Trucking : The best trucking company to start

first things I'm gonna do well it's a

trial by channel okay this is talk about


I'm trucker Brown the first thing I

really want to do is get the obvious

things out of the way knock them out

okay so we're gonna knock out the best

companies to go to on the truck Brown

channel today


boom this list is my list okay it's not

a scientific list is compiled by data or

there's some weird algorithm that I've

used to you know to get this list this

is just a list for me being out in the

streets for seven years been hired at

most of the companies and kind of you

know hearing the scuttlebutt which is

cheddar for trucker that is and then

coming to you and telling you from my

best experience what are the top five

companies that you should look into when

you first get into trucking that's what

I'm gonna do today now I would say it

depends when you're comp it depends on

your that conversation depends on what's

going on your life at the time if you

came into the game like I did and I

didn't have any anything I was

completely broke I didn't have my

license for that long different things

like that child support issues unstable

work record things like that I didn't

have any of those things together so I

probably wouldn't have got into your

upper tier starter companies so where

did I go I went to see our England now

there's a couple of companies at this

starter company with problems area

there's a couple of companies that will

take you I'm gonna name them real quick

CR England crest covenant ABS Pierce is

gonna kill me Abilene these are a few

companies the Tam Stevens sometimes but

they're they're little they're little

iffy but yeah Pam Stevens and that's

about it then you're gonna go to a

higher tier company so your first rate

companies then that first rate where

your bottom tier companies are probably

gonna be your CR England your Pam

they're gonna take the people who need a

little bit of extra help getting to the


want to pause



we need pins so there's not happen again

it's for district oculus since Sidious

Jesus Christ change coming naked on the

flannel 1 2 3 action 1 2 3

action I don't even want to say that

their bottom tier companies they're just

companies that are set up to basically

bring people in who may have a few

issues and things like that now when you

go a little bit about that that's that's

about the fifth the fourth level and

what it would it will probably be

something you would have to think about

in divisions okay so if you're somebody

that has you know a few issues but not

many this may help you out you can do

different divisions not just the main

freight carriers you can do stuff like

you could do stuff like with dump trucks

dump truck companies are a little less

lenient on who they bring in

they're also local you get to go home

and everything like that they though you

may not make as much or you may make

more depending on what what what state

you're in but some people would consider

them not to be the top tier job to go to

me personally it's a simple job they do

make decent money for better than what

you're coming from the streets to coming

into trucking so it can't be against

that another one that you can plug it

into is the container stuff the

container jobs they're really not that

hard to get into

to be honest you'll be able to get a

little bit of Road legs but the way the

Container jobs work places like any

transport I notion Eider has a few of

them I don't know if they're gonna be

easy to get into but they're you know

you have to take the load from the place

you drop it off take it from the port

and the ship or intermodal drop it off

at the place then you have to drive the

empty back so it keeps you going back to

wherever you got hired at like that like

you're not gonna be like being I'm a

reefer so if I take a load I'm just gone

like and then from there that load can

go from Alabama

to Oregon it from or again you can go to

Vancouver are straight down to

California not what the port is gonna

keep bringing you back and they're a

little less lenient than your higher

tier companies for you to actually be

higher once you go above that you're

starting to get into the UH you pretty

much have everything together you may

just have a little bit of job problems

or you may have of just few things like

that are you pretty much can go anywhere

you want to go and this level person

which is around the third or second to

the best it's gonna be your companies

like maverick Schneider you pretty much

have to have your stuff together to go

to these people and there's people that

love those companies so this is my

opinion because you could go to

Schneider and think it's the best thing

in the world

don't ever this is just an opinion

that's another thing too let's just

pause that for a minute

this is an opinion you understand

you may go there and have a better

situation I'm just saying I'm gonna give

you what my opinion is and what I think

is the top deliver is this and most of

the people who really watch me they

pretty much know what I'm gonna say but

you know there you go to your

Schneider's your uh Mavericks your your

Decker's yeah Steve and stuff like that

the reason why I say you know I don't

consider them number one cuz I for my

understanding they don't do a percentage

now I've never worked for those

companies that's just for me being in

the game a while and talking to a lot of

drivers so you would have to call them

and see if they do percentage but I

don't think they do and but but and

they're not particularly it's big I

think Schneider is pretty big but it's

not like it's they don't have as many

terminals the way I like it and a couple

of the different I like better terminals

you know at prime the terms of swanky

and they're nice and they're they're

spas and all type of stuff going on at

the terminals I don't really think these

places have stuff like that but I could

be wrong man anyone who works for these

one of the companies that just sit put

it down at the bottom and no problem

just correct me all right number one


laughs its Brian

okay I'm sorry it's prime why do I say

it's prime prime is number one because a

it's one of the hardest to get into one

of the hardest you have to have a good

driving record you have to you cannot

have long ports of your of your own your

work history gone you have to have

previous job

good good good situations if they get

some sketchy stories they will not hire

you while I like it you get eight

hundred seven eight hundred hours a week

depending on whatever whoever states

doing your taxes cuz it's sketchy over

there so we'll just say eight hundred

you get eight hundred hours a week

riding a training boat right off the

jump that is crazy you understand I

wasn't getting that when I came in again

I was getting maybe two maybe three

we'll even call it four that they have

