Who's the Boss Cast: Where Are They Now?

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welcome to ms mojo and today we're

counting down our picks for the who's

the boss cast

where are they now i'm gonna tell you

the same thing you always tell me

yeah what young lady you march up there

and apologize

do you know what your problem is i'm

ahead of my time

how you doing bobby it's billy for this

list we're looking at the showbiz

careers of the who's the boss cast

after the show's end in 1992 any of

these bring back memories

let us know in the comments number nine

scott bloom samantha this is jessie nash

champion of the downtrodden hi it's nice

to meet you appearing only for six


bloom portrayed samantha's boyfriend

jessie nash in the fourth and fifth


that is really rich do you know what

your problem is

i'm ahead of my time bloom has remained

relatively quiet in recent years

with his last movie role being that of

fbi agent number three

and smoking aces back in 2006. however

bloom also co-created his own production

company called argonaut pictures

which produced a movie called welcome to

the rileys in 2010.

the movie screened at sundance and

starred the likes of james gandolfini

kristen stewart and melissa leo in 2019

he appeared as himself in a tv

documentary about the making of the 2001

movie don

plum which was blocked from release in

the u.s and canada by bloom's co-stars

leonardo dicaprio and toby mcguire

did i really upset you


you didn't really upset me because i

just have a problem with the fact that

you don't talk about it at all bro

number eight colonel achilles alecio

playing sam's eventual husband hank

thermopolis was colonel achilles alecio

who appeared in nine episodes throughout

the eighth and final season

uh hey having a job is like being on top

of the world

it makes a man feel like a man thank you

there's a reason to get up in the

morning and live

alicia would later leave acting behind

with his last major role being that of

sergeant gillespie and starship troopers

three in contact with general owen no

sir not even the transponder signal

it's these canyons go to higher ground

sir instead

alicia has taken to producing since 2010

he's produced a number of reality tv


including pretty wild the millionaire

matchmaker the prophet and

it takes a church you don't even have to

remove your heels honey

god took his time on that one his latest

project was downtown shabby

a home renovation show about frank and

sherry fontana fixing up rundown houses

they're ready for this get it girl now

feel it

number seven rhoda gimmignoni this

actress from philadelphia portrayed mrs

carmella rossini for 21 episodes

throughout the show

from the pilot to the series finale oh


you're not going to be anything like

julia catalano

who girl from a neighborhood a teacher

she's been looking for work for 36

months before her role in who's the boss

gemignani had already enjoyed a long

career in television

appearing in the likes of the bob

newhart show different strokes and full


my advice is don't clean anymore just


her most substantial role post who's the

boss is that of rhoda demuro and nbc's

just shoot me i want you to meet maya

hi mrs tamora it's so nice to meet you

oh it's nice to meet you too

are you wearing rouge since then

gemignani has also appeared as housing

services secretary in one episode of


and matt leblanc's mother mrs leblanc in

the first two episodes of

episodes hello ma

hello put your hearing aids in put your

hearing aids

i'm putting my hearing aids in number

six jonathan halyalkar

by the fall of 1990 who's the boss was

entering its seventh season

and it needed some fresh faces enter

jonathan halyalkar

playing a five-year-old orphan named

billy who's sent to live with tony how

you doing bobby

it's billy unfortunately halyokar

couldn't keep up with the more senior

actors and he was written out of the

show after just one season

he hasn't done much acting as of late

starring in one episode of veronica mars

back in 2006

and a movie called american bully in

2009 please

please please i didn't i didn't do


like some of his co-stars haliokar has

taken to producing

having produced a science fiction web

series called the well

number five danny pentaro


how's my boy huh you having a good time

at summer camp this young actor first

played tad in the film adaptation of


before landing the role of jonathan

bauer does it hurt honey

only when i bump into things

i see what you mean after who's the boss

ended he studied english and theater at

middlesex county college and stanford


pintaro has had a few tv roles since

then including 2020's the quarantine


at your neighborhood piggly wiggly

supermarket we offer fresh produce at

