America's Cheapest Family! | Extreme Cheapskates


I'm Melanie O'Brien and I'm Sean O'Brien

and we're America's cheapest family in

this summertime when the kids are

playing outside in the pool we can

utilize that afterwards to help clean

our dishes we save money on the water

bill we save money on the electric bill

are we gonna become millionaires off of

it not per se but it'sit's gonna help us

to be able to allocate that money

towards a better purpose see

fun and work who wants bacon ooh

Sean and I agreed that if we don't have

to buy anything new

then we won't and we'll make use with

what we have

that's our lifestyle that's our way our

pots and pans broke the handles broke

off and instead of going out and buying

brand-new pots and pans

Sean made this wrench that doubles as

the handle and the duct tape protects my

hands from burning all right it's been

more than 10 years and Shawn and Melanie

have made any significant improvements

to their home as sacrifice that claim

has saved them over $30,000

this is where we spend most of our time

in the living room as you can see we've

got very sparse furniture living room

furniture can cost up to ten twenty

thousand dollars depending out kinda

buying and ours costs maybe fifty bucks

a few months ago our showerhead broke

and Shawn came up with a great way to

fix it for the price of a soda bottle he

rigged it up to the showerhead and just

poked holes in there and now we have a

brand new showerhead this kind of is an

eyesore but it works and I appreciate it

some people might think our behavior is

over the top but stream or extreme but I

think it all depends on the person's

perspective for the past several years

the O'Briens have contemplated moving

into a larger space but selling their

current home would require them to make

renovations they've avoided for the past

decade is gonna come over and give us an

assessment and evaluate what we need to

do before we actually put our house on

the market here's the yard okay watching

step apparently yeah our fence a little

piecemealed together so I just replaced

boards as they come leans a little but

sturdy you're gonna have to repaint the

fence I mean if not replaced oh and uh

how much is relooking replaced around

eighteen hundred bucks

the fence in the backyard is definitely

not electic the colors look like a

marble cake that you would get at a

bakery it brings character the

neighborhood and the kickboard at the

bottom that's probably holding the whole

fence together it's not even in the

right place

it just needs to be a little bit closer

to the bottom I'm not gonna burst you

making some changes but everything it

has to be taken sitter ation with

budgets and cost this is our main living

room hmm well number one no furniture

this won't work you've got to stay just

a stage how well a beanbag and ottoman

I mean you've got to have furniture here

period the actual living room and a

house is very important because that's

where the majority of all the family

time happens they didn't even have a TV

or any furniture at all I've seen houses

online that don't have any furniture but

those are new not always the majority of

them are new well I'll tell you this too

I mean none of these homes that are

selling as carpet like this

the stains the burn marks I honestly

don't feel like a buyer would even put

an offer in with carpet like this okay I

mean that's got to be changed I gave the

O'Briens the best professional advice I

could give them but honestly I don't

think they're gonna take you


we would love to replace the carpet

completely we don't want to spend a

whole lot of money on the upgrade but we

really want to sell the house we're very

motivated to solve jokes Sean O'Brien

good to meet you sir so looking at a

thousand square feet in something like

this piece of carpet here we'd probably

be looking at about a four thousand

dollar budget

what Lili is the cheapest that you could

help me out with them we could get into

some carpet up in this range here so in

a little more cost-effective system and

we would be looking at a budget closer

to around 1,800 to 2,000 dollars okay

all right so what I'm really just kind

of looking for I say I just want to do

sections you know a burnt stain here

maybe some wax on the floor there type

of thing some red wine there yeah is it

unheard of to patch up carpet

it really is unheard of I have never

heard such thing I definitely don't want

to be horrific but is there a way to get

something like this literally that size

and that yeah maybe about 10 would be

good I'm sure that would definitely be a

first we can take a look okay let's take

a look and see what we can work out sure

you know we've seen all types of

customers over the years in our business

I've never had anyone asked me for

samples you guys can take a look around

see if you find anything you think will

work I'm gonna find something that

matches the best possible what do you

think yeah that one on tops better see

if you can find more like that all right

they were getting closer think you got

it huh okay actually I'm thinking more

this this that this one that one I think

this is gonna be the closest we'll be

able to make it match so Joab what do

you think on us purchase this guys I

don't know how about how about 20

what do $20 okay I appreciate thank you

all right

do you have a bag we could put it in the

hell of the day for a carpet man today

Shawn and Melanie were advised to

replace the carpeting and refurnished

their living room before showing their

home with the help of their neighbor

they're hoping to stage the area for

free no no I just we had we had quick

favor what a severe could we borrow your

furniture for the open house you know

how our living room looks now you're so

close by and you've got such great

furniture we just really love to use

yours if you don't mind okay like what

are you thinking yeah I'm thinking the

couch the nice coffee table I'm trusting

in you thank okay oh my god Marcus gonna

kill me course go at your pace

what rather than hire professionals to

replace their entire carpet Shawn tacks

down their $2.00 samples himself okay

well it looks pretty like much even but

the carpet is totally different color

great you did a great job but it just

doesn't match right I mean it wasn't a

hundred percent match we are so excited

now that we've made these changes let's

consider it centered with a coat perfect

we cannot wait for people to come in and

see our house honey is this straight yes

I think is gonna be great I'm excited

about open

to avoid the realtor fees Shawn and

Melanie placed an ad online and are

attempting to host the open house

themselves when we first walked in I

noticed little details the carpet was

patched yeah like a different types

different types of carpet so if those

are the things that are showing what are

we not seeing people who are different

are always gonna be called weird cuz I

do in a different way than somebody else


the good news is we're in Texas and

Dallas we're in a good market there's

gonna be somebody out there that's gonna

look at and say I like it I think the

happiness lasts longer when you know

that you've really tried to save and

spend your money well in a quality way

the newer something is the quicker it

gets old