Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of All Time

these are some of the all-time greats

welcome to take down our

picks for the top 10 WB wrestlers of all

time for this list will be ranking the

most popular and influential grapplers

to ever lace up a pair of boots and step

into the squared circle we realize not

all of these legends spent their entire

careers in Vince McMahon's House of

muscle but they will be viable for

inclusion so long as their music filter

WV arenas and their images were put up

on that time tron number 10 Randy Macho

Man Savage we know what you're probably

thinking how is Macho Man kicking off

our list and you'd be right that's just

a testament to how many talented

performers have stepped into a donut

ring not the least of which was this

show-stopping elbow dropping icon the

Macho man's intense promos were one of a

kind and his matches with the likes of

Ricky the dragon steamboat the stuff of

pro wrestling legend savage shined

during an era of giant performers and

slow lumbering matches bringing to WV

his accelerated weight great infectious

charisma and a character which could

work gangbusters as both a babyface and

a heel the Macho Man was truly one of

the greats

number 9 John Cena sure big match John

has been accused of burying

up-and-coming young talents numerous

times over the course of his illustrious

career but that doesn't take anything

away from the natural magnetic energy of

Cena as a performer John's early careers

signified that the dawn of W is a

ruthless aggression era during the early

and mid 2000s where Cena earned his

stripes as a promising rookie saddled

with an awkward fun gimmick as the

rapping doctor of lurgha Nomex Cena put

on good matches while honing his craft

waking up the ranks to eventually become

as The WB's most recognized star today

he's used that star power for good doing

charity work for the make-a-wish

Foundation while remaining a future WWE

Hall of Famer never rates

Daniel Bryan why

I know him as Bryan Danielson or the

American dragon there's no denying that

Daniel Bryan made his initial mark

within the pro wrestling in these

circuits Bryan was already an

underground star before jumping to WBE

but it wasn't a foregone conclusion that

he would enjoyed the same success in the

big leagues it took years of poor

booking and forcing backstage hands for

Bryan to emerge as one of the company's

biggest stars thanks mainly to their

desire to keep him down in the mid guard

the yes movement couldn't be stopped

however a Daniel Bryan has since managed

to overcome injury and destiny to become

a multi-time w e've world heavyweight

champion number seven

Eddie Guerrero what more can we say

about latino heat' himself Eddie

Guerrero the much missed superstar has

proven to be an influence upon countless

performers in the years since his

passing with young talents around the

world studying Guerrero's incredible

career he came from a wrestling family

and cut his teeth performing in Mexico

as well as with ECW and World

Championship Wrestling Eddie was already

a star from that promotions

cruiserweight division and he managed to

use this momentum into a transition with

friends Dean Malenko Perry Saturn and

Chris Benoit over to dub dubby

furthermore Guerrero was able to

overcome personal demons with a

triumphant W beat championship win over

Brock Lesnar at No Way Out in 2004

cementing his career in front of the

entire world

number six Ric Flair there are many

wrestling fans out there who have argued

that Ric Flair is the greatest of all

time and they're not wrong it should be

said however that flag didn't need the

WB to make him a star because he was

already stylin and profilin in the AWA

and NWA

long before he made his debut debut in

1991 that doesn't mean the flag didn't

have some amazing matches during his


in the company however such as the time

you won the 1992 Royal Rumble after

debuting and number three all his

association with the evolution stable

plus his iconic retirement match with

Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24 in

2008 was a true classic and must-see for

anyone interested in the pathos of pro

wrestling as a legitimate art form

number 5 the Undertaker out of all the

wrestlers on this list this just one who

truly seems to personify W B as a brand

mark Callaway aka the Undertaker has

managed to reinvent himself in numerous

times while remaining a homegrown WB

Star Wars and a locker room leader The

Undertaker has evolved from a mystical

monster heel into a conquering dug baby

face from a demonic cult leader to a

badass biker all the while capturing the

imaginations of the WB universe for

generations the dead man is delivered

countless classics with the likes of

Triple H Shawn Michaels and mankind the

latter of which made world headlines

after take it infamously tossed him off

a cage during Hell in a Cell 98 often

imitated but never duplicated there will

only be one Undertaker now before Bret

the Hitman Hart

the excellence of execution had

wrestling in his blood with the Hart

family siring a multi-generational brood

of professionals and performers in the

industry his quick and technical style

helped define the WB's new generation

era where the big and burly performers

of old were being replaced by a younger

and more fast paced breed of performer

the hit man always delivered the goods

whether as a tag team with brother and

Lord Jim the anvil Neidhart

to his single success as both

intercontinental and dota me heavyweight

champion body slams and clotheslines may

have defined the business in the 1980s

but Bret Hart helped mark professional

wrestling as a technical exercise with

real athleticism and charisma number 3

the rock Dwayne the rock Johnson is an

International names a day but it was

with w/e where the former Rocky Maivia

found all of the talents which would

make him a certifiable superstar the

rock made an art form out of the

pro-wrestling promo for a performer

delivers a monologue to fear that the

storyline of their character

Johnson kids all can ad-lib with the

best of them and this enabled his

character to mature from a generic

babyface to the most electrifying man in


was rocky a great technical wrestler now

but he delivered where and when it

counted and transcended his industry to

become a worldwide icon number two Shawn

Michaels just as the rock was a genius

at delivering promos so too was Michael

Shawn Hickenbottom aka Shawn Michaels

adept at another one of the pro

wrestling basics selling the tomb

basically just means to sell your

opponent's offense in order to achieve

the proper level of drama and

physicality for the match Shawn Michaels

could sell a car with no wheels to your

local auto dealership without batting an

eye so innate was his skill as a

performer sure Shawn's reputation as a

backstage politician is legendary but no

one's effect and the man has delivered

so many five-star matches over the years

that it's easy to forget any of the


the Heartbreak Kid is a true WB legend

before we name our number one pick is

some honorable mentions



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to business number one

Stone Cold Steve Austin he was for many

the performer who personified WB's

lucrative Attitude Era a period where

the business was as violent crude and


as television would allow Stone Cold

Steve Austin had audiences eating from

the palm of his hand from the moments

where the iconic shattering glass sound

hit and as music filled the arena

Austin was an accomplished and

believable badass on the mic and an

underrated performer in the ring selling

his opponents offense while delivering

his classic Stone Cold Stunner finisher

to pop crowds around the world if

there's any one WB performer who can be

labeled as genre-defining it might just

be Stone Cold Steve Austin do you agree

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