great prices

they also have buy one get one free

orange juice

but he's mostly left acting behind

working on various

other jobs including as a restaurant

manager and a vet tech

he married his boyfriend will tabaris in


in an interview with oprah he revealed

that he'd struggled with drug abuse and

also that he was hiv positive

it's a weird combination of feelings

there's this

awful feeling of i'm never gonna be able

to have the uh

a good relationship no one's ever gonna

want me that that was there and that was


he planned to use his experiences to

become an activist

and help others facing similar struggles

number four

catherine hellmund this actress was a

television legend

she first came to prominence in the late

70s by starring as jessica tate

on the abc sitcom soap i'm making fish

mr tate hates fish i know

that she portrayed mona robinson

throughout the entirety of who's the


winning a golden globe award for best

supporting actress in the process

see my instincts tell me this is the man

for my grandson

and it doesn't hurt that he's a hunk she

would later star as doris sherman and


and lois whalen and everybody loves

raymond and voice lizzie in all three

cars movies

shall we cruise oh thank you i'd love to

hellman passed away from alzheimer's in

february 2019 at the age of 89

but she left behind an incredible legacy

that will be cherished for years to come

number three alyssa milano i'm gonna

tell you the same thing you always tell

me yeah what

young lady you march up there and

apologize this is another tv legend

known primarily for her work as samantha

miceli and who's the boss

and phoebe hallowell and charmed you're

up early

i never went to sleep don't tell me you

put on a black conical hat and spent the

night flying around the neighborhood on

a broomstick

the only broom i've ever had was kept in

a closet beside a mop

in recent years milano has starred in

the likes of abc's mistresses and


insatiable hosted project runway

all-stars and served as a guest judge on

rupaul's drag race

it's alyssa milano dear lord you are


oh thank you she's set to star in a new

farelli brothers comedy series called

the now alongside dave franco

o'shea jackson jr and bill murray milano

also works as a prominent activist

having spoken at the 2018 women's march

advocated a sex strike in georgia

discussed gun violence with ted cruz and

fred gutenberg

and publicly endorsed joe biden for


number two judith light i'm so glad i

found her

we gotta talk we're tired of talking

like many of her co-stars judith light

is a beloved icon in the entertainment


known for her work in dozens of plays

and television programs

in recent years light has played shelly

pfefferman on transparent and judith

brown ryland on the tnt revival of


the moment i step off the plane i'm

going to freeze all your bank accounts

i need that money i have commitments

also removing you as the head of violent


oh you can't do that oh but i can't in

2020 she starred in the second season of

the politician as dd standish

and in manhunt deadly games as bobby


would you care to explain to me what in

the heck this gentleman is talking about

light is also a longtime activist for

the lgbtq plus community

she was one of the first celebrities to

publicly advocate for those diagnosed

with hiv aids

in 2019 she was awarded the isabelle

stevenson award

a philanthropic award given out at the

tonys to recognize her advocacy

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number one tony danza i didn't want to

have to be the one to tell you this but

are you familiar with the term wimp

my son is not a wimp the mother's always

the last to know and we finally come to

the star of the show

mr tony danza himself this boxer turned

actor was quite famous for playing tony

banta on taxi but it was his role as

tony miceli that made him a star

i was thinking dinner yeah maybe we

could defrost those salmon steaks yeah

because the other night we have

exactly when you have too much it makes

you feel ugh

wow that was good

aside from those two shows danza is

perhaps most well known for the tony

danza show

a daytime variety talk program that

aired from 2004 to 2006. thank you thank

you so

so much good morning good afternoon

whatever time it is

well here it is september 13 2004 monday

and welcome to our first show he

continues to act

having starred in six episodes of the

hulu comedy drama there's johnny in


he also starred as tony caruso senior in

the netflix comedy murder mystery the

good cop

but unfortunately the show was canceled

after just one season

he'll be voicing a character in the

upcoming animated sports comedy

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