The Golden State Warriors welcome back Andre Iguodala | NBA on ESPN

and Steve Kerr wanted this done pregame

so he could watch the video and honor

Iguodala rather than do an in-game

during a timeout and so out of all the

champions that have returned and Kevin

Durant Oh beer in March

Iguodala here we go



making winning plays doesn't speak much

when he speaks it means so much he's one

of the smartest players I've ever been

around in my 30-plus years in the NBA

he's a leader and he's always there for



values bios's in the finals when the

lights are the brightest and that's what

you expect from Andre every given night

this years

oh man this is great you don't remember

this for a long time

Lauria to choose to become a warrior and

really started everything along with

Stefan clay Thompson has got center

stage to talk about his teammate

I guess clay loss obviously they say

it's a special night for dog nation we

got one of the greatest warriors in the

history of the organization back called

the Swiss Army knife when my favorite

teammates of all time he made you know

me Steph and draymond lose job so much

easier as well as coach Kerr and all the

coaching staff

so we're indebted to this man for what

he gave us and it's good to have you

back Dre and I can't wait to see you

Jersey and the Raptors one of these days



for the bottom of my heart I want to

thank everybody that supported us

supporting me my entire time here it

definitely feels like home every time I

just left but it feels like home

really appreciate you guys and

appreciate y'all being loyal bear your

fans my brothers will be back in action

full throttle next year to wreak havoc

on the league 480 games

love y'all there is a lot of friendship

a lot of real emotion to see him again

and we will be seeing him Caleta on the

golf courses throughout the bay area

that's one of my guys on the fairways

right there but just an absolute

incredible person

now you decide who has to honor a former

teammate it's the only fair way to do it

ace you should have known Steph is good

at pretty much everything even


I would have been plays going a lot for

sure and on paper immediately right

that's all that's all part of it thanks

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