Salvation Army donation debate rages as activist call out charity


yeah that's the sound we'll be hearing a

lot more in the coming months today

Denver's fire and police departments

took their turns ringing the bell for

the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign

however this year the Red Kettle is

facing new scrutiny activists say the

charity advocates against the LGBTQ

community the charity says this is all

misinformation that is having an impact

on their bottom line

Deborah sevens Jessica Porter explains

the Salvation Army invests billions of

dollars a year into food clothing and

shelter for the poor but this week they

lost a prominent backer chick-fil-a many

saw the move as a company waving the

white flag to activists unhappy with the

way the charity treats the LGBTQ

community there are so many charities

out there doing the same work the

Salvation Army does that it's it's an

affront to the LGBT community that

people still put money in the red bucket

when there are so many other options

that don't involve hate to work towards

our community the Salvation Army has

been accused of refusing services to

people because of their sexual

orientation for years and is accused of

trying to exempt itself from

anti-discrimination laws in the past an

activists have called out the charity's

religious views because they receive

government funding in this region of the

country 3.5 million dollars of the

charity's revenue last year came from

taxpayer dollars I've worked in LGBTQ

politics and activism for well over a

decade and it's it's frustrating to see

friends of mine politicians I supported

champions of mine including the mayor

stand out there and promote it in 2017 a

national spokesman for the Salvation

Army said they had evolved the charity

says they're committed to serving the

LGBTQ community and calls accusations of

discrimination misinformation I was a

little concerned because I had heard

that I was going to get the gay parade

parade out of me and my name is Richard

cable and I am the assistant resident

manager at the Denver adult

rehabilitation center I could never ever


The Salvation Army turning away anyone

for any reason many people we spoke with

will continue to support the charity

they say no organization or person is


I feel like today

you just can't win I feel like your no

matter what you do no matter how you're

trying to do something good for somebody

you're going to get criticized jessica

porter denver 7 and i won't let you know

that we tried several times to get The

Salvation Army on camera but they

actually backed out of an interview late


they said it's a statement instead

saying they were quote saddened

chick-fil-a is diverting funding and

they urge the public to seek the truth

before rushing to ill informed judgment