The Masked Singer Season 2: Tree Reveal

on the first night of the two-part

season two masked singer semi-finals the

tree ends up leafing the show behind and

you would not believe who is revealed

now that we know who's under those

branches will I mean I have for weeks

now but yeah you know we can talk about

how all of those clues added up but

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we're making videos recapping all the

massing or clues and reveals and you

don't want to miss it so the tree was

revealed to be actress SNL alum and

singer-songwriter on a ghast iron

birch please I've known who was under

that mask for weeks here's how I figured

it out in episode one her cool package

says you know me thought while she says

that she's more than an expert in

delicious treats well if we had to state

the one thing she's most known for it

would be Saturday Night Live as for the

cooking references she's been a brand

ambassador and spokesperson for Weight

Watchers the reference to delicious

treats is a little hint to her iconic

SNL bit of the delicious dish no one can

resist my Schweddy boys she then said

she wants everyone to start thinking of

her more than once a year this is a

reference to her new holiday album sugar

and booze which is a festive album full

of classic Christmas hits as well as

originals moving on to episode 5 the

tree kicks off the package by saying I'm

not a regular tree I'm a cool tree well

if you recall this scene not like a

regular mom I'm a cool mom this hit

totally had us barking up the mean girls

tree gasteyer played caddy oh sorry

Katie herons mom in the movie we then

see a shot of the white house in the

package onna attended High School in DC

while her parents lived there this could

also be a reference to her Hillary

Clinton impression on SNL the new

Hillary is loose and easy

she then throws in the phrase wicked


well gasteyer actually played Elphaba

from wicked in Chicago and later on

Broadway oh and there's jazz music

playing in the background of the entire

package honor released an album of jazz

standards called I'm hip back in 2014

onward to the episode 7 clue package the

tree steps on the playbill which is

again a reference to her stage roles in

wicked and other Broadway shows the tree

then says she works really well with

others this has got to be another

reference to her time on Saturday Night

Live then we see a shot of the tree

sparkly shoes as she lifts off the

ground and she mentions being beamed up

into another dimension this is most

likely a reference to her time on the

show people of Earth which is about a

support group for alien abductees for

her physical clue the tree showed off a

bowl of soup gasteyer was actually the

woman The Soup Nazi turned away in that

classic Seinfeld episode onwards episode

9 this clue package mentions a smelly

cat and we see a sign that says what is

a friend know gasteyer didn't appear on

friends but she did do an impression of

lisa kudrow as the friends character

phoebe on as an L we also see some

dynamite burning in the package which

makes sense since gas tires starred in

the Netflix show lady dynamite for two

seasons then the tree says she plans on

shaking her big fat tree stump all the

way to the end

oppan and we then see a witch's hat on

the counter gas tire is a Greek descent

and the Hat is again another reference

to her time on Broadway as Elphaba the

tree then says she needs to remember to

simmer down

who could forget this iconic SNL sketch

okay finally we see a zoom in on some

soup which is definitely another

reference to her being turned away by

The Soup Nazi and Seinfeld and the final

clue package from episode 10 shows a

more emotional tree if that's even

possible as she says it can get lonely

under the mask and she misses the

collaboration this is again a reference

to her time on SNL we also get a ton of

Christmas references which is a direct

link to her new album sugar and booze

for her clue after her final performance

the tree says she shared a stage and a

standing O with one of the judges well

Ken must have totally forgot that he and

gasteyer were in a production of a

Christmas story together where they did

receive a standing ovation

I've never gotten a standing out in my


I mean and that's it do the clues make

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have to just be about Christmas and God