American Home Shield ( Home Warranty ) Avoid at All Cost

hey everyone how's it going this is a

different type of video today I'm gonna

go over my personal experience with

American Home Shield Home Warranty now I

got this home warranty when I purchased

my home and the seller paid for it

so the warranty cost about five hundred

and fifty dollars now as some of you

have gotten paid that you know through

your own funds I feel sorry for you and

you know I you should try to get a

refund as soon as possible and this is

why as you can see here this is my

restroom and you notice it's missing


it's missing the toilet and the reason

is and I'll get into them in a while but

I had a clog in my toilet and you know

with a home warranty you have that peace

of mind that if you know after you

bought your house if something breaks or

something doesn't work right you know

you can call your home warranty and they

would come and fix it and it's all

covered the way it's supposed to work is

that you know you pay a $75 fee and you

know they'll send out the say a plan if

you need them in and they'll whatever

needs fixing will get fixed

well unless I learn doesn't work like

that so I had this is my second restroom

and I've been having some plumbing

issues it gets clogged and so it got

clogged really bad and I was unable to

to fix a clogged so before I called

American Home Shield I went ahead and I

removed the toilet just to see if

there's any you know standing water in a

pipe and you know whether it's a brewed

drain and when I remove the toilet I did

notice that there was some water in

there in it it would drink very very

slowly so it did tell me

there's a clock now I figured that I'd

be doing the plumber that was coming

here a service that you know they just

the toilet would be out and they can get

to where the clog was you know maybe run

a sink down there or something so I

called American Home Shield and they

went ahead and sent y'all set up a

plumber to come out it turns out that

you know they say in your info this is

the way it works by the way they will

send your info to a plumber and it's not

necessarily local plumber it was

actually the plumber plumbing service

that was a sign was maybe 40 minutes

away 45 minutes away from where I live

and so they say okay someone from this

plumbing company is gonna be contacting

you and then you know you can arrange

the time with them

at that point so I waited a whole day

nobody called and so what I ended up

doing is they do give you the the name

and the phone number of the plumbing

company so I went ahead and you know

again a day passed by okay so this is

like Monday Tuesday when initially

called so you know they passed by it

okay let me call the plumbing company

and you know make the appointment but it

the call coming company arranged a

friend come out I would have to take

some time off of work to come meet the

plumber at home and so sure enough you

know the plumber came and then you know

as soon as it came in I kind of like

told them kind of the story what's been

happening and you know that I took out

the toilet and and to see all that and I

think he was a bit thrown off that the

toilet was out think he wasn't just

thinking it was like easy fix of this

you know stick something in you know big

plunger or

you know where the closet auger isn't

told it and unclog it that way but you

could tell he was a little thrown off

that the toilet wasn't there and I kind

of told him you know how you know I'm

the the light has to get clogged and so

we went outside and then uh

he's like oh wow I noticed you don't

have a clean out for your main lighting

and so he's like oh well we could put

that you know and kind of upsell me and

say oh we can put one in for $1,200 4200

and after talking with him I you know I

I heard him out and I said oh you know

I'm not interested in that right now as

soon as I said that you could tell that

you know it's like a switch was flipped

and he was not interested at all in

helping me with my clogged plumbing

drain so you know I said oh can't you

make me it's not venting properly on the

top of your roof this is connected up

through event to make sure that you know

the water has you know and to be renewed

to going down that way the main leg goes

that way I said well maybe golf there

check it out it's a note well we're not

authorized to go on the roof because of

liability issues and again this has

something to do with American Home

Shield you know and so yeah and so I

said okay well since the point of the

south can you just run a stain through

there and he said no we're not allowed

to run a sting anywhere where there's a

90 degree angle I'm like are you serious

and asked him straight out so there's

nothing you can do for me and he looked

me straight in the eye said you know

there's nothing I can do

for you so he said I'm gonna call the

American home children I'm gonna have

him send out another plumber so I wasn't

too happy ends up looking up this

plumber's information on Yelp and I

found a lot of bad reviews and a lot of

it had to do with people who have

American Home Shield it seems like if

you get these flowers and they're

working with American Home Shield I mean

they must hire like the worst plumbing

places they have contractors with them

they must pay them a really low fee and

all they're gonna do is just you know

they're gonna use one of these guys to

try not apply your your employer which

is something that you can do yourself

just so the plumbing thinks that better

reviews and then I'm like okay well

maybe it's just the plumbing place gave

American Home Shield another another

shot so a second okay so that guy did

not do a single thing he pretty much

told me that there's nothing he can do

to unclog my toilet light which is

ridiculous so they they're licensed

plumber I mean come on okay so I get the

other plumbing company to come out

another day so I take another day off

for work not the whole day but you know

half a day so I'm either near this guy

was a little nicer and oh and here's the

catch so when the American Home Shield

call me back after this first phone came

in and said okay law before the st. we

sent a second plumber you have to put

the toilet seat put I'm sorry put the

toilet back so make sure that the toilet

