What You Should Know About the ASPCA.

so this morning I was looking at eBay of

all places some auction triggered or

something and an ASPCA ad popped up and

it was this skinny broken-down old dog

and they were asking me for $19 a month

to feed this dog and I was like huh and

so I did a little bit looking around and

I was like well if they're everywhere

asking everybody for $19 and $25 a month

with the skinny dog pictures how are

they doing financially so I go over to

Google and I ask them you know what's

the ace PACA ASPA

see ace financial position and they're

doing really well and it turns out that

they don't like they don't even like

rescue and take care of animals there

it's just amazing it was and I miss what

two hours later and I found myself

dropping into charity and

activists some kind of activist thing

where they're talking about the budgets

and what these places do and all that

other stuff and it's not to say that

ASPCA isn't a worthwhile organization if

your ultimate goal is to get mankind to

stop messing with animals like quit

having animals and being being nicer to

them and all that but the turns out that

if you did the math on how many dollars

they spend if they actually spent what

they take in on animals the less than

10,000 adoptions that they had anything

to do with one year in fact it was more

like 4,000 adoptions they did one year

which is crazy math on that was $34,000

per dog adoptions but that's

fail because you're taking all of the

money that they spend on administrative

fees which is literally 36% of the money

that you donate goes to salaries and

operating costs earn them a c-plus

rating with the charity watch and then

if you look at their financials they've

got two hundred and something million

dollars in investments and assets mutual

funds mostly and there's nothing wrong

with that please don't misunderstand if

I had a charity or I was running an

organization like that and I had a

surplus I would be socking it away into

mutual funds - especially if I was

tax-exempt so that I could sustain

myself through lean periods down the

road especially if I had legitimate work

to do so I get that but you know the

scrawny dog picture makes you think that

by donating to them they're actually

going to find a home for or feed the

scrawny dog and the amazing thing I

found out was that the ASPCA is not in

any way affiliated with the SPCA

but they're gonna let you believe that

so your local Society for the Prevention

of Cruelty to Animals gets nothing from

is not supported by organized by

regulated by helped by the American

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to


so these $20 a month's ads that you're

looking at don't really feed an animal

or even get one adopted so here's the

thing if you stop donating to the ASPCA

and you sent the same cheque down to

your local SPCA you would be putting

money directly into the mouths and

bedding of a dog or cat when you stop

donating to the American Society for the

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals the

ASPCA all that will happen is that

education on the evils of man's use of

animals will disappear and I won't

really feel that because I'm just not

really in an area

we're but you'll also see no more ads

from the ASPCA because it turns out that

their primary thrust is fundraising so

relative to and that you know as far as

the impact on the animals is concerned

like legitimately feeding and rescuing

and placing and and all of that not much

difference honestly it could be argued

that some of the very small countywide

organizations are doing as much as far

as physically improving a lot of a puppy

or a dog sorry about the recording there

I put everything I'm saying in a lot of

the supporting documentation and all

that that I dug up on my website if you

go to dr. Johnson comm slash ASPCA

you'll be able to download everything

I'm talking about so that it doesn't

sound like it's just coming out the side

of my neck so here's what I thought I

thought that the ASPCA was like a parent

organization for all the local SPCA s I

thought if I donated to the ASPCA it

would be a way of donating to the SPCA

in such a way that they could figure out

where the SPCA needed the money the most

it just made sense to me but it turns

out that the ASPCA doesn't have anything

to do with the SPCA so when you donate

to the ASPCA you're just supporting a

fundraising organization I was surprised

and I was surprised to find that the

compensation for the CEO of the ASPCA as

long as six years ago was over half a

million yeah that's what that guy makes

and I don't I think it's great I mean

maybe you're making over half a million

a year that would be terrific good for

you flying an airplane or being a

fireman or doing the job

that isn't a charity supported by

donations so I guess what I'm getting at

basically is if you want your dollar to

actually go for food and bedding of a

dog or a cat and make a material

difference somewhere near you you

probably should be donating locally time

and money and if you are okay with

seeing less ads asking you for money so

that they can produce more ads asking

you for money then your donations to the

ASPCA might be not as important as

another organization so later this

morning my next goal is going to be to

jump on and find out well if you want to

help animals who do you donate to like

who's really in the trenches funding

these adoptions and and all of that and

I'm not talking about companies making

tons of money doing that like of course

if I owned a giant coast-to-coast pet

store hosting a rescue there every

weekend would be amazing because people

come in and buy their dog food from you

while they're adopting a dog I get that

I'm talking about the people out there

that are getting dirty housing animals

in foster homes and not working with a

tax deduction from a giant franchisee

I'll be looking that stuff up and

probably put an article on my website

about you know if you really want to

spend money with a with a animal charity

that actually helps the animals I will

I'll post that anyway sorry for the I

guess it's a little salty this morning

but it just thought I would bring that

to your attention