The REAL REASON the Chicago Bears Never Have GREAT QBs


there are some franchises in sports that

seem destined to endure the same

struggles draft class after draft class

ownership changes you name it for some

reason it just doesn't matter

end up in the same old story every time

especially in the NFL which is strange

considering it it's supposed to be the

pinnacle of parity and these patterns

fall on both sides of the spectrum

reoccurring greatness and redundant

failures everything from the tradition

of legendary quarterbacks in Green Bay

to the epic chokes in Atlanta to the

eternal misery in Cleveland you know if

you're looking to blame somebody blame

me don't blame many of our players don't

blame any of our other coaches just

blame me because I can take it go write

your article say I missed a game up

first down Baker incomplete second down

Baker incomplete third down Baker

incomplete four down Baker picked off

another rough outing for their

much-hyped often for some strange reason

the NFL is filled with these stories one

of the crazier trends that just never

seems to die out comes from another one

of the NFL's charter franchises the

Chicago Bears the Bears are almost

always built around a shutdown defense

and a strong running game but the team

ends up coming up short because of poor

quarterback play and the most recent

iteration of the Bears led by third-year

quarterback Mitchell true Biscay is no



Michell struggled a lot his rookie year

but was fortunate to have the backing of

a general manager Ryan pace who selected

him as well as having former head coach

John Fox's escape coat he didn't have a

much stronger sophomore campaign one

that saw him show flashes of being a

competent NFL starter but that's just it

he showed competence not excellence and

that is what seems to happen with bears

quarterbacks at best they're just kind

of okay not bad enough for the team to

tank but not good enough to take them to

the promised land I'm sure some of the

Bears fans out there are rolling their

eyes and shouting at their screens about

the 1985 Bears but even bears legend Jim

McMahon who earned his only Pro Bowl

selection for the Bears in 1985 and led

the team to a Super Bowl title was by

all quantifiable measures a very average

quarterback at best

check out his stat line from that Pro

Bowl season he had in 1985 in 13 games

McMahon completed 57% of his passes for

just 2392 yards while throwing 15

touchdowns and 11 interceptions he did

tack on a couple of hundred yards

rushing in three TDs on the ground but

even for the era he played and these

numbers are just underwhelming in that

same year Dan Marino threw for 4137

yards and 30 touchdowns

so it isn't like no one was putting up

passing statistics and it is very

possible that much of McMahon's success

should really be attributed to the run

game and defense that the team was built

around I mean the 1985 Bears defense are

often referred to as the greatest

defense of all time and many aspects of

their 46 style scheme are still used

today it's needless to say McMahon and

the offense were generally operating

with excellent field position not only

that but McMahon was also able to lean

on one of the greatest running backs of

all time a guy who was a nine time Pro

Bowler five-time All Pro and in 1985 had

over 2000 yards from scrimmage 11 total

touchdowns yep we're talking about

Walter Payton when it comes down to it

McMahon's job was not to win games for

Chicago but to make sure he didn't lose

them which is hardly the mark of a great

Q being another bear signal caller that

Chicago fans love to point to from the

annals of history is Sid Luckman and if

you thought that reaching back for

McMahon was a stretch well Luckman

played in the NFL from 1939 to 1950 his

entire tenure was played before the

Super Bowl was even invented

for starters the NFL was obviously a

different place back then it was Chuck

filled with part-time players and even

the rules were different the way the

defense's sub players in and out

nowadays which allows coaches to create

different schemes and packages that was

illegal during the season when Luckman

earned MVP honors in 1943 there were

multiple teams that actually folded

because of World War two some of the

teams that he and the bear spread off

against that year were hardly able to

field 11 players sure he was named to

the NFL 1940s all-decade team led the

league in a bunch of different

categories and still holds the record

with seven touchdown passes in a single

game but if you look at the trajectory

of his career and goes downhill after

1946 and fast so even the Bears to most

celebrated quarterbacks ever than ones

who let the franchise to its only titles

are both pretty average all things

considered the only other Bears

quarterback that has ever really gained

any recognition as a potential great

quarterback is the infamous Jay Cutler

who comes with his own unique seemingly

endless assortment of shortcomings

Cutler Mike McMahan is also a one-time

Pro Bowler

but his honors didn't even come on the

chicago navy blue and burnt orange like

McMahon's Cutler was actually a Pro

Bowler for the Broncos year before he

joined the Bears when he threw for over

4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns which

enticed many teams around the league to

seek out his services

Chicago ended up being the franchise

with the most generous offer they

shipped out to first-round picks and one

third round pick and Kyle Orton to bring

Cutler to Denver after adding a Pro Bowl

QB to a team with an exciting end

offense and one of the best running

backs in the league Matt Forte the

expectations of Chicago were

understandably sky-high and in true Jay

Cutler form his tenure in Chicago could

not have been more up and down

but with highs low stranger moments and

ultimately disappointment he mixed in

just enough sparks of brilliance to keep

the fans believing but in eight seasons

as a bear he led the league in

interceptions twice and never earned

another Pro Bowl selection Cutler only

even made the playoffs once not only did

he make the playoffs just once and then

horrendous fashion for him which added

to the stream between him and the

Chicago faithful during the NFC

