고양이만 나오는데 무서운 영상 l "The Cat-juring" Starring Only Cats But Still Very Scary

In our house, feels like..

someone's here other than me..?

Except for two cats

Binu Lubi

Ding- Beep beep

There's been a weird sound from a few days ago

It's a regular sound with a rhythm

I heard something thumping..? (Something similar)

A dish here... fell down

Nothing's here

But why did the die... shivers

Scary Scary

Mom, gotta pack your stuff

Imma pack my stuff too

Binu and Lubi

kept searching around this area

Hope the cat find... *meow* / What, what's wrong?

Something's fishy meow

Don't.. You scare me


Wut wut why

Is there something else?

What do you see?

Eyes shaking

Sneaky sneaky

There?/ You found something there?

Informant : Look, the cat becomes sensitive again.. What's wrong, Binu?

(This way?)


There's nothing tho *shivers*

They weren't like this before

My babes act

Meow? Meow?

more weirdly

in the night

Why do you keep going there

There's nothing tho...

There is tho...? (Goosebumps)

B** Expert

Insect trap style

Maybe here or at a kitchen sink

Exactly where the cats

have been staring at!

The one must be hiding in somewhere since the dead body is not found

Don't think there's something tho

There are many gaps than we think

It's enough for the one to get into it

The culprit must be

cool and cornered




Who the hell are you Sunday morning TV Animal Farm