see why this resume

results in rivers not making it back on

the PGR in the fall but honestly think

his 2019 looks better than mister ours

especially if your value and consistency

more than Peaks

mr. arse Evo run for sure trumps every

single performance on rivers resume from

the second half of 2019 but it's a huge

out layer when placed next to his resume

for the rest of the year so on a very

counterintuitive choice based on what we

expected to go with coming into this

section our pick for the current best

crimina in the world is still the

unranked rivers over the curve

the PGR mister are if you're someone who

generally values peaks over consistency

I for sure I think that it's reasonable

that mr. R is the one that you hold a

crown too instead so I'm incredibly

curious to hear who you guys think

deserves it more so let us know in the

comments below to absolutely no one's

surprise at all

we've got Meister as the best game watch

mane in the world many players have

picked up the character as a pocket

secondary in the wake of his massive

recent success but no one quite does it

just the same as a kid from Mexico the

story of his meteoric Rises yet another

prodigy from the Mexican smash scene is

a long and interesting one that will

probably won't be getting into here

because a recent video dedicated to just

talking about Meister written by Austin

we will do an extremely abridged version

though Meister started entering smash 4

tournaments in 2017 and made his first

real huge splash winning combo breaker

in 2018 without dropping a set and

defeating ECM and John numbers on his

road to first this alongside a few other

solid events earned him with the 44th

spot on a final smash for p gr and 81st

best of all time in a smash for lists

mice who starts Ultimo's all over the

place with highs featuring a third at

full bloom and smash factor 8 along with

lows featuring 129th at genesis 6 this

high variance made him just barely

missed a spring PGR you only make an

appearance on The X Factor survey and

flying under the radar of most casual

Ultima fans but in 6 months my sister

became a household name

much to the chagarin of Game and Watch

haters with performances like 5th at

Super Smash Khan 3rd at big house 9 and

a third at Congo Saga he continued

bringing down the heat in 2020 before

events were postponed already having

wins over Sam Sora tweek glued to me the

buzz and dark wizzy in just a few months

again this is an extremely synthesized

version of the Meister story and be sure

to go check out the full thing just

after you finish this video and that's

another entry in the best main series

for the books be sure to let us know

down in the comments below on how you

feel about our picks in this part

especially with those two contentious

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