Mark Lester on Being Michael Jackson's Sperm Donor | This Morning

it's been almost 15 years since Michael

Jackson was acquitted of child

molestation charges but despite being

found not guilty a new documentary which

is set to premiere at the Sundance Film

Festival next week no today today it's

the film today is said to future to

fresh allegations of child abuse and as

the news provokes fury within the

Jackson State we're now joined by

Michael's close friend and that is Mark

Lester and Michael you and he became

friendly because he was a great fan of

the film Oliver of what you hear yeah

the principal role

yes that's correct yeah and was that I

flatter him was that for you oh is

immensely flattering like the biggest

most famous pop star in the world who's

asking to see me because he enjoyed the

musical so much were you very young were

you that age that we see in the picture

there when he asked me Joe how old were

you when he no no no I was about 18 19

years old he I got a phone call and it

was his manager and said would I like to

go along and Mike would like to meet me

so yeah okay of course and so I told my

sister about it and she was like they're

jumping up and down massive fan can I

come can I come so I took my sister

along with me and we were taken by

stretch limo which back in those days

was like wow to this huge London hotel

we had a entire floor we have led up

through all the security and sort of

nervously knocked on the door and I

wasn't quite sure it's going to expect

to see on the other side of the door but

Michael opened the door he was just

wearing a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt

and said hi I'm Michael gave us both a

big hug when in what we thought was

gonna be about 20 minutes we were there

for about six hours well you're very

supportive of the man you knew and you

and I were talking before we came on air

as to you know you feel his only real

crime is being naive in many ways but

this this documentary leaving Neverland

it's the Sundance Film Festival we'll

also see it on channel 4 later in the


for our documentary and it centers on

two men James safe Chuck and weird

Robson they're in their 30s now they are

claiming in this film they were abused

by Michael Jackson when they were 10 and

7 years old mm-hmm III know I know

neither of those guys III you know I

can't comment on on that but I mean I

can only tell you about my experience

with Michael and my family and visiting

Neverland several times spending

Christmases with Michael spending lots

of time with him when he came to London

and this awful allegations I mean it's

just not the mayhem that I that I knew

why do you think these allegations come

to light because these were these men

both previously had and testified in his

defense and said that they weren't

abused by him and now they've come out

yeah they also say they were brainwashed

by him that is their defense no they say

they were brainwashed I don't know I

find that quite hard to believe and you

know having as you said testified before

and I understand if you testify I think

you know there's a element of you have

to tell the truth so I would suggest

that that probably was the truth and I

don't know why now this has come forward

well I do know why well the the Jackson

estates say this is yet another lurid

production in a night raid just a

pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in

on Michael Jackson the so called

documentaries just another rehash of

dated and discredited allegations the

filmmakers say if there's anything we've

learned during this time in our history

it is that sexual abuse is complicated

and survivors voices need to be listened

to but you see the point is we don't

know we weren't there but what we're

trying to get from you of course is why

was the man and his actions open to

misinterpretation and why do these

accusations persist that's the thing I

understand what you're saying about you

know sexual abuse and there is an awful

thing and there's a lot of stuff that's

I think still going to come out not

about Michael that and other people and


so but with Michael there was a genuine

naivety an innocence about Michael which

it's very hard to explain did you ever

talk to him about that and say look this

connive naivety I'm wanting to be around

children you know it never Neverland

which is like never growing up you ever

say to him very easily this could be no

he didn't get that he just didn't

understand what you know in today's

society it is not really acceptable to

behave in the manner that he did having

try and make him see that it's very

funny because when you're when I was in

his presence UK the all that kind of all

that stuff fell away it was like he was

irrelevant because he was said he was an

ethereal beaming is it's such an

innocent man but it must had an effect

on him surely a man said I get upset did

he talk about how he definitely was very

deeply disturbed by the 2005 court case

that affected him deeply because it was

it was a trust that was betrayed a

friendship that was shattered with this

boy that he saved from cancer took him

into his house and then the whole thing

was turned around this is jordyn

shambling know I think this was Gavin

Arvizo oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my god

I want to ask you this um you you say

that you were a sperm donor from Michael

Jackson and and you've said I did give a

sperm donation to Michael I had four

children and he said how do you do it

why I mean hi what we mean how do you do

it well yeah that's kind of I think

again extending his naivety I think he

knew how to do it but yeah I think he

was going on the fact of why I was so

fertile and what was the secret I

couldn't answer that but well he so when


student said would you be a sperm donor

what did you think and you're the only

person here who's been uri geller to

name a few I think there were maybe I

didn't know 20 people I don't know I was

quite you know I thought it was a joke

at first so I just said yeah okay Mike

whatever that was he and Fairchild in I

know I didn't think so

why would he need a sperm donor well

exactly this is why I thought it was a

joke but then a child is born as a

result of that and are any of Michaels

children do you think of your genetics

regardless of who the so-called

biological father is was or whatever you

know Michael raise those children as his

own but do you mean that Paris there may

be physical similarities you think

between yourself and Paris well what I'm

saying is from your point of view it's

that much stranger view if you realized

you were the biological father of that

girl is that not weird for use there not

a connection it was it was was something

that was given and discarded and you

know Michael brought those kids up but

you never did he never tell you whether

he'd used like the sperm eat all

throwing it in anyway

yeah but you you have your Deitz I don't

know a man I don't know yeah all in all

this this movie comes out and again you

will be talking about this again because

when it hits channel 4 in the spring and

that's also an HBO box-office and it was

like the accusation so there the the the

Jackson estate obviously we've said

refute all of this but is this gonna be

this like the legacy of this man or will

it be his music and his immense talent I

just wish it was his is his a talent a

genius musician to be tarnished by all

this this this rehash of nonsense I mean

it's awful I mean the man was an

absolute genius probably the biggest pop

star of all time

Elvis Michael Jackson and a few others I

mean they

just an incredible man and do you are

you in touch with his family do you know

how they're feeling about this no sadly

no I haven't spoken to them but I should

imagine that they would be angry they

would be saddened by when you say sadly

were you ever friends with the family oh

my gosh yes I mean we spent extensive

time yeah my girls my son and with with

Michael's kids they spent Christmases

together we spent I mean when Michael

came over to the UK's he'd be lived in

just outside him in Clevedon for three

months so so when you say sadly lost in

touch so has that relationship changed

or since Michael's death well I went

after Michael died then of course the

children were very very young and they

were kind of put into some sort of

protection I think from the outside

world whatever so there was a kind of a

wall up that and I couldn't penetrate

and would you like to in the future get

back yeah I'd love to see the kids again

and my daughters especially my two

younger daughters would were very close

to to Paris and they would you know love

to reconnect and to just find a point

Mike and how much do you miss him


well you know every time I switch on the

radio you know you only have to wait ten

minutes and Michael's song comes on and

you know it's it's it's very very sad

that a wonderful human being was taken

so early and yet of course miss him

I thought I might Lester thank you very

much indeed all of that that's at the

Sundance Film Festival this is a new

documentary for our documentary it

premieres today there and it's called

leaving Neverland

and features two men who now in their

thirties who claim they were abused by

Michael Jackson you heard

mark Lester's account of the man he knew

and he has great doubts over those

accusations thank you very much thank

you very much