we still don't have a black disney princess movie...

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okay so my hair is different I got my

hair done enough said moving on so I do

have finals next week that's what I'd

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are quite important and so now I'm gay

now we did frozen that was a horrible

transition oh here's what social media

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so alas this is a get ready with me


so last night I this is terrible I was

bored and I was like you know what I've

been using Disney Plus mostly to watch

TV shows I also think my attention span

is like really deteriorating because I

there was a month I think the entire

month of November

I like only watched YouTube or was it

October so I was a month were like I

barely watch any TV sounds like yeah you

need to be able to sit through a movie

so I decided I'm like I'm gonna watch a

Disney princess movie I was like I

haven't seen any of them in like a

really long time

besides frozen to which I did whoo right

I did see which was incredible I haven't

seen them in a long time so I decided to

watch I was like let's watch one that I

haven't seen in a while so I decided to



there's a loudspeaker you know who y'all

I thought it was my time I thought it

was my time to go anyway I tried to

watch I was like watch Beauty and the

Beast why I don't know why I chose that

movie it's like let's watch the Beauty

and the Beast and I literally could not

get through more than 15 minutes I was

like this is terrible I'm sorry a PD in

your briefs is your favorite Disney

Princess movie if it is I think you need

to get your eyes checked cuz girl I was

watching that movie I was like where is

the plot it was what I was like this is


I know it's for kids don't come in my

comments I'm like it's for kids suck my

ad I don't care

i watch kid things a lot and i was like

this was bored so I decided I'm gonna

talk with Disney Princess movies I'm

just going to because that's what I want

to do so I decided I'm like let's think

about Disney Princess movies as a genre

because I think it warrants its own

section of Disney like there are some

good things I can come on a Disney

princess movie like for the society as a

whole it like is like female

representation but we'll get into who it

actually represents and who it doesn't

[ __ ] write who it doesn't represent

we can talk about it in theory these are

all in theory in theory Disney

Princesses could help with

representation of their lives of people

they give incredible soundtracks I'm not

going to deny that incredible

soundtracks it's like something

appropriate for kids to watch because

with youtube and youtubers who are

literally crazy who aren't who these

kids literally love I hate it here

oh I hate it here oh my foundation

squirted everywhere I'm gonna be sick

anyway they're watching these youtubers

who like are delusional

they're role models so like this is

something like it would be appropriate

for kids to actually watch something

that's like not you know scary like a

Jake Paul or like a tanomo Joe like that

sort of nonsense they you they can have

a really good plot they can have really

good plot and they usually have some

sort of lesson that kids can learn that

kids need to learn and also like okay

the animation is some of the best

animation like ever and Disney and

Disney Princess movies like frozen's ooh

oof this shade doesn't match me it just

doesn't look like it um like grooving

frozen's animation or moe wanna mow

Anna's water animation which was

literally downright incredible ooh

that's a good movie so like that looks

good about these movies I'm holding I

got the frozen to collection listen I

order listen the middle of the night

literally a 3:00 a.m.

