Charles Barkley calls out the Cavs for how they fired their coach

let me point out Philadelphia 25 and two

at home best record at home in the

league 11 game winning streak in their

gym haven't lost a game at home since

December 20th against the Dallas

Mavericks now what do you want to vent

do I have time you can I talk to me okay

I want to call out the Cleveland

Cavaliers I thought what they did did

coach beeline was ridiculous


I think the veterans on that team were

not leaders and I think the young guys

who can't play think you're better than

they are

and they tried to get that man fired

they got that man fired and I'm well he

stepped down well he stepped down cuz

he's like earning that's called firing

that's fire attorney that what white

well why people get fire they called it

parted ways and black people we thought

you fired I just think I think I'm so

disgusted by those players trying to get

that man fired

Jim beeline is a hell of a coach and I

think he's a good guy but for those

players to complain about we're

practicing too hard we're watching too

much film because they stink

because they stake I just didn't think

that was fair when a coach is wrong I'm

gonna call him out but when players are

wrong I'm gonna call them out and I'm

disgusted by what the Cavaliers dr2

Cosby live and according to all reports

it was a very classy way in which he

went out and met with the team before

their first I don't went out strike


it wasn't me out of its my babysitter

when I say y'all a bunch of damn lubbers

I'm glad to get the hell out of here he

whether I raise you when I roll