Jesus & The Bride - Bible Overview In 9 Minutes - Ep2

so in the first part we have seen that

the Bible contains a life-changing story

that God summarized in three profound

verses of his book first God created

everything beautifully but we decided to

live life on our own terms which led to

total moral chaos

and then God sent his son to die for us

and speak light into our life but to be

honest this is not all of it because all

we see here from God is a light in the

darkness and that's what most people

solve for many centuries a white beam in

a black space seemingly cold and

merciless and only a few people called

prophets perceived something completely

different about the light than the rest

of their peace they always pointed to

something glorious a reality that nobody

else could see until Jesus came on the

scene and what Jesus Christ did is solve

the mystery of the Old Testament and

give us the solution the full answer to

what God wanted so like a prism refract

natural light Jesus reveals God and what

God ultimately had in store for Humanity

so what is that well though God wants to

rescue each one of us personally and

bring you and I back into a relationship

with him his master plan is a lot bigger

and more beautiful than that God sees

you individually but also sees us

collectively and this is where it gets a

little crazy but here it is Jesus Christ

wants to marry us I know it sounds a

little bit too good to be true but

that's really what he says in the Bible

that's why you hear sometimes people say

that the Bible is a love letter to

humanity well it literally is Jesus

compares the relationship he desires to

have with his people with marriage he is

the husband and his chosen people are

his bride okay now we will for sure

examine exactly whether this is biblical

or not

but before we do let me add one more

you certainly have heard that history

repeats itself it's true you can see

patterns that show up again and again so

today I want to show you one five fold

pattern in relation to the grand theme

of the divine marriage you will be able

to see this pattern in the major

sections of the Bible which are the five

books of Moses the Torah the history

books the poetic books the prophets and

then the New Testament all of these

sections are divided in five subsections

and they tell all the same story it's a

love story the divine love story now

before we go any further let us be clear

that the Bible is a living book it's not

a cookbook or a math look so if we want

to press God into a form will always

fail but all I want to show here is a

model pattern which God repeatedly uses

to tell the same story so the story

starts with Jesus as the Creator

creating mankind and thus his

counterpart in his I have 54 with four

we read your husband is your major so

until he everything is fine

God even gave mankind a miniature

version of his relationship in the

marriage of Adam and Eve and they had no

clue probably about this but they were

in themselves a picture of a divine

relationship but the story doesn't end

happily ever after there you remember

what the two verses in Genesis expressed

chaos humanity turned its back on God

and got imprisoned but God is the savior

and God loved his unfaithful wife and

rescued her out of this situation to

ramaya 31:32 says I took them by the

hand to bring them out and they broke my

covenant although I was a husband unto

them says the rule

so God saved his wife but after the

rescue mission God wants to prevent any

alienation again and leads her into a

deeper fellowship with himself his aya

62:5 says as the bridegroom rejoices

over the bride so shall your God rejoice

over you and the Song of Solomon 4 9

says you have captivated my heart my

sister my bride you have captivated my

heart with one glance of your eyes in

John 3 29 john says about Jesus he who

has the bride is the bridegroom but

still she mistress and wants to sort of

things on her own while he continues to

love her unconditionally God speaks to

man's heart as he says in Jeremiah 3:20

surely as a woman creature ously departs

from her lover so you have deal

treacherously with me in Isaiah 2:14

says therefore behold I will Allu her

and bring her into the wilderness and

speak tenderly to her and God does so

till she understands this unimaginable

love and runs into his arms and the end

is happily ever after

it's the wedding of the Son of God with

his blood poured human bride we read in

revelation 7 let us rejoice and be glad

and give the glory to him for the

marriage of the Lamb and revelation 21 2

says and I saw the holy city the New

Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from

God made ready as a bride adorned for

her husband but to be honest most of

these Bible verses were from the Old

Testament and we could think that God

only speaks of his people like of Israel

so let's go to the first verse of the

Bible where it speaks about marriage

even before Israel was even a nation in

the Garden of Eden we read in Genesis

2:24 therefore a man shall leave his

father and his mother and hold fast to

his wife and they shall become one flesh

so if this topic is so important we

certainly find something very clear

straightforward in God's solution book

so let's go to the new

Testament open Ephesians 5:25 therefore

a man shall leave his father and mother

and hold fast to his wife and the two

shall become one flesh this mystery is

profound and I'm saying it that it

refers to Christ and the church you see

how crystal-clear the bile is so we we

got already the first part of the puzzle

now wouldn't it be great to have a New

Testament verse for each single message

of our five-part sequence we would need

one that says that Jesus Christ saved

the bride or the church and Ephesians 5

actually says exactly this that Christ

loved the church and gave himself up for

her next we would need a verse where the

New Testament says that the bright room

wants to have fellowship with the human

bride and Jesus himself said that as

long as they have the bridegroom with

them they let's the believers they

cannot fast meaning why should the bride

and the bridegroom not have a good time

when they are together but the Versalles

implies that there would be a time where

this would not be the case and this is

exactly our fourth part where the bride

waits to finally marry the bridegroom

it's the time of grace in which we are

at the moment Paul in 2nd Corinthians

11:2 says for I feel a divine jealousy

for you since I be thrust you to one

husband to present you as a pure virgin

to Christ and the last part the fifth

part we have already seen it's literally

the last verse of the Bible that says

the spirit and the bride say come

whoa I mean this is so overwhelming when

I first discovered this in the Bible I

almost freaked out it literally changed

my life Jesus loves all of us like a


I mean imagine the creator of the

universe loves you like his brightnesses

in describe this real lead us to

worship and give us a full assurance and

that absolutely nothing will happen to

his bride without him taking hundred

percent note of it and helping us in

every possible way

what an amazing God we have and I look

already forward to discussing the five

fold pattern in the main section of the


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