Wells Fargo CEO Charles Scharf apologizes for comments on diversity

wells fargo shares not moving

necessarily but there's a remarkable

statement from charlie scharf we'll turn

to don chu on that dom

the company's chief executive carl wells

fargo ceo charles sharp like you just

said apologizing

for what he says were quote unquote

insensitive comments in a zoom meeting

earlier this season

reuters reported that during that

meeting charles scharf said that the

bank had not met its diversity goals due

to the quote unquote

lack of qualified talent now sharp now

says his remarks reflected his own

unconscious bias

and that wells fargo has not done enough

to improve diversity and inclusion


he now says he's focused on making

meaningful progress on those diversity


leslie it's a very big point being made

here because wells fargo is one of the


if not the biggest bank employer

in the country right now so a big

statement coming from a ceo

trying to at least put some context

around his comments those are the

news headlines right now leslie will

send things back over to you