The Ridiculousness Cast Have ALL Fear-Bonded | Ridiculousness

now every single person on this stage

has shared a moment with me we've all

shared a moment of fear bonding alright

because we were all together when I

decided to flip that car for the Chevy

commercial right Sarah had covered it

for attack of the show on g4 and she

screamed just as loud as I did I'm

scared okay well let me just show you

what I did here you guys don't realize

is how truly scared I was okay and you

can really see that in my face


okay for an explanation

I couldn't line it up I could only line

it up perfectly with one eye one eye

okay but as you can see here I'm calm

and I'm focused go ahead

okay now real people


we call fear face this next category is

dedicated to this look it is called fear

face countdown to fear face


oh why are you even on there

I think I'm gonna unlock this and see if

there isn't something to cause a little

bit of fear face inside here



let me let you know right now if y'all

see this dude let him know he's not

allowed in the hood


look at you


Oh baby

short scared me more than anything on

that guy look I watched this video and

thought it was so cute over and over so

now when all I see is - man I can't even

look at if his legs look that scary in

his outfit can you imagine what that

baby's like

but here's the thing about getting a

fear face you can never get it if you

don't actually do something sketchy yeah

you know so this next category is about

those people that tried to do something

but it didn't quite happen oh failure to

launch here we go

the man will launch the star into the

river three feet that's not legal

you know right here's a no jumping son

trying to find the perfect word to

describe what's about to happen

awesome that's it


that is type a failure to launch

everything you wanted to do is move

forward that board got stuck and you

flipped six feet in the air go ahead let

me see let me see the full flip here let

me see what kind of distance he gets

height wise y'all right no I just felt

it feet to my head down for a little bit

we have two beautiful ladies on the

stage with us today let me ask you guys


the slumber lumber slumber party yeah

like 15 years ago what there's no such

thing as adult slumbering I mean you

guys don't like hey let's get five of us

together and watch The Bachelor yeah

I've created this segment dedicated to

the slumber party


glass or 24

put this way to break up the band by

your toes late night fitness kick it

smack your face slumber ballerinas with

really really stiff tough


rocki rocki

oh we're crazy


I didn't see that coming so does me okay

absolutely in appropriate this is the

end of the show but we'd like to take

the entire program and wrap it up in 30

seconds the high-speed recap