Meet The Most MASSIVE Quarterback In NFL History


and rex grossman is someone they've

looked at apparently tyler Thigpen but

somebody raised their hand on twitter

and tweeted out a photograph of himself

as a north kentucky river monster in

lime green saying i look good in green

and he's also played in the new york

football market with the giants you're

about to witness the man who makes Big

Ben look small so in my video about

David Tyree

here he is jogging off the field after

that amazing catch

well the first person he runs into is

the backup quarterback that man was

Jared Lorenzen aka the hefty left knee

by the way

this dude is literally the Jackie moon

of Endor football

I'll explain that later Jared Lorenzen

played college ball at the University of

Kentucky he was actually the predecessor

to the former number one overall pick in

the couch

the haeppy lefties freshman year he

weighed in at 308 pounds before the

season and the coach wouldn't allow him

to play until he was under 268 pounds

he eventually slimmed down and four

years later he would go on to break a

bunch of school passing records but it

wasn't enough to get the man drafted he

did sign as an undrafted free agent for

the New York Giants when he signed he

was a big dude at the time six-foot for

285 you don't see too many quarterbacks

weighing in at that size I mean JaMarcus

Russell was only 260 well his career in

the NFL didn't amount to much he does

have a Super Bowl ring but as far as his

plane time in his NFL career his very

first NFL play was a QB sneak on Thurman

won his second career play the exact

same thing he was basically put out

there to move the pile and so Eli

Manning wouldn't get hurt he only played

in four NFL games his passing stats for

his career he was only four of eight for

28 yards no touchdowns or interceptions

pardon the bad quality but the play of

his career was probably this

after the Giants won the Super Bowl they

ended up cutting the Rennes in the

biggest problem was he couldn't keep his

weight under control

everybody knows Coach Coughlin it's kind

of stickler about some certain things

but I got a funny story finally we get

our food at the end of the day like if

we get ourselves some big old chicken

breast fried chicken mashed potatoes and

I got them in bags for us I pick up my

bag and I'm welcome back out the locker

room and coach happened be walking by

the same time I was grabbed my bag

looked at me laughed told me I wasn't

allowed to have it I was too big Tom

Coughlin's the Giants Asst coach had

weight limits for every player the fine

would be $400 a day for every pound they

went over Lorenz ins limit was 292

Wayne's were on Friday so Lorenzen

wouldn't eat on Thursday he would spin a

bottle all day to get rid of water

weight and on Friday morning he would

put on five shirts and a hoodie plus two

pairs of shorts and two pairs of

sweatpants he would then bacon a sauna

and basically kill himself on an

elliptical machine and he would barely

make weight after the Giants cut him the

Colts looked to give him a chance but

when he stepped on the scale he weighed

in at 303 pounds Cam Newton weighs about

50 pounds lighter than that and the

average NFL lineman was only 10 pounds

heavier than he did at the time well he

never played for the Colts so his NFL

career was over but this is where the

story really gets interesting here is

where Jared Lorenzen relates to Jackie

moon even if you don't know who that is

it's still pretty funny in 2011 the

ultimate indoor football league was

trying to make a name for itself so the

dude became a GM of the Northern

Kentucky River Monsters and while he's

putting together his team he was having

a hard time finding a quarterback well

the GM of the River Monsters would also

be suiting up as the team's quarterback

14 games and 81 touchdowns later he was

named the league MVP and shortly after

this dominant season he was named

Commissioner of the league Wow imagine a

Roger Goodell Jerry Jones Matt

and hybrid I mean it is only a semi-pro

League but it's still pretty crazy

honestly that would be a pretty sweet


to be honest the pillsbury throw boy

could move

he was pretty nimble but he got huge

after his NFL career he was listed on

the team's roster at 320 pounds yet

every single report I read online said

he weighed a lot more than that he

apparently hadn't stepped on a scale

since he was in the NFL a few years back

sadly later on the hefty Lefty's career

would abruptly end after suffering an

injury but his legend lives on as the

heaviest quarterback to ever play in the

NFL when he played for the Giants and

they played in a stadium he'd never been

to he was take a ball in warm-ups and

fire it into the upper deck he hopes

somebody up there would remember him as

a College Football Hall of Famer for his

accolades of Kentucky and after going

viral for his highlights for the River

Monsters he looked like