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the top five teams in the NBA right now

according to yours truly let's go to

number five on the list give it to me

Duncan's Wow did you see him last night

against those Milwaukee Bucks even

though it was without Yanis answer to

Cooper did you see Jamal Murray in that


did you see the Joker do you see Barton

and the rest of this crew oh by the way

the Denver Nuggets quietly have been a

top three team in the Western Conference

full season long they still got that

altitude in the mile-high City

chances are you gonna have to go through

them unless you're the Lakers or the

Clippers in LA did the will have home

court advantage against everybody else

look out for the Denver Nuggets it is

time we pay more attention to them and

give them their respect let's go to

number four - let's give it to me the

reigning defending NBA champion Toronto

Raptors y-max

even without Kawhi Leonard these

brothers are still over 20 games over

500 over 25 games over 500 Pascal siakam

is it all soft calories leadership Van

Vleet kids still play along with Ibaka

and the rest of the crew this is a team

that hasn't faded hasn't fallen off the

wagon it's about five consecutive

seasons and Counting that Masai Ujiri

team has won 50 games but because you

know that's what they're gonna do this

year as well don't ignore the Toronto

Raptors they're definitely a five time

five top five team in the NBA let's go

to number three and let's give it to me

right here the Clippers why because of

Kawhi Leonard that's why because of Paul

George that's why because of Doc Rivers

that's why because as they've told me on

numerous occasions we got five dogs on

our squad and I don't mean dog in a

negative capacity I'll talk about the

positive capacity they got Rough Riders

they're going for the championship

they're going for it all they know they

deserve to be the favorites and here

they come there are definitely a top dog

top three team they ain't top to toe

give it to me the Milwaukee Bucks why

because they got the reigning League MVP

that's why they got a great coaching

Mike Budenholzer that's why they got

trees on their front line

to prevent anything in the interior they

are a top to defensive team in the

National Basketball Association

you've got to score to win games which

is why you don't do too much winning

against the Milwaukee Bucks this year

let's go to number one and let's match

you know where I'm going

motley you know where I'm going no leg

show because LeBron James 35 years old

17 season still playing like a league

MVP Anthony Davis top Bob dude or the

planet oh by the way not only did they

fall by beating Milwaukee and the

Clippers over the weekend both of them

by the way what other guys have been

showing up plus they just acquired

Markieff Morris

dion Waiters they are the team to watch

out for the Lakers are the number one

team in basketball right now

I would love to disagree with this list

when you had the Nuggets five I didn't

think you're gonna have the Raptors

there that is literally my exact order

as of this moment because the Lakers

coming proud of me you're learning

you're lucky because coming off the

weekend they took the Bucks and the

Clippers no excuses I thought the

Clippers were flat but whatever Lakers

have had the best record in the West the

entire time and they just beat the

Clippers what can you say that said this

is not my list in terms of who I would

have championship favorites

I would flip-flop the Clippers and the

Lakers but as of right now how they play

Power Rankings regular season I don't

know how you could argue with that you

have the Bucks ahead of the Clippers

though even though you've been so

bullish on the well I mean if you look

at the ring when the Clippers are at

full strength I like them more than the

Bucks even though the the Clippers are a

better matchup for the Bucks and the

Lakers or I think the Lakers are worse

matchup but the Clippers frequently

haven't been at full strength so since

we're just talking about where they are

in the regular season how can you argue

with the team's gonna win close to 70

games let me ask you this where would

you have your Miami Heat

that you were high on when I asked you

earlier who could give the Bucks a tough

climate I have him as a top eight team

in the NBA I don't think they did they

deserve to be placed ahead of the

Toronto Raptors based on what's

transpiring in the regular season

remember I give Toronto credit where

they do in terms of their

accomplishments but I'm looking at

I am me as it pertains to the

specifically going up against the

Milwaukee Bucks styles make fights

styles make matches and I think Miami's

style is better suited to go up against

Milwaukee I think they'd have a tougher

time against erupt because that defense

band plays on the Freak Stephen a if I

asked you if you change this from Power

Rankings regular season 2 finals odds

finals up how would the list change in

other words I would have Clippers wanted

I would have I would have Clippers won I

would have Lakers - I would have

Milwaukee 3 I think I would have the

same thing again I think the Lakers you

or a bad matchup for the Bucks no no no

no no the Clippers deserve to be the

favorites I'm still not giving up on a

lake as knocking them off but the

Clippers are definitely a better team

collectively but the Raptors and Nuggets

would drop out for me I don't know if

I'd have either one in the top five if

we're talking about title favorites

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