Championship game against Chicago's

bitter rival the Green Bay Packers

Cutler was struggling and bleeding just

six of 14 passes for 80 yards before

sustained a great - MCL

strain an injury that usually takes a

couple of weeks to recover from at the

time the actual injury was unknown at

the sight of color on the exercise bike

this made the Bears fans he would try to

go out there in the first series of the

second half but in Cutler's words close

I couldn't really plant and throw so

they pulled me and quote

then backup quarterback Todd Collins

proceeded to throw four brutal

incompletions in a row and was proven to

be completely ineffective when Bears

fans saw them pulling cones out of the

game they got their hopes up that Cutler

was giving you another go but instead

they were met with Caleb Hanie who

tossed an interception on a potential

game-tying drive at the end of

regulation that basically sums up

Cutler's time in the Windy City though

with potential and right on the brink of

taking the next step but never breaking

through not exactly enough to have his

number six jersey hanging and Soldier

Field the worst part of it for Bears

fans these are their big three so to

speak these are the best three

quarterbacks of the franchise has ever

had and they are all alarmingly mediocre

in their own special ways it starts to

get real ugly if you look at some of the

lesser quarterbacks of the Bears have

had especially when you consider the

epic defenses that they have had most

recently during the stretch from 2005 to

2008 when the Bears were widely

considered to have one of the best

defenses in the league to set the scene

in 2005 the Bears were coming off of

back-to-back 7 & 9 seasons that were

marred by poor quarterback play during

that time Rex Grossman emerged as a

starter despite having thrown more

interceptions and touchdowns and barely

eclipsing 200 passing yards per game in

2004 so perhaps with all the talent they

had on the defensive side of the ball

the bear should have considered looking

elsewhere for a signal collar but what

do I know

anyway they went into 2005 with Rex

under center until he was quickly

sidelined by a broken ankle in the

preseason and ever suffering through

some pitiful performances from Chad

Hutchinson the team decided to deal with

Cal important a rookie back up the team

bounce-back from a 1 & 3 start and ended

up finishing the season 11 and 520 the

NFC North & hosing their first playoff

game since 2001 and only did the team

excel but also did so in spite of the

quarterback play that ranked 31st in

passing yards per game and it was all

thanks to their all-time great defense

that was developing and while Rex

ultimately doomed a bear season tossing

a pivotal and

in the divisional round against the

Carolina Panthers that 2000 season

offered fans a lot to be excited about

the Bears offseason drew some criticism

from fans and media pundits as they seem

to do exactly what the Bears usually do

ignore their offense in the 2006 NFL

Draft the first five picks were all

defensive players and their 6a fullback

they really did nothing to bolster the

pitiful offense from the year before

hoping that with the rex grossman at the

helm the offense would be able to do

just enough which when looking back

sounds ridiculous in short the 2006

Bears were fantastic they had eight

players named to the Pro Bowl and the

team finished 13 and 3 once again not

because of the quarterback play but

because of the Bears fantastic defense

and special teams

Grossman threw 23 touchdowns compared to

20 picks and averaged under 200 yards

per game while the number one ranked

defense carried the team to victory week

in and week out and returned man Devin

Hester seemed to score more than anyone

on offense the defense ultimately led

the team to the Super Bowl against the

any apples cult but they were eventually

worn down by Peyton Manning and the

Colts offense in part because Grossman

couldn't keep the offense on the field

the Bears were dominated in time of

possession 38 minutes and 4 seconds to

21 minutes and 56 seconds and first

downs 24 to 11 and look like the defense

just ran out of steam and couldn't bail

out on the offense in this one

hitting Rex Grossman in the groove a

little bit he should play better now


the next two seasons were unfortunately

much of the same an elite defense and

strong running game wasted because the

Bears just couldn't put together any

sort of passing attack and that just

seems to be the story of the Bears

franchise as a whole when you think of

the Chicago Bears you think of the

legendary 85 Bears for that 2016 Mets

scored so many defensive touchdowns that

people joke that the coaches shouldn't

even bother trotting out the offense

anymore but with all of the glory those

defenses brought Chicago you can't help

but wonder what could have been and they

had have been able to put someone decent

under center instead Chicago fans need

to look to guys like Sid Luckman Jim

McMahon and Jay Cutler as the

franchise's best cubies of all time and

gets even worse if you look at some of

the worst cubies the franchise has had

guys like Cade McNown who went 3 and 12

between seasons as a starter and barely

completed 54% of his passes or Gary huff

and 1973 second-round pick we start at

just 22 games for the Bears only did he

finish a dismal 5 and 17

he threw just 12 touchdowns to go along

with the ridiculous 34 interceptions it

seems impossible that for as long as the

Bears have existed and they haven't been

able to figure this out but in a weird

way it almost makes sense the franchise

has made its name on defense and as a

result has had a ton of fantastic

defensive Minds come through the doors

of Soldier Field who you guessed it

focus primarily on their expertise the

defense it seems like they have

recognized this in recent years and have

shrine head coaches with offensive

backgrounds like Marc Trestman and Matt

Nagy but as it stands it looks like the

same old bears hopefully this time

Chicago can figure it out so it doesn't

waste the time of its generational

talents like the lil Mac but given the

franchise's history

we'll have to see it to believe it if

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