How to Get Cheap Internet in 2021

what's up YouTube is Chris and I'm back

with another video this is kind of a

continuation video from the budget in

the expense video I told y'all in one of

those videos I don't remember probably

the expense one that I will make a video

explaining how to get good deals with

your cable and internet and this is that

video so let's get into it alright the

first thing you want to know is no cable

or Internet company needs your social

security number okay it's it's 2019

right now but even ten years ago they

started the Segway out of that and of

course they don't let you know that

because if they have your social

security number they can get you on the

hook for passive balances or equipment

that wasn't turned in I can't tell you

how many times I've seen customers who

have turned in their equipment and three

or four months later they might check

their credit and find out that a cable

company put on their credit report that

they owe them a thousand dollars because

they didn't turn in a box look don't

give these companies our social security

number you don't need it to get a good

deal now ten years ago they might say oh

well if you do the social you know give

us your social and signed a contract

we'll give you a good deal but that is

not the case anymore it's a whole lot

more competition out there you don't

need to sign a contract you don't need

to give them your social security number

so don't do it it's not gonna make the

bill any cheaper okay and if a sales rep

insist itself no no thanks well I'm

gonna just go somewhere else there no

thank you

look these people work on Commission

unless they are new and are dumb they're

gonna just say okay don't worry about it

and they'll make something up okay trust

me you don't need to give me your social

and you don't need to sign a contract

you're your goal with almost anything

dealing with finances in life you want

to make sure you can be as free as

possible have as many options as

possible you want to make sure you can

get in and out of things you know when

you want to and when it's convenient for

you so don't lock yourself in don't give

me your social don't sign a contract the

next thing you want to do is always stay

in a promotion now all of y'all familiar

we first signed up the thing is cheap

usually if you're getting a triple play

and it's don't get triple plays but the

true play starts off it's $89.99

then the second year it might go up

twenty or thirty dollars then after that

it's $200 and then it seems like it goes

up incremental II every month so the way

you stay inside of promotion is this

some of you live in areas where the

competition is fierce like if you're in

the DC area for example compared to

Atlanta and DC if you're in a DC area

you have Verizon and you have Comcast

all right you might have other ones but

those are the two heavy hitters okay

between those two you can get good

service so let's say you start off with

Comcast first get Comcast and a year let

you have full year a year later the

contract I mean the promotion expires

and then the rate goes up cancel cancel

them don't be afraid to blow your nose

it's too hot

first of all they might send you to open

to the retention center and they'll

reduce your bill it won't be with

promotion rate was but they'll reduce

your bill depends on who you get but if

no one's really trying to work with you

when you call the cancel cancel that

thing and then get comp arising as soon

as you get off the phone now have them

come hook you up now let's say you hate

Verizon and what what you can do then is

keep Verizon for 30 days all right keep

it for 30 days and then you'll be

completely out of Comcast system and

every company's like this it takes 30

days to completely close your account

out and then you can go back and stop

back up forward again under your same

name and it would be a brand new

promotion and if they try to give you a

hard time that you they shouldn't put it

in someone else's name like I said you

don't have to give me your social

security number and you'll have to sign

any contracts so you're mean you could

tell me your name is Jim Bob it doesn't

matter you know as long as you make that

first payment you know it won't matter

so you put it in someone else and it

will put in a a roommates name a

spouse's name but you use their maiden

name something like that you could do

that that's that's actually worst case

scenario now the best case scenario

when the promotion is up you can just

cancel and then call back the next day

and then put it in a different name and

that happens all the time you gotta

think about apartment complexes or even

when people rent houses what happens

when that person moves right someone

usually moves them right behind them so

names changing immediately like that is

not anything new in fact if you know

your promotion is about to end you can

even call and it bad to say hey I'm

gonna be moving to this address and I

need to set up service they'll say well

their services there already but they

can put you in the system still so when

