The first Jesuit pope

so Francis is the first-ever Jesuit to

become Pope a development that stunned

church insiders but most of us aren't

church insiders so you might be

wondering what's the big deal Ron

Charles is here to explain that for us

Ron Peter Jesuits are not meant to move

up the church hierarchy they are

supposed to be on the move in the film

the mission Jeremy Irons plays an 18th

century Jesuit priest Robert De Niro his

sidekick on a dangerous trek through the

Amazon to bring Catholic teachings to a

remote tribe there's a reason this is a

popular image of Jesuits when Saints

Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier

founded the order four hundred and

seventy years ago its mission was to

send priests to far-flung regions to

preach and educate so it's very

important technician step Jesuit

theology professor Jill monjo says

that's why Jesuits rarely accept honors

as parish priests bishops or Cardinals

and probably why there's never been a

Jesuit Pope before all of us when we

make our final vows make a promise not

to accept honors the idea of accepting a

diocese or something like that it makes

stop it prevents us from being mobile

those mobile Jesuits developed a

reputation as Church philosophers

intellectuals and founders of hundreds

of educational institutions around the

world we like to talk and debate among

ourselves all the time our tables are

having dinner with us is an event it's

good fun but it's also trying to get it

the answer the Jesuit societies open

debate and questioning of some church

doctrine has occasionally caused

friction with the Vatican today's

Jesuits expect Pope Francis to follow

the Society's teachings and be a

listener and consensus builder this is a

man who moves differently and thinks

differently and acts differently so that

that way of understanding the church i

think is is now in the past the Jesuit

bringing a new perspective to the top

job will no doubt face big challenges

renewing in

institution that is very slow to change

Peter all right Ron thank you Ron

Charles in Toronto tonight