interesting interesting

no more that's that's unacceptable

anyway so like that's what's good about

does leave into movies and I get like

therefore but there's just there's just

so much there's so many more like

there's so much so many cons today's

movie is not consulate there's just

movies but like just bad things about

them there is little there's no

presentation but we'll get into that

like more later sometimes they have like

some of these movies have terrible

messages for like if for like children

like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid

are basically telling children you need

to change yourself for love and

affection like if I if I if you said

describe the Little Mermaid in

Cinderella in one sentence that sentence

I would give you she changed yourself

for love and affection because

Cinderella had to like I mean she was

being abused but that's a different

thing and The Little Mermaid got legs

like glossed her voice and got legs for

a man anyway and then may take sometimes

not like what Disney has done has taken

a real person like Pocahontas or Mulan

not more and Mulan and just turn them

into like a children's toy like

completely stripped away any sort of

history any sort of accurate

storytelling literally because they

wanted to make money

oh like that's sick like those are real

people and then there's some Disney

movies which I'm sorry are all basically

the same damn movie like Cinderella and

The Little Mermaid is changing yourself

for a man Beauty and the Beast and

Aladdin is like Beauty and the Beast and

Aladdin is basically the princess is

going on an adventure with someone who

is who they you would think of being


so I'm like Beauty and the Beast it's a

literal animal and then in Aladdin it's

like a poor thief because she's like a

princess or whatever so like and then

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are just

boring movies like what those movies are

so I'm sorry

I'm sorry Sleeping Beauty's animation is

incredible like I will I will give it

that movie who is incredible to look at

I just mute it when I watch and I think

that's why people if when they're like

my favorite princesses are like this is

such a dumb video whoo but like I'm very

passionate at that subject they seem to

put like tangled Moana or frozen into

their top three because I think those

have the most unique plots that stand


tangled is very similar to Aladdin so

that might be the only thing where you

might have a disparity with me but like

there's nothing out there that's like

Moana there's nothing out that it's like

frozen and frozen to y'all if you are

caught I don't care how old you are you

need to go get that movie I don't care

how old you are please please I'm

literally begging you please go see it

and go let's see in that movie that

movie it included the best parts apart

that made me really happy

when I was watching it I was like this

is supposed to be a children's movie

they're supposed to be for children

what is it teaching these kids that's

what I want looked as that's what I

watched it in the lens of it's like

trying oh this is almost

of like trying to figure out if this is

a children's movie what are they

teaching our children not my children

because of you anyway it had it was a

little bit darker which it took into

account but these kids are most likely a

little bit older and need to be eight I

need to learn different things the songs

the songs mm-hmm

they're still there they they were able

they were able to do their thing I also

think that the message one of the

messages in the movie when the main ones

was about like growing up and how it's

okay to grow up and I think that is a

really great method for children this is

a dumb video but I don't care and so

like the princess has them cells are

usually so boring like the actual Disney

Princess like described in the

personality Cinderella described to me

her personality there is none that's why

I think when you have people who's your

favorite Disney Princess they'll name

like Oh actually I'd never asked someone

that question I think I'd have before

though but like they usually will say

like they'll usually say like tangled I

don't know her name is Pocahontas no

Rapunzel I'm so sorry and they'll be

like Elsa or like they'll say The Little


I think Ariel is pretty boring but like

that's just me and so their personal

eyes are just suck that's why these

that's why the movies are bad you don't

have a interesting main character how

what what like what's the point and then

part of the like appeal of these movies

I think also is that the fact that they

are a cartoon I think that adds to the

whole it's more missed if like mystical

and mysterious and people are able to

like really imagine like really grasp

the fairy tale aspect of them once in a

cartoon that's why I think these live

actions they're doing are terrible most

of them are most of them not all of them

are just bad the Mulan live-action is I

read up more about it and they're doing

it it's more it's a more accurate

storytelling that's why they didn't

include the songs they're kind of like

right there

wrong they're probably still gonna not

do very well but that's what the purpose

of the Moulin movie is which i think is

a very which is like good and that leads

me into my major issue with Disney

Princess movies Disney has done one of

them oh my god

Disney has done one of the worst jobs

one of the literal worst jobs at

representation in their movies have

y'all looked have y'all looked at a bill

list of Disney Princesses and their

movies this is an insult this is an

insult and injury I could spike it sue

let me set my under eyes before I just

literally start saying complete nonsense

this is unacceptable I want you to right

now like I need you I need you to be

with me go right now while I be with and

look up Disney Princess movies and how

do i PO way too much powder on I need to

look it up could I need you to be fully

aware of how many they how many there

are and what they look like Disney took

real people real people

Pocahontas and Pocahontas and Mulan are

real people I don't think Pocahontas was

named the real person's name is actually

Pocahontas but it's I don't remember but

I think I did read something about that

they took literal real people and turn

them into Disney Princesses could the

audacity the audacity to take someone's

literal real story ah my nails they're

not even long I'm a child so I didn't

get I didn't mind much I don't I don't

want I don't get along else they took

real people and turned them in the

Disney Princesses

I want you to imagine that for a second

and I'll get into why we we have to

imagine that later and like people take

okay so I went to elementary school in

Oklahoma so this might be a reason why

as well we would we watch Pocahontas in

class like it was a historical fiction

movie like we watched it when we were

learning about Native Americans in

elementary school social studies concern

very large concern that is what that

what that it's terrible and I'm I'm

almost I don't know if this is 100%

correct or a good memory

I'm almost remember us watching Mulan as

a sender of historical fiction as well I

could be wrong but like that's not too

far flushed through the school that I

want you like that is messed up

I'll get on my last topic which is the

one that makes me the most

Kamal sadae say literally in roached

with rage as in like it literally

overcomes me and I can't believe so if I

get really angry during this part and

get over it

sorry that's that was rude but like I am

still waiting on a black princess movie

because we currently don't have one we

don't have one The Prince and the frog

has a black princess but that is not a

black princess movie she is a frog for

the majority of the movie think about

how she is not a human being for a

majority of a major motion picture she

turned into a frog a frog an amphibian

just turn it okay anyway and this rage

is the bigger question are black people

allowed to exist in cartoons our number

will get into up level out to exist in

movies in general but

she was turned into a frog a black woman

couldn't be a black woman on a in a kids

cartoon movie for how long does move

like an hour and a half she wasn't

allowed to exist as a black woman in

this movie the black people movie

weren't allowed to exist as black people

they had to be literal creatures whose

hero literal lives in the water what

what and mystics I've been seeing I saw

3 yesterday where I was like because

that new movie soul was coming out next

summer and then movie with Tom Holland

which I will see and Will Smith um so

y'all best like in a week or something

and like he turned into a freakin bird

and then soul a black man turns into a

soul she loses his his body and becomes

a literal figment I won't just think

about that that is terrible you know

bring it down bring it down bring down

not a single other princess had to be

turned into a freakin amphibian not one

no no Cinderella got a pretty dress and

got a freaking haircut so we get finally

so we can't even still see your ears we

never seen at Loehmann's ears I'd have

questions I have questions Belle got a

mansion got an entire courts grounds I

also got an ice castle literally she got

to rule the the ice nations of the

Tundra's and Chiana gets turned into a

frog in order to learn the lessons

they're supposed to learn in order to go

on the event that they're supposed to

learn a lesson in she gets turned into a

frog well they get houses pretty dresses

what does that say what are you trying

to say I have issue what are you trying

to say to me what are you trying to say

to nine-year-old little black girls what

are you trying to say

that's my question

and it's like in as we've seen a lot not

like a lot hold on we've seen like a lot

in my adult movie that black people are

usually only given because there's such

a limited amount of like movies of black

stories coming out a lot of ones what we

see how like relate to like slavery or

literally like please brutality we don't

see a lot of just black people on screen

and then in spinach when we're in kids

movies we're always like it a not human

we're like another animal or like a

figment of imagination what in TV shows

were like the sassy black best friend

the what so what what's the point what's

the reason

so yes I'm still waiting on my Disney on

might well have a black princess but I

don't have a black princess movie from

Disney no I do not

I'm literally still waiting on one I'm

what I will wait forever if I have to

because that movie does not count that

movie does not count and you're

literally not gonna convince me


so yeah but the end of this yeah so I

say to my video um thank you for

watching I hope you enjoyed it

who's your favorite Disney Princess if

you say Cinderella you're literally

getting blocked I'm sorry

oh yeah that's I know my video thing

guys wants for watching I'll see you

guys in my next one bye bye