Who are Edmure Tully and the Blackfish? - GameSpot of Thrones

hello and welcome to a brief clip from

this week's gamespot of Thrones if you'd

like to watch the full video head over

to slash gamespot so the

show's writers are dropping really

clumsy heavy-handed hints that the

tallies are going to have some kind of

big resurgence and have a big part to

play in the latter half of this season

um they keep dropping the name of the

blackfish who's retaken Riverrun and

they've also just you know hidden years

alive you know hey kids remember me nope

no we don't know who are you no I am I

remember idea but it's you've been gone

a long time so I thought it'd be helpful

to have a little refresher in why these

guys are so important so I start with

the blackfish himself he's been seeded

the longest I think so he's Brynden

Tully he's Catelyn Stark's uncle the

younger brother of hosta Tully who's

captain's dad and he's a distinguished

night and he's been married to the job

he's quite been a successful military

tactician um but he's never married so

and even though his brother has set him

up with some fine ladies he loves the

fishes he's he's the black so hid the

reason he's called black fish is because

he's the black sheep of the family and

because the Tully's love fish he's the

black fish and it's stuck it's also the

name of a very harrowing documentary on

netflix about sea world but so he's

called he's got the blackfish uh and in

Game of Thrones as we seen him he's been

he know he counseled Rob back when rob

was leading his king of the north king

of the north stuff he's eventually you

know quite unsuccessful king of an old

stuff and he warns catlin just about how

slippery and how dangerous Walder Frey

is so basically he's the only Tully

who's been speaking since yeah that's

what makes him the black sheet yeah yeah

um he's also like the world's luckiest

man Vickers at the red wedding he drank

too much and needed to pee and managed

to escape at the exact moment that the

massacre started what a time to go for a

piss just perfect do you think that was

a coincidence a lit I don't know maybe

he's got like some fish sense that tells

him like he was just so scared like he

was wetting himself is not good

okay gotta go um I don't know in Game of

Thrones I don't believe in coincidence

anymore I like to think that he I don't

know would he know like even if you did

know we know what I mean if he's if he's

already warning people duh you know

Walder Frey is not a wholesome dude like

he might be getting a feeling like I

don't let this man I gotta go and I go

pee on a tree he heard the rains of

castamere Nia's like I'm out peace no

but rains he was like oh you be loopy

flushing meadows uh so where he's been

in the last couple seasons he's been

rebuilding the Tully army and as we know

from Littlefinger who's a trustworthy

source for a change uh he's taken river

run back the homeland of the Tully's

from the phrase which is awesome so we

also know the Brienne of Tarth is on her

way to go and treat with him and trying

to support for son Cesare me up in the

north but what I am thinking now is that

now we know that Jaime Lannister's on

his way is he gonna have men to spare

like I assume Jamie's gonna bring the

Lannister hordes they're gonna have

whatever support is left from the phrase

I don't know if he's managed to make

build that many men yeah I'm not too

sure Eva I mean no one likes the phrase

either even the Lannisters well as

they're meant to be allies and the whole

reason like phrase were like oh I'm

gonna kill your enemies in one fell

swoop Lannisters because he was meant to

marry my gross door and now he's not so

screw those guys but maybe like you

mentioned Brienne mmm we saw Brianna and

Jamie get quite close mmm don't you dare

take no no no no no they're just they're

just good friends they're just good

friends David they became quite quite

friend they had a mutual respect region

yeah so if she turns up at the same time

maybe her and Jamie can work something

out like we see we know the phrase have

got a demure and the whole point of that

him they're having him is to use him to

break the siege hmm so that there's a

lot of characters in play all with kind

of their own agendas it's basically

gonna whose agenda is going to come out

up yeah speaking read me on let's have a

little brief reminder of him so he is

catlins brother and he's been as we

found out kept in a dungeon for the last

three seasons so he is you remember he's

the kind of more hot-headed emotional

Tully I guess they all are to a degree

but when when their dad died when hasta

died he had to you know like the the

funeral pyre on fire with a bow and

arrow could do it just kept missing so

that's when Brendan actually got

involved was like give me that he's a

little bit ashamed of his nephew in his

hotheadedness um so he's technically

ahead of house Tully and when Robb Stark

all he needed to do was marry Walder

Frey's daughter to secure that treaty

but instead he pissed him off and

married what was a name to Lisa Connie

remember whenever I think about I just

have that flashing image of the red

wedding in in Game of Thrones they have

the weird bedding ritual which is like

everyone being like yeah you're gonna

have sex and like he you know picked her

and Roslin Frey and admire and took them

up to their bedroom and then they just

captured him so he's just been sad there

I always assumed they'd killed him yeah

yeah Sam um so Edna is now bargaining

chip unless you're busy yeah it doesn't

seem it doesn't yeah this doesn't bode

well for him I mean is anyone else gonna

really kill I do it before you're dead

already so um tell me camera i know i

guess like house Tully though they are

they have strong family ties but also I

think Littlefinger might care yeah

because if Littlefinger they all grew up

together so if little fingers aware

which I'm he probably is yes everything

I see him he's gonna at least maybe send

the night of the veil there maybe that's

why because Santa's already refused his

help so maybe he helps out there first

and then secures that Alliance and then

the orgo up so is this whence answer

refused the troops mmm is that white

thing little fingers sewed like oh by

the way blackfish user so she knew he

should go that he knew he should go

there and in the stalemate that's going

to come from like the the black Fisher's

troops and Jamie's troops and the fray

troops like little things just gonna

step in with his army of like super veil

night like listen out I'd like to see

that happen