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why was Pret's boyfriend so mad about

his love that he got a restraining order

who won the heart of his beloved by

inviting her to Paris for dinner and

which member of the cast lost his wife

to his co-star hi I'm Dylan and here's

everything you've been dying to know

about the personal lives of the NCIS

cast cote de pablo as Ziva dahveed

not only did fans get extremely excited

about the return of kota de pablo to the

NCIS family but the actress herself is

beyond thrilled about her return the

greatest day of all is when you feel

like you've given it all and then you

come home and you're exhausted you go to

bed but like this although it does look

like that reunion with Tony might take

Ziva dahveed away from the team once

again oh well at least Eva will finally

get some blissful days with her family

right but what about Kota de pablo and

her family for 15 whole years this man

was Cody's better half actor Diego

Serrano made her laugh and managed to

keep her from being the most boring

person in Los Angeles all have chicken

with broccoli and he's like what about

the chocolate cake if it weren't for him

I'd be the most boring person in Los

Angeles publicly they seemed to be

perfect together but things between the

couple somehow took a turn for the worst

however despite the messy breakup they

did enjoy a lot of years together from

then on the actress became more like her

NCIS character as everything intimate

about Kody is top secret these days

Shaun Murray as Timothy McGee it seems

like Shaun Murray doesn't suffer from a

lack of women's attention neither on the

set nor at home together with his

beautiful wife Carrie Shaun is raising

his kids for a not so easy but genuinely

happy 15 years the couple lives together

with their children in Los Angeles and

try to make their family a priority my

family means everything to me in the

world so as long as my family is taken

care of I'm a happy guy said Shaun

Murray loves his role as a father and

when the kids are not around he spends

time taking care of his adorable pets a

dog named Otis and his cat whom he named

Abby Sciuto speaking of whom you miss

her don't you even though she left the

show almost two years ago we still think

of her as part of the team so let's

check out what's new in her personal


pauley perrette as Abby Sciuto turns out

the romantic relationships in Polly's

life are not any less dramatic than the

ones we saw on the show paulie's

four-year relationship with musician

Francis shivers ended with a restraining

order Perret revealed that she had been

stalked by her ex for over fourteen

years and even legal restrictions didn't

stop the guy that nightmare continued

even when Paulie was engaged to her next

boyfriend cameraman Michael Bozeman we

don't know if it was the stalking issue

or other personal disagreements but

Paulie and Michael never made it to the

altar a couple of years later pret

announced her engagement once more this

time to a man that isn't at all

connected to the film industry her new

love Thomas Ark Lee is a former British

Royal Marine unfortunately that

relationship also didn't last long after

such a devastating relationship

rollercoaster Perret came up with a new

strategy for her love life she decided

to be on her own I don't need any of

that like I do whatever I want and I

think that's rad anyway perhaps life is

filled with love from these cute guys

and Paulie is also back on CBS no

unfortunately not on the NCIS team she's

now portraying a single mom living in

the suburbs on her new show broke and

while we're speaking of those who left

the show but stayed in our hearts

let's also remind ourselves of the

lovely Tony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly as

Anthony DiNozzo

Weatherly went through a very

devastating marriage before he finally

found the woman who put his heart at

ease before the famous CBS show Michael

struggled with money issues and couldn't

give his wife and kid the life he wanted

he pretty much took any job to pay the

bills but that meant lots of time apart

from his family eventually it led to

divorce from then on he decided that

family time would be his only priority

and oh boy did he keep his promise when

Michael met the woman of his dreams he

did everything to capture her heart boy

Yana Jankovic was a very busy and

serious medical student back then and so

she kept on refusing Michael's offers so

when he asked her out on a dinner date

for like the 100th time boy Yana refused

again saying that she would be in Paris

that night but even that didn't stop

Michael Paris how about if I take you to

dinner in Paris

how do you say no to a romantic dinner

in Paris right that melted the heart of

the lady and eventually Michael put a

ring on her finger when I got remarried

I wanted to do my very best to ensure

that rupture wouldn't happen again my

kids and my marriage are the things I'm

proudest of David McCallum as dr. Donald

Mallard David's early love life was an

epic drama when David was a young actor

trying to make a name for himself his

wife was stolen by his mega famous

co-star from Great Escape yes Charles

Bronson was the one who took away the

heart of David's wife Jill Ireland

McCallum was devastated at first but as

time passed he didn't regret a thing

mostly because his following romance

with Katharine Carpenter brought him

