Bronx District Attorney, NYPD Officials Announce Gang Arrest

good afternoon and thank you for coming

I am here with NYPD chief of Department

Terrence Monahan NYPD Chief of

Detectives Dermot che Bronx for Patrol

borough commander

Larry McEwen NYPD chief James Essex of

the Special Enforcement Division and

inspector Richard green of the gun

violence suppression division as well as

members of my Investigations Division

and narcotics gang Investigation Bureau

we are here to announce that 15 people

have been indicted on charges related to

numerous shootings in the claremont

Morrisania neighborhood just a few

blocks north of where we are here in a

wave of retaliation against rival gangs

leaders of the 280 gangster crips face

first degree conspiracy to commit murder

for using individuals the age of 16

merely boys to carry out shootings this

case is the epitome of gang culture

violence retaliation that don't snitch

credo the recruitment of boys to commit

crimes all of these things turn our

neighborhoods into battle zones some of

the gunfire happened around a junior

high school even in the playground of

the school at all hours of the day one

occurred on the Sunday morning of last

Memorial Day weekend a member of this

gang fired shots across College Avenue

at a rival gang member who was in front

of a bodega video from a surveillance

camera shows a family with several young

children including a baby in a stroller

running down the block crouched against

the building terrified of what was

happening the crack of gunshots is

heard on other video patrol cops are

seen running toward the gunfire and

chasing the suspects they were

apprehended by the police and recovered

the weapon in an apartment building

where they where the suspects were the

shootings have got to stop and the

cooperation has got to begin we will

continue to work with the NYPD and our

partners in the community to stem the

violence in the 44th precinct and

anywhere in the Bronx where these gang

members think that they hold sway my

strategic enforcement division is

working closely with Bronx precinct

commanders and their teams to reduce the

violence and prioritize the crying

drivers we will also continue to educate

children against joining gangs and I

will tell every community member that I

mean if they know something about the

crime that's happening if they know

something about the guns that are being

brought in our communities that they

must they absolutely must say something

and cooperate if we're going to stop the

violence the 60 count indictment

includes charges of conspiracy attempted

murder assault gang assault criminal

possession of a weapon and reckless

endangerment nine of defendants were

arrested yesterday and arraigned before

Bronx Supreme Court Justice Stephen

Barrett and they're due back in court on

March 4th 2019 three other defendants

are already incarcerated and three

others are yet to be apprehended if

convicted of the top count of first

degree conspiracy seven of the

defendants face a minimum of anywhere

between fifteen to twenty five years and

to a maximum of life in prison these

defendants are all alleged to have

engaged in violent acts in the area of

East 167th Street to East 170th Street

between Morris and Clay avenues from


2014 to May 2008 een much of the

violence was directed towards six wild a

set of the Bloods gang after that gang

murder christopher duran duran a 14 year

old member of the 280 Crips he was shot

to death on May 27 22nd 2015 as he

walked to school that morning the

defendants allegedly conspired to commit

to non-fatal shootings seven incidents

of shots fired and one stabbing I want

to thank the gun violence oppression

division and the detectives from both

the 42 and the four for presense I'd

also like to thank prosecutors Terry

Gensler who is the deputy chief of my

narcotics and gangs investigation bureau

Ryan McCabe assistant district attorney

Gary Hebner who is the chief of the

narcotics and gangs Bureau Tarek Raman

deputy chief of investigations and gene

Walsh chief of the Investigations

Division as well as former trial prep

assistant and current crime analysts

Jamel Medrano at this time I like to

turn things over to chief Monahan thank

you good afternoon everyone

again it's just over people said we're

here to announce it was also a real

important takedown involving some very

violent gang members first off let me

thank the DA darcel Clark for her work

and specifically her team from the

district attorney's office

Terry Ginza Terry I've worked with for

years here in the Bronx she's taking

down quite a few crews out of this

borough a lot of violent individuals

have gone to jail thanks to her work

with the investigators in this borough

of course the investigators from our

gang violence oppression division

including assistant chief timmy ethic

and with Ross green rich greens excuse

me because your work in the

collaboration that we are here today

chief say and inspect the green we'll

get into all the specifics of the case

but this was a long-term investigation

and it's exactly the type of precision

policing that is proven vital to Kurt

the violence in New York City the people

name today a part of a violent gang they

are responsible for 10 attempted murders

and for firing guns on public streets

without regard for the innocent people

that are around them this case was

initiated over a year and a half ago

specifically to address this violence

the investigators were methodical

working closely with our partners here

at the Bronx DA's office to secure pre

indictments of our suspects this case

highlights an important aspect of

neighborhood policing working together

with our communities to gather evidence

and to hold accountable the select few

who are responsible for the majority of

the violence in 2018 the Bronx

experienced record low crime in several

categories including the fewest overall

major index crimes ever and the fewest

shooting incidents but we know that

pockets of violence still exist this is

why Commissioner O'Neill recently

announced the NYPD in conjunction with

many of our city agencies and our law

enforcement partners will be paying

close attention to these areas in 2019

this includes the floor for priests in

where this case was taken down for the

residents the businesses the old owners

and the students in Morris Avenue

between 167 and 170 Street they have

endured far too much violence and

disruption at the hands of this gang

that stops today the NYPD will never

become complacent especially when there

are brazen criminals committing acts of

violence in plain sight we won't rest

until every block in every neighborhood

enjoys the same level of safety and

well-being as the rest of the city your

zip code must never be the primary

determination of your safety let me

assure you well the shooters name in

today's case are definitely going away

the NYPD is not your cops are gonna be

out there on Morris Avenue 167th Street

on the Grand Concourse working there

steady sectors reaching out to the

community building trust and solving


that matter to you our investigators are

continuing to build strong cases against

those who decide to commit violence and

together with our partners in the

prosecutor's office including das cell

