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ANOVA I can't see my size in the

late-1990s a website crops up onto the

internet feeding us information about an

urban legend known as the Blair Witch

following that a documentary giving us

insight about three film students who

went missing in the year 1994 all of

this came in the build-up for a new

movie known as The Blair Witch Project

the creators went out of their way to

make a world so close to reality it

caused moviegoers to question whether or

not the movie was real or fiction just

like usual I like to have a look at the

viral marketing campaigns that go into

movies and explore some of the Lord that

may have not made it into the movie

itself strap yourself in we're traveling

back all the way to 1999 to explore the

universe of the Blair Witch Project

on October 20th 1994 three film students

Heather Mike and Josh head into the

Black Hills forest to make a film

documenting the history of the Blair

Witch five days go by and they don't

return an APB is issued and they later

find Josh's car parked on Black Rock

Road just outside of the forest the

Maryland State Police launched a search

party of the Black Hills area but there

is no sign of the students it isn't long

before the search party is called off

and we don't hear about anything of the

students for a full year in 1995 someone

discovers a duffel bag found underground

in an old cottage that is believed to be

over 100 years old this backpack was

found in a sterile soil which is like

the bottom of the site it just you know

from there to the middle of the earth is

just dirt the original house at the site

had burned down and so there was a layer

of ash that was like sitting in the

interior of the house like the basement

so this this knapsack had been in

sterile soil with no evidence around it

of disturbance along over the top of it

was an undisturbed layer of ash and the

whole thing was boxed in by basically a

colonial-era wall that was undisturbed

even a forensic expert could not have

put that thing into the site without

disturbing the charcoal the wall or

sterile soil

inside the bag we discover footage

featuring the last few days of the three

filmmakers lives along with that we find

their autobiographies all found on the

Blair Witch website each one gives us a

whole backstory behind the three

characters and how each one ended up

filming this documentary with the other

two students but the most interesting

part about discovering the duffel bag is

the journal they found that was written

by Heather inside it gives some

explanations for a few of the

misunderstandings people have about the

Blair Witch mythos a few fans have said

in the comments on other videos when I

was doing research for this video that

the blow which will only harm you if you

trespass on her land she never tries to

learn anyone and that's why some people

are disappointed with the sequel to the

movie but that's incorrect the witch

actually chooses her victims very

carefully and lers them to her forest

where she can do whatever she wishes

with them in Heather's journal you'll

see multiple times the name elly kedward

mentioned this is the name of the Blair

Witch herself

according to the mythology section of

the website during 1785 they used to be

a small town located in Maryland called

Blair where a woman known as elly

kedward was accused by several children

of witchcraft they claimed that she was

luring them to her home to draw blood

from them throughout the documentary

however we learned that elly kedward

could have been using witchcraft to try

and save the town from disease that was

spreading throughout at the time the

story goes that she had bled few

children and by that pinpricks

probably because of some sort of illness

that she detected or something that

affect me unfortunately this was an era

when people did not accept any kind of

magic and when they found out what she

was doing they banished her from the

town they tied her down and left her to

die in the middle of the forest it

wasn't until a year later that all

children who had accused her had

mysteriously vanished along with the

people who participated in leaving her

to die a town panicked and quickly fled

the area believing it was cursed land

and decided to never mention the name

elly kedward ever again during Heather's

journal she mentions multiple times

about a connection she feels with elly

kedward the Blair Witch I can't explain

the kingship I feel with her she will

get through I cannot see how she can

avoid perceiving the energy I am sending

her way and have been for two years now

two years is underlined and even

includes a close-up of the words to

signify its importance to the story

maybe I'm obsessed in any case there are

worse things to be obsessed about she

isn't just deciding to make this

documentary because she found it

interesting she's creating this

documentary because something is drawing

her into the forest from my

understanding it seems that for the past

two years the Blair Witch has been

planting thoughts inside Heather's head

and was luring her into the forest to be

the next victim if you pay attention to

the mythology page and remove all minor