is back and all hooked up before the

second plumber arrives never he knew

that it wasn't a problem at deployment

okay but like fine I'll make sure that

happens so when the second plumber came

to that's when it was there I first

thing I came in I didn't you know I

didn't explain anything I say

toilet here's the club I guess I'll let

you do your job

so okay you took a look at it and he

went through his van and pulled out a

closet auger and that's a tool you can

use to unclog the toilet so he could

spend maybe 10 minutes and then he told

me he might tell me oh you know what I

tried as much as I could to unclog your

line but you know I use the thought the

closet auger and it's not a problem you

toilet it's a problem with the plumbing

pipe below your toilet the drain pipe I

said okay well can you run a snake

through that through this opening you

know it's like it's basically imagine of

the toilet was here but say oh we would

have to take up the toilet and we're

gonna sink down this line but I said oh

my company does not run a snakes down a

snake down this this mainline here this

late at night

so this plumbing company we're not doing

because again it's liability issues so I

said okay I'm gonna contact American

Home Shield again and see if we can get

another plumber that plumbing company

that does run snakes down a main light

to clear the clock for you so I said

okay and so again I didn't wait

I called American Home Shield and I said

okay well this is this is what the

plumber told me Tony's not a problem

with the toilet but problem with this

main line down here so somewhere between

here and my kitchen again this is just

my toilet that's clogged the tub and the


everything else in my house is not

clogged so something between a year and

I'll say around my kitchen

pour it slow to drink okay so there's

some kind of clock so they said oh well

you know the request was denied by the

plumber due to liability issues so

you're gonna have to call this other

number two's authorization department

and you're gonna have to ask them to get

you authorize another plumber to come

out that will clean out your light I

said okay fine so the very next day I

called and again this is getting towards

the end of the week already

and lucky for me I have two restrooms in

my house if this was sewing wine I'd be

so upset and you know I'm still upset so

I went ahead and called the

authorization department and I explained

to them that what the plumber said it's

not from the toilets from the line below

and then I found I need to come in and

run a sink in there so okay well

removing the toilet it's not covered by

your home warranty that's it okay well

how much would it cost to to remove the

Poynting he said I don't know he said

you would have to work that out with the

plumber okay so I said okay well what I

remove the toilet

well you send a plumber to clear the

line you say yes so he said call us back

when the puddin has been removed so I

went home that same day during my lunch

break and I removed the toilet okay I

called him back and I said okay you told

me to call you back

when you clean has been removed and I'm

calling you so you could send a plumber

now you got it all this time and she

seemed a little thrown off like she

didn't know how to answer me and so

she's like oh wow this is my first time

dealing with this Lenny

put you on hold and you kind of hear

someone else and they were kind

of spoon feeding her putting my talk to

denying my claim

okay what to tell me so they they didn't

have to cover this issue so that I have

to pay for it and it pretty much told me

that Oh while the home their home

warranty only covers clearing a clog in

a p-trap and it doesn't cover you know

such as under your sink which anywhere

you can do you know you and a few things

and then that you know I'm not gonna

make sure we'll do the minimum they can

they're not going to be for anything

extra okay they're gonna send a plumber

to use either one of these to unclog

your toilet or a closet auger and that's

all they're gonna do they're not gonna

write anything on your your main line or

anything like that and against is my

experience okay so but here's the thing

okay so they pretty much sit no it's not

covered then why the hell did they Tommy

to remove the toilet in the first place

they couldn't told me that the first

thing that wasted so much time we stood

a whole week my life you know leaving

work three times to deal with this if I

were to call my own independent plumber

right away it would have gotten fixed in

about two hours okay so I told this lady

I want to cancel my warranty and I want

to get at least a partial refund so I

got transferred so we can counsel you

Department or the economy attention

Department and she was like oh wait

you're not gonna get much of a refund I

said I don't care I just want out so she

said she put me on all this elf here

where you gonna get back a hundred and

something dollars I'd okay fine just get

me a help and so yeah I got rid of my

home warranty which is useless and again

if you're considering buying an American

warrant I'm sorry if you're considering

buying and warranty with an American

Home Shield avoid them at all cost this

is going to be a lot of weeks of time

and then they're not gonna pay for

anything extra okay

there's no peace of mind the best thing

you could do is have a rainy day fund

you know maybe save up a thousand

dollars a year or so so there's

something like this happens you can call

a plumber

I read that at pool over the phone for a

plumber from a plumber this says it

charge me 100 bucks to get this fix and

you know what I'm totally cool with that

because that's only twenty five dollars

more than what an American Home Shield

charged you for their flat fee of having

someone send out seventy five dollars

but I know this person's going to take

care of it in two hours I'm gonna have

to deal with all this so there

you go I hope this video helps someone

if you don't believe me

going out and go on YouTube and look up

American Home Shield scams or American

Home Shield you know just my company

maybe some people that complain some

people have been without their AC and

100 degree weather for like a month or

two so yeah I hope this helped someone

that's all I have to say about that