and her team we are building strong

cases like today's 280 takedown all of

which is making America the safest big

city even safer so thank you Thank You

chief Monahan we'll hear from chief Shea

Thank You Madame District Attorney so

let me just I'll be brief and I'll

introduce inspector Ritchie green this

is the future of policing the future of

policing is now you will not find better

policing taking place in this country

than the cooperation I have with the

Bronx da to my left to all the other

prosecutors in this city that we work

with day in and day out and to the

focused investigations that bring

results like this I was a precinct

commander this precinct for about three

and a half years and I can talk to you

firsthand about what we went through on

a day in day basis stay in the day 167

Street and College Avenue literally the

line that divided two violent street

gangs where there's also as the DA

mentioned a junior high school on that

corner down the block is a playground

that unfortunately all too often was not

occupied by kids playing basketball or

football or skateboarding it was it was

occupied by gang initiations some of the

names that are on this board I remember

from 3 5 7 years ago intimidating kids

to join the gang so I couldn't be

prouder of the work

Richie green chief ESSEC the

investigators of my left and and

district attorney thank you again I

think that what's as important is the

faces you see on this board is what you

don't see

25 plus year lows and arrests as we

continue to focus in as Chief Monahan

said on the small amount of individuals

that used to terrorize our communities

but terrorize them no more Richie

Thank You chief good morning

good afternoon I'm inspector Richard

Green commanding officer of the gun

violence suppression division with me is

captain Brian McCoy a the commanding

officer of the up here the North Zone

lieutenant paul Pendergrass and the case

detectives who without this would not be

possible thomas wolfe brian martin and

adam Landsberg

who worked tirelessly with detective

Fernandez and Hennessy of the detective

squads of 44th and 42nd detective squads

and again with a DEA rymakov and

supervisory DEA Terry Gensler the team

pored through thousands of hours of

evidence and interviews to develop

probable cause and obtain the

multi-count indictment against the 15

members of this 280 crew of the Crips

gang these individuals were involved in

numerous acts of violence including

shootings stabbings and assaults gang

assaults against rival blood gang

members from the notorious six wild crew

over the course of this is 18-month

investigation detectives sorted through

over 25 acts of violence the plagued and

endangered the residents of the

Morrisania section of the Bronx this

case is an example of how gun violence

oppression division will continue to

relentlessly follow up on every possible

evidentiary Avenue to ensure the safety

of the residents here in the Bronx and

in every community in New York City

thank you thank you inspector will now

take questions on this topic

if that is it's a it has been difficult

because of the level of violence that's

connected to it so people are afraid at

the same time this is no snitch nobody

you know wants to tell they don't want

to be a snitch but at the same time I

with my office my community affairs unit

all the assistant DA is and my staff we

go out into the community and try to

build up the trust to let them know that

we're here to work with them in order to

get the communities safe they complain

about the violence but we can not stop

it unless we have people come forward I

mean I grew up in this county I know

what it's like to live in the

neighborhoods and I know that people

know who are doing these things and I'm

asking them to come forward that's the

only way we're going to take the streets

back from the people that are causing

the violence I started a witness safety

program in particular geared towards

witnesses who have the courage to come

forward to make sure that we concentrate

on their safety so that they'll feel

comfortable about cooperating and and

also being able to feel comfortable to

testify and see through the case through

so that we can bring a successful

prosecution anyone else

I mean I can't give you any particulars

but we've we've had incidents of it and

I mean that's why the community is

afraid we need again I can't emphasize

enough that we will not be able to get

to the root of this we have able-bodied

NYPD that are ready to go after

individuals that are causing the harm to

the community causing the violence you

have the fully staffed District

Attorney's Office ready to do it but we

can't do it without people willing to

cooperate we just have to make sure that

they trust us to know that we will keep

them safe in order to cooperate again as

chief say mentioned that this crew is

hated one another for years there's been

ongoing violence back and forth their

older brothers were involved in a lot of

this violence going back and now they're

involved in it so it's one six seven has

always been the dividing line between

six wild and 280 on College Avenue so

this has just been that ongoing violence

and hopefully now that they're all going

in will end

by taking the individuals that are

willing to shoot people off the street

and keep them off the street and I think

you we've already moved that way if you

look at the historical there's still

work to do and you see and proof of it

continuing today but if you look at five

years ago ten years ago at the levels of

violence things are looking up in the

Bronx things are looking up in the 44th

precinct chief Nick Union has done a

phenomenal job

under his leadership so today you know

how do you measure success well I'll

take more kids playing in that

playground you know three-year-old

mothers allowing their kids to go out

after dark to play and I think you all

seeing that still work to do though

yeah we started the original six at

their the Commissioner talked about we

added three other commands toward the

44th the 79th and the 67th when we

looked at the total number of shootings

that have occurred those three were

among the top six commands in the city

over the last three years the shooting

so as we did this we sat down afterwards

and started to add three more commands

to make it nine it's a lot of gang

violence if you look at the seven nine

to six seven you have the folk gang it's

seven nine you're blue and Chu so for

four you had these crews so it's a lot

of gang violence going back and forth

good afternoon chief Larry Cooper told

borough Bronx commander I'm happy to

report that not only is crime down 20

percent so far this year in the 44 no

one has been shot or murdered so far in

the fourth-floor precinct as far as the

overall Bronx murder is down 56%

shootings are down 35 percent and

overall crimes down more than 1 percent

obviously after a very successful year

record lows in several categories

including shootings were carrying that

into 2019 thank you

oh wait what somebody I'm sorry that's a

good question dead he was a term that

the crew would use if if certain members

of that crew were reluctant to utilize

acts of violence against opposing crew

members so we kind of used it back

toward them