JCPenney CEO, Marvin Ellison, Reads Your Tweets


All right, I'm here at a local store, and I'm going to take a moment

and read through some of the tweets and give you my responses.

So lets go to the first one.

"The checkout line at JC Penney takes so long the clothes are out of style

by the time you are through."

So look, thanks for telling me how you really feel, and thanks what feedback.

I took this job as CEO two years ago.

And at that time, we had cash registers 10 and 15 years old.

We've updated many of our cash registers, so you'll see more speed.

But more importantly, we've rolled out 10,000 mobile devices

that will be mobile checkout.

So give us another chance.

Come in and check us out, and I think you'll

be pleased with what you find in our checkout experience.

"I will not shop at any store open on Thanksgiving.

Your employees deserve time off with their families."

Well, thank you for the feedback.

It's never an easy decision to open on a holiday.

And the thing that I'll tell you is we're

trying to make it right for our associates.

And we decided if they are going to work on Thanksgiving,

we're going to pay them double time.

We also allowed our sources to volunteer.

And roughly 95-plus percent of the people working on Thanksgiving Day

volunteer to work.

In addition to that, every member of management, including me,

will be working Thanksgiving.

"I became an adult yesterday when I got noticeably excited

for the sale on JC Penney dress shirts."

So it's almost like you had a rite of passage.

So look, congratulations for feeling like an adult.

But for the guys out there like you, I'm glad you feel excited about our shirts.

Hey, I'm living witness.

I'm wearing everything JC Penney, and you can come in and do the same thing.

So thanks for the Tweet.

"Yesterday, I was in JC Penney, and I was so excited

because they had vests for $8.

And then I realized that they were $8 because they were for dogs."

OK, we're trying to outfit the entire family.

And as you know, a lot of people view their pets as members of their family.

And so this $8 vest is actually a St. John's Bay,

which is a private brand for JC Penney.

But not only do we have an $8 vest for your dog and for pets,

for Black Friday that $8 vest is going to be $5.

And we're going to have one for you.

"Is JC Penney still in business?"

The answer is yeah.

I'm here.

I'm come to work every day.

We've been here for 115 years, so we're very

pleased that we've been resilient enough to manage through the dynamic change

in the retail environment.

And we have one of the best online businesses of any department store,

so we're going to be here for a long time to come.

All right, those are the Tweets.

So let me just close with a couple of points.

I want to thank you for the feedback.

It is our objective to serve a very simple mission--

to help our customers find what they love for less time, money, and effort.

And every person in the company, me included,

works every day to achieve that mission.

It can be achieved if we are not listening to your feedback

and responding to what you need.

So I want to give you and wish you a happy holiday season, a blessed

Christmas, and want you to know that JC Penny will be here for a long time.

So God bless you, and I got to get back to work to run the company.

So keep the Tweets coming.