Sir Lucian Grainge From Universal Music Group Speaks At His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony

and it's time to finally hear from our

honoree ladies and gentlemen may I

present to you sir Lucien Grange wow

this is so cool


Thank You Ellen firstly obviously I'd

like to thank everyone at the Hollywood

Chamber of Commerce who made this

possible thank you very much it's an

amazing honor I googled this morning

how far it is is the crow flies

from the suburb of Finchley where I grew


to Vine Street here in Hollywood it says

it's five thousand four hundred and

seventy one miles if you told me when I

was growing up and that small house in

Parkside that one day I'd find myself

here looking out at all of you I would

have said you're nuts

but looking back I see how my boyhood

passion for music which I inherited sent

me on my path for as long as I can

remember I just love music I just loved


and starting at the age of 17 in the

music business it's been my life's work

today at Universal I'm still surrounded

by music and by the best team the music

business has ever seen I wouldn't be

here today were it not for them

constantly making me look good all of us

are so fortunate to do what we love


I'm thrilled that this star lies at the

foot of the Capitol tower it's a tribute

to the company's commitment to our

artists and the entrepreneurs and then

use it and who could ask for better

neighbors for me look at the stars

nearby Bonnie Raitt Roy Orbison and the


of course my journey would not have been

possible without all the amazing artists

you've given me the privilege and the

opportunity of working with them and

helping them to bring their music to

fans all around the world

Lionel Shawn wherever you are thank you

so much thank you so much for

introducing me it meant it's meant the

world to me for your generosity and most

of all most of course of all for both of

your friendship finally my family

Caroline Betsy Elliott and Alice

I have my deepest thanks to you nobody

makes it in life on their own and I owe

you so much

one last thought

this star and honor I never expected to

receive is a reflection of this

extraordinary country of the unique

opportunity that America offers and to

anyone who's willing to aim high work

hard and pursue their dreams and of

course have many global hits

this is an extraordinary country so many

of the stars on this Walk of Fame belong

to people like me who came from

someplace else and I'm both humbled and

grateful to be joining the ranks today

of such illustrious company thank you

very much indeed