Who Is God? (Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

- Hi guys, Ken Yasinski from catholic speaker .com.

Today let's talk about who is God

or who do you think God is?

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The vast majority of people here in North America

believe in God. According

to the most recent surveys, about 80%.

Now what I would find really interesting

is to ask people the question,

who do you think God is?

Or who is God?

Or what image of God do you have?

Because we can believe in God

but we can have all sorts

of different images of God.

Some people think God is sort of like a force,

like the Force on Star Wars.

You have a Jedi Knight like Luke Skywalker

who can tap into the Force and manipulate

the Force to do amazing things.

He can elevate himself up and float into the air.

He can make himself appear

when he's actually not there.

He can raise a star ship up and cause it to float

And the thing about this is

that sometimes we have this image of God.

That God is sort of like a force

that we can tap into, so that we can get our way.

Now what's the problem with this image of God?

Well one, God hasn't put us here on the Earth

so that we get our way.

It's not about us.

The second thing is this,

we're gonna be awfully alone in life,

because we will never feel like

we can have a relationship,

because the Force is a thing, not a person.

And so we will feel very much alone.

Other people have an image of God

that He's a master.

And what do masters have?

Masters have a slave.

And so there's a master slave type of image

when we think about God.

Now what about the best slave?

Well the slave is there

solely to do the master's will,

but he's bound and he's not free and he has to.

Because if he doesn't what happens?

He gets punished.

And so the slave is always constantly living

in fear of punishment.

And sometimes we have this image of God.

God's the master, we're the slave.

And we are bound to do His will,

and if we don't, we're gonna step out of line

and we're gonna get punished.

What's the problem with this?

Well there is no peace.

We're gonna be constantly looking

over our shoulder hoping

that God doesn't get us, that He doesn't smite us

And there's absolutely no peace in the heart.

Another image that sometimes we have of God is

He's the boss and we're the employee.

It's a little bit more cozy relationship

than the previous one.

But consider that relationship,

why does the employee listen to the boss?

So that he pleases the boss

and so he gets rewarded.

Maybe with a raise, with a promotion,

and sometimes we take this attitude

in with our relationship with God,

and we try and fulfill all these rules,

all these regulations,

so that we get noticed by the boss,

so that he blesses us or gives us a reward.

Now what's the problem with this?

Well our best is never gonna be enough,

'cause we always,

we know we always fall short of our best.

Don't we?

And so there's never gonna be a sense

of satisfaction in our life and a sense of peace,

because we're always gonna be striving

and striving and striving to please the boss.

So what's the best image of God that we can have?

The best image of God that we can have

is the one that is true.

Jesus Christ came into the world

to reveal God to us.

He is God.

He's Emmanuel, God with Us.

He's the second person of the Trinity,

and He's the Fullness of Revelation.

So Jesus in everything that He does

He reveals to us God.

And one of the things that Jesus did

is that He told us to call God Father.

Isn't that amazing?

Not boss, not master, not force, but Father.

And if He's Father, what does that make us?

Sons and daughters.

It means that we belong in a family,

that we don't have to look over our shoulder

in fear of punishment,

that we don't have to look up to the boss

to try and please him,

that we can have a intimate,

personal relationship with God.

Jesus revealed that God the Father knows

every detail of your life.

He cares for you.

He relates with you personally.

He calls you by name.

He is always with you.

He's gentle and patient.

He is your provider.

He is kind and forgiving.

My friends God has revealed Himself

through Jesus Christ to be your Father.

My question for you is this,

have you allowed yourself to be fathered by Him?

My name is Ken Yasinski from catholic

Thank you for watching.