The Book Thief Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson Movie HD

Ami's diesel memory now I don't have a

family or even a place to call home

I never understood the meaning of the

word hope but I'm about to meet the

people who would change all that come

with your new parents no majesty

from now on you call me mama yeah and

that lazy kid over there

you callin papa

your first book oh sure this is yours it

wasn't always mine can't even read yet

go on read one word I'm not such a good

reader myself you know we will have to

help each other out I have something

very important to tell you this way see


this lens Max and it's out I need you to

promise me that you will not tell anyone

Stesha book wasn't always mine mama

they're coming they're checking

basements if anyone saw him they would

take you away from me and they cannot

tell you what they will do damn words

will inspire her if your eyes could

speak what would they say

courage will guide her you're hiding

someone aren't you can we trust her

she's a child she's our daughter hope

will define her

I can't do someone else you've kept me

alive don't ever forget that

you're stealing books why the knife

Rob's you sometimes have to rub it deck

words are life Liesel what those pages

they're for you to fill