child support so we'll call it four

hundred half of what they're getting to

do the students who are riding with

someone is getting a flat eight hundred

of month I mean a week for being a

sweetmeat rookie what correct my first

heard that I thought it was a lot

anything is real and so I got there and

started training with them and yeah it's

real I you know I seen seven sixty seven

twenty depending on their own back

paperwork situation they have eight

hundred a week then you go to your of

your training process which I heard they

extended when I was doing it it was

thirty thousand miles I heard it was

fifty thousand miles we have to check

someone who's training now Smitty vlogs

he has a YouTube channel go look at him

he'll know more about that um you go

through that they they when you get

there that they'll feed you

Revolutionary listen I didn't get the

whole feeding situation where I started

at they will give you these cards

because they have two cafeterias and

Springfield they have a cafeteria and

like the campus and they have a

cafeteria at the actual place and they

will give you a card to eat free

awesome yeah yeah pretty cool pretty

cool so I mean I had to take a moment

for that because that's I came in I

didn't have money to eat I was going a

day or so without even bumming food when

I was trading into the game that right

there would have made my process way

more easier so I really really that

really talked to me it really spoke to

me then from there the training when I

here I didn't go through my training

there but I trained their training is

very thorough then you come out of the

game you got two options you can go

lease or you can go company with prime

which I'm considering is the number one

company obviously but see their lease

situation is percentage a mega carrier

that's percentage it's not when you

start getting into the Lord's here like

Stephen sorry the Roger Stevens and all

the people there flat rate it's just you

run for $1 $15 $10 $8 20 no matter what

the load is paying you don't even know

what the load is playing music now

you're they put you in the position to

where you're chasing miles no not a

problem this is its percentage so you

could come up on it you know it's a

crapshoot you can come up with big loads

just off of by mistake you just get a

load from Texas to Washington that's

$4,300 like it can just happen at the

same time you can get a load from Texas

to Washington for 2,500 hours so it's

you know it's not just a flat like

period like you this is what you make so

you can end up with weeks that are

ridiculous so that that is why I

consider it the top tier the as far as a

mega carrier goes and you coming in with

what no experience I think personally

it's my opinion that the best way to

make some serious money first is to go

with the company that's giving you the

opportunity to make more money and I

think that personally is fine I do you

know because you can come in you drive

six six to eight months think it's eight

months now six eight months and boom you

can go right to training with that

percentage let me tell you someone who's

trained lease with percentage at

that's a lot of money but that's not a

listen I I don't work for prime I do not

have the marketing siphon from prime

from my understanding no one in the

prime office likes me let's get let's

get that out the way I'm not friend

maybe if they really do not enjoy me as

a person but the numbers are the numbers

okay the numbers are the numbers

regardless of our relationship it's the

best deal going when you first start as

far as a starter company coming in and

you're about to come into trucking and

you don't know where to go to prime if

you can okay if you can't listen there's

other tier companies I've told you on

this video that you can use but listen

as far as trunking goes you just come in

the game and don't know where to go or

who to trust

prime is the cat's meow it is man yeah I

don't want it to be like I'm not getting

no money for this do you understand that

nothing I'm telling you just as somebody

who's been doing this and observing this

while doing it it's the bee's knees the

cat's meow dude it's the wolf's vagina

it is a good situation for you when

you're first starting if you do not you

will regret it trust me

for your first year do two three four

you year one to year three if you can

you should try to be a problem that's

just um that's what the numbers are bad

I don't care now once you start getting

into buying trucks cash getting

authorities that's where I leave because

that's subjective and I've got no

authority or anything like that so I

don't think I should be talking about it

your new your rookie you're not even in

the game yet your first priority should

be trying to get all the primes that

should be the first thing you're trying

to do if you cannot there's other ways

to get around it go to one of the other

tier companies for six months or so like

that and then when you

your experience improve yourself you can

start going to prime after that but I'm

just trying to be as honest and trying

to get to you how my career would have

went different if I were to started at

Brown oh I always did a lot of time a

lot of miles a lot of hours a lot of

drive shifts a lot of money I probably

would have been able to get in because I

did have a sketchy work history so the

way that I went is I went through a

lower - your company first my driver's

license got some experience came around

the back end and got in that way that's

not a problem doing it that way

but if you have the opportunity to go

you should be going this is the best

situation for you if you want to be OTR

driver okay if you want to be an OT our

driver you want to have ability to make

more money and you want it's people that

that with with a network we made my

brother's shooter call it the Federation

with a Federation support the whole

country like no state they're not in it

it's the best thing for your oh it is

and this is not something words like

it's a video where it's like these

kittens I don't get any referrals for

this the people in the office I'm not

their favorite person

I'm telling you cuz it's true this is

truth and it's this serious because I've

been lost in this game

I have bro you don't know where to go to

company listen man if you go to prime

you work hard keep your nose clean

don't be crashing and all this stuff you

would that is the best situation from

you from year 1 to year 3 after that

you're out of my realm I don't you know

me personally I think you should just

stick with them if you're ready to be

honest but this game is a crappy game do

you understand me it is the worst so she

can live on my nose way i'ma do like it

it's one of them situations that I can't

express to you no more than this is

where you should start

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