The Secret Life of Pets - Puppy (And Bunny) Love | Fandango Family


are you are you okay I'm gonna I'm good

thanks for coming to save me max you

need a lift

yes we need a lift let's go





hey hey uh get you wait up oh hi max

yeah hi cool yeah uh III just wanted to

look have you ever lived across from

someone your whole life but you but you

don't really appreciate them until I

don't know until they're beating up

dozens of animals on the Brooklyn Bridge

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you

ever wanted your in how gross for

everyone now move it bye Gidget okay

bye-bye see you guys man I feel sorry

for them got to run home to their owners

not us now it's back to our primary

mission the downfall of the human race

it's humans boom back blow break away


what's going on what's she doing funny

I'm gonna love you forever and ever and