Universe Size Comparison (fictional)

from tiny to colossal to infinite the

makeup of our universe can be hard to

comprehend in the comic and anime world

there are pretty huge characters some

being equal in size to the planets while

others are so big that their dimensions

aren't even measurable you're joining

the SL made bad way rankings and today

we're gonna break down the biggest

characters in the universe first let's

start with the smallest the smallest

known particles on the earth are called

fundamental particles then we have the

smallest virus ever found and it's

dimension is 3.2 nano bytes then we have

Ray Palmer aka the atom he can shrink

his body up to eight micrometers okay

let's have a quick size comparison up to

our number 10 Hank Pym tiny giant micro

man r2d2 Optimus Prime anti-monitor

Ultraman Giganta Godzilla apocalypse

beast okay now here's the real deal

Mount Everest is eight thousand nine

hundred meters long but the Empire's

Death Star is nine hundred thousand

meters long next we have ego the Living

Planet that is approximately three

million meters long let's get to the top

ten number ten


wizen he is one of the eight guardian

generals in acerous wrath he can change

his form to an incredible 25 million

meters in size that means he's larger

than our moon and twice the size of the


number nine Midgard serpent he is the

second child of Loki and is one of the

arch enemies of Thor his true form is

big enough to circle the whole earth he

is approximately 38 million meters long

number 8


Unicron he is the eternal arch enemy of

his twin brother Primus in his planet

form his height is 90 million meters

number seven think of me as one from


the Beyonder beyonder he is virtually an

i omnipotent entity he can shape-shift

warp realities and create matter out of

nothing his highest recorded size

manipulation is 102 million meters in

size number six Living Tribunal the

second most powerful being in Marvel

multiverse he is Nayan 'no 'putin he can

manipulate his size to planetary level

his recorded height is 100 million

meters number 5 Specter he is the wrath

of God having near unlimited might he is

said to be weighing eternity and his

highest recorded size manipulation is at

127 million meters that means he's 10

times bigger than the earth number 4 I

sent you here to draw out the one person

I deem worthy of being my new Galactus

he is the devourer of worlds

his powers are nearly omnipotent his

normal height is twenty eight point nine

feet but with his ability to increase

his size he can gain approximately a

height of 300 million meters

you know what's bigger than that it's

the Sun with a height of 1 billion

meters do you think our Sun is the

biggest well you're wrong

it's the uy scuti star the largest star

ever discovered and it is 2 trillion

meters long that is million times bigger

than our Sun can you imagine a being who

is even bigger than the biggest star

well at number three we have getter

Emperor he is the most powerful of the

entire getter robo universe his height

is an incredible 12 trillion meters well

what could be bigger than him our solar

system with the diameter of 15 trillion


our Milky Way galaxy of nine quadrillion

meters next is huge LQG the largest

quasar group ever found with a diameter

of an incredible 38 septillion meters

number two

super Shenron

the second most powerful being in the

Dragon Ball universe with near

omnipotent abilities super Shenron can

effortlessly gulp down planets in a

single bite in his true form he is 38

septillion metres wide enough to cope

the whole Milky Way galaxy well what

could be even bigger than him any guess

see this paper do you think it's bigger

than him actually it is what happens if

you fold this paper 100 times the paper

thickness would take on 123 septillion

meters in height

crazy right and next you will find the

observable universe it's calculated

diameter is 880 septillion meters in

fact our number 1 is bigger than the

observable universe and it is super

tangent op occur and laggin meet the

most powerful form of Gurren Lagann in

existence a god-like entity that is 50

2.8 billion light-years tall which means

he is one octillion meters long not only

that his Giga drill may be the largest

object you may ever find its height

stands at an incredible 15 octillion

meters well there you go

the top 10 biggest what should be our

next rankings let us know and tune in

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