real bliss however the two went through

a very horrible tragedy when they lost

their adopted son due to a drug overdose

Jason was only 27 and was about to

become a father while their heartache is

never gone with great support for each

other David and Katharine made it

through those dark times recently the

couple celebrated 52 years of marriage

setting a great example of a loving

long-term relationship Wilmer Valderrama

as nicholas torres at last

wilmer pleased fans with the most

heartwarming news on the first day of

20/20 Valderrama proposed to his

girlfriend model amanda Pacheco he made

it very special by asking Amanda to

marry him in front of a sunset over the

beach but while Wilmers fans shed tears

of joy Demi Lovato's fans got really

angry with the news why you see

Valderrama had dated Lovato for six

years and never asked her to marry him

and it took the man only eight months of

dating Pacheco to get down on one knee

anyway the important thing is the two

are damn happy together and we're glad

to know it but well of all doramas fans

are happy for him in real life they're

terrified to know whether his character

will win the fight for his life could

Valderrama leave the show to pursue

directing full-time or simply spend some

more time with his fiancee let's hope

for the better

Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop agent

Ellie Bishop went through a nasty

divorce with Jake Malloy after he

cheated on her and it turns out that

Wickersham nosing

exactly how tough it could be in real

life Emily also had to end her 8 year

long relationship with her husband Blake

Hanley both are extremely private about

the reason behind their difficult

decision however there is always a

silver lining at least now both

Wickersham and her character can date

and explore new relationships and

according to inspiring posts on

wickersham's Instagram the girl is full

of energy for new adventures maria bello

as Jacqueline Sloane just like the

fearless lieutenant Sloane

Maria is also a bold direct and very

determined woman who loves to explore

the topic of love she even wrote a book

about her experiences called whatever

love is it calls for people to have a

more expansive view of relationships

both romantic and platonic since her

public coming out as bisexual she had a

couple of romances both with men and

women these days the star is dating

French chef Dominique Crenn and it seems

she is just as bold and determined as

her better half Dominique was included

on in Styles list of 50 badass women who

are changing the world as the first

woman to run a three Michelin stars

restaurant in the us together Dominique

and Maria are overcoming serious health

issues Maria is open about her bipolar

disorder which she actually sees as a

gift especially in her line of work and

cran is very candid about her struggles

with breast cancer but it seems that

nothing can stop the couple strong will

they will stand strong together no

matter how hard the challenges

Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer known to

NCIS fans as autopsy gremlin actor Brian

Dietzen seems to have a much easier

personal life than his character on the

show Brian is a real family guy with his

beautiful wife Kelly they are raising

two children although they don't want

the world to know anything about them no

name's not even details about their ages

or hobbies at least Brian is willing to

share his own passions on his Instagram

account thanks to that we know that he

loves to spend time outdoors with his

family a tradition that he's been

following for many years rocky Carroll

as Leon Vance on screen rocky plays a

stubborn confident and quite private


it looks like the actor is not much

different in real life - despite being a

star in one of the most

popular North American series ever

Carroll said his celebrity status

doesn't really make a difference when it

comes to his intimate life I've been

married for 13 years as long as I feed

the dog and the garbage is taken out

that's what's important he said turns

out that Carroll is not the only star of

the family his wife Gabrielle Bullock is

a really famous architect rocky often

shares his respect for the work his wife

does on his social accounts writing the

sweetest things about her Mark Harmon as

leroy jethro gibbs

unlike Gibbs Herrmann has been a loyal

husband for over three decades now and

you probably familiar with his loved one

actress Pam Dawber got famous for her

role in the sitcom Mork & Mindy where

she had the chance to act together with

the brilliant Robin Williams together

Pam and Mark have raised two wonderful

sons Shaun and tie by the way

their oldest one actually plays Gibbs in

the flashbacks from his younger days so

if you noticed some major similarities

between the two it's not accidental

outside of the show Harmon maintains an

intense sense of privacy he loves to

stay at home and tries to avoid social

media for mark it's highly important to

keep his relationship with Pam a

priority how's that possible well with

small intimate gestures like renewing

their vows to each other in a quiet

backyard ceremony at the end of the day

Mark Harmon is not just a star of a hit

show he is first and foremost a loving

husband and a father what else would you

like to know about the NCIS cast let us

know in the comments so that we can make

a video about it and as always thanks

for staying awesome