that person moves out you know the

technician is there the same day to hook

you up so you don't really have any

downtime so there's a number of ways

that you can work it out I don't say

you're in Atlanta and you have Comcast

well you won't be able to get spectrum

now but charter is not an area those

that cable companies in the South don't

compete with one another so if there's a

charter area comcast won't go over there

if it's a Comcast area which pretty much

all of Atlanta's Comcast charter doesn't

go into their territory they just feel

is cheaper to not compete with one

another so it gives each one monopolies

on their area so that that doesn't

really help the customer much but one

thing AT&T is everywhere down there just

18 has the absolute slowest internet

they go around Santa they have some you

know something fast now maybe I don't

know but 18 T was not usually the best

ever in Atlanta so so but you can always

get AT&T and again you can do the same

thing even if it's 18 C's dramatically

slower I mean you can bear with them for

30 days and the cool thing about that is

every company has a 30 day money-back

guarantee so if you cancelled in the

first 30 days you get all your money

back I mean it's late fees I can give a

hundred percent of all your money back

so that's one little way you can kind of

hack the system all right another way to

save on your cable and internet is to


their equipment you don't want to get

their equipment because it's inefficient

its inefficient it's old and it's

expensive you're paying $13 a month and

after you after a year you've paid what

a hundred and fifty six dollars for the

whole year for them to just to rent

their equipment you could take 156

dollars and buy your own modem and

router and it'll perform flawlessly you

might notice that after you get your own

equipment the Internet is faster and it

runs smooth you have less cut outs so

that's two reasons you don't want to

rent their equipment

it'll be your internet will run better

and it's less expensive not only that if

you have Comcast and let's say you

you're you know your promotions up and

your switches to another company you can

use the same modem and router for the

next company alright so you know you'd

want to make sure you buy your own

equipment you just go to Amazon they're

really inexpensive and you can get a

brand new system another thing you can

do to reduce your cable internet bill is

to never get triple plays first of all

pretty much everything that's on cable

is on Netflix Hulu and Amazon Prime so

it's cheaper to just get Netflix Hulu

and Amazon Prime and I don't even have

Hulu I just have Netflix and Amazon

Prime is cheaper to get those two than

it is to pay for even the cheapest cable

package the thing you really want to

focus on is Internet you really don't

need more than a hundred megabytes per

second which is I know charters basic

package and I the last time I had

charter in Atlanta I spent $42 a month

it was because I had my own mode of my

own router and you know I know I just

think inside of promotion there was no

credit check and give them no social

security number also don't get their

alarm system look but they won't tell

you it is all someone has to do is cut

your cable and I mean the cable knives

are not hidden outside your house it on

the side of your house the cable is

gonna know I gotta do is come and

unscrew or just cut the thing and you

don't have an alarming well it might

still make noise but it's definitely not

calling anybody and also ask for the

phone I mean 2019 you might still need a

house phone older

people love that house phones but one

alternative to house phones is an umma

we use them for years with our daughter

when she you know was like 10 11 she

might stay home for a couple hours by

herself because we would have work or

whatever we wanted her to have a house

phone cuz she didn't have cell phone and

all you got to do oome is really cheap

we have to buy their equipment which is

like maybe 80 dollars 80 the Pens if you

want the highest end model things like

$120 then either that is free you have

to pay the taxes every month which is

like three dollars or so you can just

use that to replace your your home phone

and with all that said let's do the math

so if you get the internet Oh 100

megabytes per second that's $42 get

Amazon Prime if you break that down so

$120 a year if you break that down

that's $10 a month Netflix is let's say

you got the middle tier Netflix that's

$13 a month now let's say you are

getting Hulu 2 and you get the one that

still has commercials it's $8 a month

you add the oume $3 a month and that's a

grand total of 76 dollars per month and

that is probably way cheaper than

anything you have that's cheaper then

the cheapest triple play with someone

else and if you want to even add an

alarm system that I usually get a ring

or something like that something that

doesn't have a monthly subscription and

then again that's free so you can have

your whole quadruple play for $76 a

month and that's it if this lot of

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