United States sanctions Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam | World News | WION

let's now shift our focus to the

tensions escalating between the u.s and

china the trump administration has now


hong kong's chief executive carrie lam

over her role in curtailing the

political freedoms in hong kong

china has slammed the newly imposed

sanctions by the united states

hong kong secretary for commerce said in

a statement and i quote

this kind of sanction targeting

officials or leaders of another country

is savage

disproportionate and unreasonable china

has also warned that there could be a

possible retaliation against the u.s

businesses in the international

financial hub

the united states has expressed its

discontent over china's recent clam down

on the historically independent

financial center that is hong kong

sanctions have been imposed on 11 senior

chinese communist party officials and

their hong kong allies these individuals

will have all their property and assets

in the u.s frozen

these are the first set of sanctions

against these officials from china and

hong kong over the suppression

of the pro-democracy movement and

descent within the territory

they are being imposed as actions

following an executive order signed by

the u.s president in july

seeking to punish china sanctioning the

chinese officials marks yet another blow

by the u.s president against beijing

last month the administration imposed

sanctions on the chinese government

including a senior member of the

communist party over human rights abuses

against the largely muslim

ui good minority

for more on this our correspondent nick

harper from washington dc has sent us

this report listening

well this is a very significant move by

the united states

after weeks of increased rhetoric

against china

the u.s treasury department going ahead

with sanctions against

11 individuals in hong kong and on

mainland china

including against the chief executive

carrie lam

also being targeted 10 other individuals

including the police commissioner

and several secretaries in various

political departments including the

secretary of

security and the secretary for justice

it means that if any of those 11

individuals hold property here in the

united states

they will be seized and any assets here

in the u.s will be frozen

but it also means that no u.s citizen

can have any dealings

with any of these 11 individuals now

symbolically this is a very

severe move by the united states the

first of its kind

and going after the top executives

and the top leaders within hong kong of

course all of this

following anger displayed from the

united states

after beijing decided to impose a new

national security law in hong kong

the u.s in announcing these sanctions

said that those 11 individuals

had undermined the autonomy of hong kong

and also

that they had been suppressing freedom

and democratic

processes also for president trump this

is something

that he will want to be able to show his

voters he is doing

to stand up against china there's been

plenty of anti-china rhetoric there's

also been

some action as well including trade


over the last year and a half but this

is another move to show that he's

standing up

not just for democratic rights but also

standing up

to china in ways that the us feels

that beijing is mishandling the

situation in hong kong

let's not get yourself