events and only include the times where

the Blair Witch has appeared and

kidnapped someone you'll notice it only

happens almost every 50 years okay not

exactly 50 years but there's always a

good 40 to 60 year gap in between

disappearances it's even mentioned in

the Blair Witch documentary and it

seemed like that

that this something happens about every

50 or 60 years to make the Blair Witch

theory continual something so minor that

could easily be overlooked as a

throwaway line but in fact could explain

why heather has had a connection between

the Blair Witch for the past two years

before Heather Mike and Josh went

missing in the woods the last time

someone actually went missing according

to the mythology Paige was back in 1941

where a man had religiously killed seven

children inside the forest we can find

short interviews of this man on the

Blair Witch web site and the documentary

itself this man was called Rustin Parr

he never really had a family growing up

and seemed to enjoy being by himself the

woods was a nice place for him to be

alone and away from everyone else so in

his early 20s he made the decision to go

off and live in the woods by himself he

built a home which was a 4 hours walk

away from any civilization and was

remembered by a lot of people in the

village at the time as someone who was

happy with his life choices however it

wasn't long after before he started to

see things Rustin liked to have long

walks in the forest and take in the new

sights that he may come across or just

watch nature go by although one day he

recalls taking a walk and sees a woman

in the distance he wasn't really

terrified he was just concerned on why

she was alone and wanted to know if she

was okay so he tried calling out to her

moving towards her asking if she was

okay but

before he got any closer thinking

nothing of it he went about his merry

way days began to pass and bursting

would still take his long walks

but sightings of the woman became much

more frequent after a few weeks of the

recurring sightings crusting knew

something was not right that's when the

nightmares began the sound of a woman's

voice appearing in his head and

torturing him he would wake up and

realize it was just a dream until one

day he started hearing the voice while

he was awake it lasted for a good few

years and the voice inside his head

decided to make a deal the voice told

him the only way she would stop is if he

would do exactly as she asked at this

point she had driven him to insanity and

he would do anything just to make her

leave so on November of 1914 she asked

him to journey down into the town and

begin kidnapping children taking them

back to his home in the woods before

religiously killing in 1941 he would

then walk into the town and just admit

to what he has done and the which

happily left him alone but by then it

was too late this is just another case

of le kedward choosing her victims

wrists impar moved into the forest in

his mid-20s he was 38 in 1941 and he

didn't start seeing the witch until a

few years before the killings meaning he

must have spent a good portion of his

time in the forest without being touched

or disturbed by the witch it was only

around the fifty year mark where she

decided to show up and begin tormenting

him and even then it wasn't Ruston she

wanted it was the children Ruston was

just caught in the middle of this just

like Josh and Mike if we go back even

further another fifty years or so tin

1886 a child known as Robin Weaver went

missing for several days causing search

parties to be sent out into the woods

but not too long after Robin actually

returned unharmed unfortunately one of

the search parties weren't

lucky after the group hadn't returned

for a few weeks it caused another search

party to head out into the woods in

order to find them and they did but they

were too late when the search party

discovered them they rushed back home to

get more help but when they returned the

bodies had gone she knew a search party

would come looking for him and those

were the ones that ended up being the

victims a couple of other stories take

place early on but nothing as big as the

ones I've covered and I think you

already know with the outcome it was all

planned these three film students

weren't just unlucky the witch lured

them into the woods just like she did

with several of her past victims she

chooses who she wants to take even in

the sequel she lures Heather's brother

by releasing footage of a house on the

Internet the Blair Witch Project did a

fantastic job at creating this realistic

world and even though the movie may not

hold up as well as it did back in the

past considering it's been officially

confirmed as fictional I think it'll be

remembered in a similar way to Avengers

infinity war it was more of an event

than a movie it's almost impossible to

capture how people felt watching this

film back in 1999 compared to how you'd

view it now because nothing like that

had really happened before so I will

always find it much more fascinating to

admire its point in history and

everything it did to get there rather

than just solely focusing on the movie


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