Why Facebook bought Instagram

you've closed the Instagram acquisition

yeah we talked about it now why did you

do it and what are you going to do with

it oh yeah Instagram is great right I

mean they're um they're this super

talented group of engineers they're

building this amazing product that just

crossed 100 million registered users and

they're killing it and um the the

history of how this thing came together

is it is really interesting right so the

way that I got to know Kevin is they

started off building on top of our

platform or I may had just a great Open

Graph integration that made it so that

you know you can take pictures with

Instagram and you can share them to

Facebook and it's it's really first

class right so sharing a picture from

Instagram it basically appears exactly

the same as if you shared a photo on

Facebook so it's great they did a really

good job with that and um one of the

things that I like to do is all of our

big developers I just like to reach out

to them and get to know them personally

partially because I'm just I'm

personally just really interested in

entrepreneurship and helping other

entrepreneurs but also I just want to

get to know the people are doing great

stuff on top of our platform so I spent

a lot of time with Kevin and over the

course of our discussions we built this

road map of all these things that we can

do together but then this tension

started which was you know they were

starting to get a lot of distribution

from Facebook and from them there was

this question of you know how much do

they want to bet on on just one company

providing a huge amount of their

distribution right so that became the

strategic question for them and on the

flip side for us there's this question

of how much do we prioritize these

things right so we have this list of

cool things that we could do but then

there's this question of okay well we

can help them grow but this might just

be specific for them but without the

value accruing to us we'll probably get

to these things slope more slowly than

than ideally we would want to so

eventually I just brought up the idea to

Kevin hey maybe we should just join and

and become one company we can do a lot

of these things really quickly and um

and then we decide to do it so that's

basically the game plan is we're going

to execute on the features that we

decided earlier our mission around

Instagram is we think Instagram is

amazing and we want to help it grow to

hundreds of millions of users we we want

to help them out with with whatever we

can but we have no agenda in terms of

making them go into our infrastructure


times companies force in companies that

they're integrating to do stuff like

that I think it's primarily a waste of

time we're not going to do any of that

we're going to just try to do the things

that we would have done if there were an

Open Graph partner but now we can

prioritize them more highly I mean they

can do a lot of them directly because

they have access to our code directly