Who's the BIGGEST NFL player of all time?

the NFL is no stranger to massive humans

the average size of an NFL lineman is

six foot five three hundred and twelve

pounds standing next to an average man

that is downright scary

even though big dudes are stuck doing

the dirty work battling in the trenches

and often forgot about they have been

the producer of some of the most iconic





now after discussing the fastest and

strongest men in NFL history I decided

to look into the biggest and tallest men

to ever play in the National Football

League but before we get started I gotta

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journey to finding the biggest player

ever we must first define what big means

I have separated this into two separate

categories height and weight let's start

with height to be tall and play football

is just asking for a knee injury in fact

Shaquille O'Neal said that he loved

playing football until another player

hit him in the knee one day and it

totally changed his whole mindset that's

why when I think of the tallest NFL wide

receiver ever Harold Carmichael I can't

help but be impressed standing at 6 foot

8 3 inches taller than Calvin Johnson

Harold Carmichael to me looks like Kevin

Durant a football uniform but even at

that frame Carmichael was incredibly

graceful he couldn't be stopped on high


passes and he was lethal on the bubble

screen to stand out this much still be a

four-time Pro Bowler

and play till he was 35 I don't think

we'll see anyone quite like this dude

again in the NFL but then again there

was Eddie too tall Jones


I'm skating guestimate standing at 6

foot 9

edie too tall Jones was a former

basketball player who after playing two

years of the collegiate level decided to

leave the team to concentrate on

football Jones wasn't only good he was

on an entirely different level after

becoming a two-time all-american he

would go number one in the 1974 draft to

the Dallas Cowboys within five years

Jones had become a force and helped the

Cowboys win Super Bowl 12 he then left

football to become a pro boxer where he

holds a perfect six no record with five

knockouts he had left football for two

years when he decided to rejoin the

Cowboys and he ended up making three Pro

Bowls in a row after returning he

claimed that boxing had made him a

better football player but in the

question of height Jones's 6 foot 9

frame isn't the tallest player of the

NFL has ever seen

at an incredible 7 feet 0 inches

Richards sly is the tallest NFL player


well technically as a member of the

Oakland Raiders in 1967 sly was mostly a

backup who only played in 8 games

he then never played another season in

the league perhaps a better example of

the tallest player who actually made a

difference was Morris Stroud Stroud was

a tight end for the Chiefs in the early

1970s and he became mostly known for

trying to block filled goals by standing

underneath the goalposts and jumping up

to deflect the ball as it came down the

NFL eventually did away with this and

made a rule similar to basketballs

goaltending and it became known as the

Stroud rule

I feel like this strategy would have

never worked but anyways now it's time

to look at our other section


William the refrigerator Perry against

Manute Bol sleek Thomas players to ever

lace it up in NBA history there might

not be a more famous big guy in NFL

history than William the refrigerator

Perry Perry was a rookie when he came

into stardom during the Chicago Bears

run to the Super Bowl in 1985 the story

goes that when defensive coordinator

buddy Ryan refused to play Perry at even

to tackle his regular position head

coach Mike Ditka decided to play the big

man at fullback



after scoring a few iconic touchdowns

Perry became known as the heaviest

player to ever score a touchdown

ever since then perry was essentially a

1980s NFL meme whether it was his own

song or a celebrity boxing match perry

proved to be a fan favorite

he played ten seasons in the league but

the only thing that he's really

mentioned for was playing fullback that

handful of times during his rookie

season and he has one of the best

nicknames ever as far as weight

teammates joke that perry was quote one

biscuit shy of 350 pounds but for what

he truly weighs he was somewhere between

the 315 to 335 range

apparently he reached as much as 380

pounds at one point as far as his place

in NFL history the fridge ranks out it's

approximately the fourth heaviest player

the league has ever seen at the top we

have Terrell brown and Aaron Gibson they

both weighed in at over 400 pounds

Terrell brown who stood a 6 foot 10

inches probably qualifies for the

biggest frame with his height and weight

but he never made a pass training camp

Gibson on the other hand actually played

he started the entire 2002 season for

the Bears at right tackle he had become

the first NFL player to be officially

listed at 400 pounds just to get an idea

of how massive this dude really is he

always Vince Wilfork by just about 75

pounds that's the same difference

between Patriots starting center David

Andrews and Tom Brady speaking of

quarterbacks I can't finish this video

without mentioning the hefty lefty sadly

Jared Lorenzen the iconic big man

quarterback have passed away a few weeks

ago the man was only 38 years old many

of you have probably seen the video I

made about him a few years back but if

you haven't Jared Lorenzen was the

people's hero playing at just about 300

pounds in college Lorenzen became a

legend at Kentucky setting many of their

passing records overcoming the odds the

and quarterback found his way into the

NFL although his NFL career was brief he

was Eli Manning's backup the year they

beat the undefeated Patriots in the

Super Bowl so technically he's an NFL

champion but because of what he did in

college and going viral for his

appearance in an arena football jersey

jared Lorenzen is the perfect

representation that big guys can have

skill to we're never going to forget you

Jared you always be considered a legend

in the game of football

rest easy big man